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LG Lotus 2 To Have External Touchscreen Display, Hitting Sprint in January?

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Reaffirming what we heard way back in July, the latest rumour states that the LG Lotus 2 will be coming to Sprint in January 2010. It's rumoured to sport the same kind of styling with a microSD card slot that can support up to 32GB cards. The best rumour about the Lotus 2 is that the external display will actually be a touchscreen, but that's not even that great since the external display is somewhat small. Look out for it next year.

[Mobile Crunch]

Verizon Cuts the Price of the Original Samsung Omnia Again -- Customers Still Waiting For Omnia II

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Yeah, yeah, I know the Samsung Omnia II is on the way, the original Omnia is still the only one that is available on Verizon. Since the Omnia II is launching soon, Verizon has now cut the price of the original Omnia to $29.99 on a 2-year contract. Check it out on their website here.


Dual-Booting Windows XP and Android Acer Aspire One Netbook To Be Available This November

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We're hearing rumours of Acer's dual-booting Android and Windows XP netbook again. This time we're hearing that the Aspire One will be the netbook with the dual-booting options. This netbook is rumoured to be available next month (November) and could cost around $350 USD.

In related news, yes we are hearing that netbooks with Chrome OS could be hitting the Chinese market as early as this month, but the big names out there are going to take their time and we expect them to launch their netbooks in early 2010.

[Gizmodo, Liliputing]

Nokia E72 Spotted on Amazon For $469 Pre-Orders

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Well, it looks like the successor to the Nokia E71 has just made its way to Amazon. The Nokia E72 smartphone is now available for pre-orders on Amazon for $469 USD. I don't want to delay you from getting yours now, so check out the official listing on Amazon here.

[Engadget Mobile]

AT&T HTC Pure Pictured In Reality, Already Arriving At AT&T Stores?

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Here's what I believe to be the first pictures of the AT&T-bound HTC Pure in the wild. It appears to be a variant of the HTC Touch Diamond 2 - probably the same specs with a slightly different look. Anyways, reports are stating that the HTC Pure are starting to appearing at AT&T stores. This could hint at an October 6th launch with WinMo 6.5 pre-installed - but don't quote me on that.

[WMExperts, Engadget]

CDMA BlackBerry Curve 8530 and HSPA BlackBerry 9700 Spotted in Canada Bell's Inventory

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A recent shot of Bell's inventory shows off tells us that they're planning to launch the BlackBerry Curve 8530 and the BlackBerry 9700 (possibly the Bold 2 / Atlas?). For the Curve 8530, it should cost you $499 CAD contract-free and the 9700 looks like it will be $599 contract-free.

Update: Electronista has just reminded me that the Bold 9700 spotted in Bell's inventory is an HSPA device, but the Curve 8530 is still rocking the same old CDMA / EV-DO connectivity. It looks like it'll be a good start for them.

BlackBerry Atlas Video Spotted Online -- Possibly The CDMA BlackBerry 9700 (Bold 2)?

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A new BlackBerry Atlas video has just been spotted online. The guy in the video does a good job showing it off. The Atlas doesn't have 3G, but it does have EDGE and WiFi connectivity over top of the BlackBerry OS 5.0 (Platform 6.0). There's not much to tell you here, so just check out the BlackBerry Atlas below - don't mind the ugly "MacDonald's" BlackBerry Tour in the video though.

LG Eve GW620 Launching in France Any Day Now

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It looks like the LG Eve (GW620) will be launching in France, Android and all. The unlocked price is expected to be €450 ($654 USD) and it's expected to launch on-contract for €69 ($100 USD). This handset should be available any day now on Bouygues Telecom, Orange, and SFR (at a later date), since they've pegged it for an early October release date. In the meantime, you can check out the video below.

Capcom Officially Announced DeeJay and Shows Off New Super Street Fighter IV Trailer

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It looks like Capcom is announcing a character a day, since they have just announced that DeeJay will be making an appearance in Super Street Fighter IV. Check out the link below for 11 more photos off DeeJay.

Update: This video below is the real Super Street Fighter IV trailer.

[vg247, Kotaku]

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pureness Purely Passes the FCC

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Everything seems to be passing the FCC today, and here is the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pureness. The sad thing is that it doesn't have North American 3G on-board. We still don't know the release details, so let's hope we find out soon. You can check out the official FCC filing here.

Apple Patents Two Hand Multitouch For Their Possible Tablet

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You may be saying to yourself, "WTF kind of picture is this?" Well, let me tell you. It appears to be a patent filed by Apple, which hints even more at their possible iTablet. We don't know exactly what Apple has in-store, but their tablet could have more multitouchiness than just 2 fingers aka possibly 10? I'm thinking that you'll be able to type on this tablet like you would a normal keyboard, but we'll see what happens when Apple does the big unveiling.

Apple Looking To Add Multitouch Gestures to Their Mighty Mouse, Also Updating iMac Remote? -- New Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard Pass FCC!

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According to the rumours, Apple is looking to refresh their iMacs, Mac Minis, and even their Mighty Mouse (mock picture above). The rumours state that the Mighty Mouse will receive "significant" changes later this year and Steve Jobs is actually thinking about putting multi-touch technology into this mouse. Steve Jobs has been working pretty damn hard lately and if this is a success expect a Windows mouse to do the exact same thing.

Update: Apple could also be working on new remotes for their iMacs as well.

Update: According to Electronista and Engadget, it looks like a new Apple Bluetooth keyboard and mouse has just made its way passed the FCC (check out the filing here) with model numbers A1314 and A1296. The Bluetooth keyboard is a bit smaller than the current model, so there'll be no numeric keypad on the side. This could be included in the still rumoured iMac refresh, so look out for it. Check out the mouse filing here and the keyboard filing here.

Best Buy Ad Shows That Rogers Will Be Launching the Nokia 6790 Surge For $89 This Month

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It looks like the Curve 8520 isn't the only handset Rogers will be releasing soon. Like we heard in early August, a new Best Buy ad confirms that the Nokia 6790 Surge is on the way and is set to launch this month for $89.99 CAD on a 3-year contract or for $279.99 contract-free. As a refresher, the Surge has: a 2.4-inch display, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, a 2MP camera, GPS / Bluetooth 2.0 support, a 2.5mm headphone jack (sadly), and a microSD card slot.

Tilt 2 (Touch Pro 2) and Pure (Touch Diamond 2) Spotted on AT&T's Wireless Phone Insurance Form

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There's not much to say here, but the AT&T Tilt 2 (HTC Touch Pro 2) and the AT&T Pure (HTC Touch Diamond 2) were just spotted on AT&T's Wireless Phone Insurance Form. We know that they're planning to launch both handsets fairly soon, so this should come as no surprise.

Sony Makes Breakthrough Wireless Charging Technology

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We've seem wireless charging devices already, mainly the Palm Touchstone and the recently launched Dell Latitude Z, but these require "contact". Well, Sony looks like they're going to attempt to join this wagon, by introducing even better wireless technology. The Sony engineers have a made a recent breakthrough which can, reportedly, pump 60 watts over 50cm (almost 2 feet) - obviously no contact. It magically transferS the energy through the air. Hopefully we'll see Sony make the big unveil at CES 2010 if everything goes as planned. How safe do you think this will be? And if successful this could be the start of something big.

Windows XP Mode Will Be Available For Free On October 22nd With Windows 7

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Although we've read that Windows 7's XP Mode was buggy before, Microsoft is telling us that XP Mode will be available for a free download on October 22nd. For Windows XP Mode, you'll need Windows 7 Professional of higher. Luckily, I'll be getting my copy of Windows 7 Ultimate really soon... or maybe I already have it... Nunyabusiness.

Final Fantasy XIV MMO Closed Beta Only Accessible To Windows PCs -- Not PS3

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I'm not a big fan of Final Fantasy XI, but I have hope that Square Enix will make their next MMO, Final Fantasy XIV, a lot better. Well, Square Enix's Hiromichi Tanaka has just mentioned that the beta for this MMO will be a Windows only closed beta - so they could be going at World of Warcraft hard here - even though everyone's had a tough time dethroning it even when the game has been out for a couple of years now. Square Enix has reminded us that the final game will be available sometime next year (2010) on the PC and on the PS3. They'll probably be launched at the same time for both systems.

Android-Based eviGroup Wallet MID To Have "More Upgrades" Including Intel Atom

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According to the latest unconfirmed news, the Android-based eviGroup Wallet MID will actually be powered by an Intel Atom CPU and will also feature more upgrades over the current Wallet MID. That's definitely great news, but unfortunately we don't know what these "new upgrades" will be.

Best Buy Already Lists Rogers BlackBerry Curve 8520 For $99 -- Launching October 9th?

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Even though it's not available yet, Best Buy already has a listing for the BlackBerry Curve 8520, which means that the launch is definitely coming soon - in Canada at least. The Rogers Curve 8520 looks like it will be retailing for $99.99 CAD on a 2-year contract and $449.99 off-contract, which actually isn't as expensive as the other BB's out there. Don't forget that this BB will be sporting an optical trackpad which will be the first of many for RIM.

Check it out here.

Update on October 6th: According to Boy Genius, this smartphone could be launching this Friday, October 9th.

Sprint Officially Cute Price of HTC Touch Pro 2 To $199 For Businesses; Still $349 For Us Regular People

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Like I falsely reported - but fixed later - the Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2 has dropped in price but only for big companies with over 100 lines. It's $199 on a 2-year contract after rebates for those people, but still an overpriced $349 for the regular customer.

Picture Source: Engadget Mobile

Palm Pixi Rumoured To Be Hitting Best Buy On October 20th -- Probably Not

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According to the latest rumour that everyone seems to be be reporting, the Palm Pixi could actually be hitting Best Buy on October 20th. We don't know the pricing details right now, but we could know it pretty soon. With all the other phones coming out are you willing to get this mid-end handset? It'd be good for your child though.

Update on October 3rd: According to both Electronista and Engadget Mobile, they've been in talks with their sources and they're mentioning that the Pixi will actually not be launching on October 20th. I knew it would be too good to be true. The release date is still said to be before the holidays.

O2 Runs Completely Dry Of iPhone 3GS Stock

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According to various websites and O2's website, they are actually sold out of all of their Apple iPhone 3GS models - 16GB and 32GB. This news has actually been classified as confirmed and an O2 spokesman said that whenever they get them in stock they sell out right away because they are extremely popular. While it may not be the best handset feature-wise, it really does pack a punch thanks to the usability and the App Store. I'm actually thinking of scooping one up in June, when they launch their next model - if they change the look.

Windows Marketplace For Mobile Launching On October 6th With WinMo 6.5; November For WinMo 6.0 / 6.1 Users

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I'm sure some people out there are anticipating the launch of Windows Marketplace for Mobile. Well, on October 6th it'll be launching with WinMo 6.5 and WinMo 6.0 / 6.1 owners will have to wait until some time next month (November), which is when "phase two" will take place.

AT&T Launching the Nokia 6350 On October 4th For $30

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AT&T is planning to launch a new low-end slider handset from Nokia. The Nokia 6350 is expected to launch on AT&T this Sunday - October 4th - for $29.99 on a 2-year contract. This handset has a 2MP camera and will fortunately also feature 3G connectivity as well. It'll be available on Sunday in two colours: red and graphite (above).

T-Mobile UK Now Selling the Pay-As-You-Go Android-Based Pulse For Free

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T-Mobile UK is now selling the Android-based Pulse for 176.16 pounds ($282 USD) as a pay-as-you-go handset contract-free or absolutely free with an 18-month contract. T-Mobile also throws in a 2GB microSD card in the box and is also offering a free one month trial of their TeleNav turn-by-turn navigation service with Microsoft Exchange support. Check it out on their official website here.

Rogers' HTC Dream Now Available At Future Shop For Free Until October 8th

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After launching this past Summer, it seems like the HTC Dream hasn't had much success north of the border. It has dropped in price a couple of times and now Future Shop is holding a sale which lasts until October 8th for you to get the HTC Dream for free on a 3-year contract. This deal will also include a $50 CAD accessory credit, it looks like Future Shop has too many Dreams in their inventory and they're trying to clear it out.

Update: I believe this deal is only available if you head over to a local Future Shop store - since it's now available on their website.

Nokia X6 Clears FCC; On Track To Launch This Year For $650

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What you see here is a stripped Nokia X6 that has made its way passed the FCC. This handset has a 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen display which is a first for a Nokia handset and will also feature 32GB of internal storage plus a microSD card slot. This handset should launch by the end of the year for 459 Euros ($650 USD).

Verizon-Bound HTC Imagio XV6975 Caught On Video Utilizing Its TV Compatibility

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A 2 minute and a half video has just been shot of the Verizon-bound HTC Imagio XV6975. In this video, it shows off the Imagio's TV capability, so that's why I felt that it was worth posting. Check it out below.

HTC Tattoo Now Available For Pre-Orders On Vodafone UK, Launching On October 8th

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It looks like Vodafone UK is looking to launch the Android-based HTC Tattoo on October 8th for free on a 2-year contract of at least 25 pounds ($40 USD) monthly or for free on an 18-month contract of at least 35 pounds ($56 USD). This handset is now available for pre-orders so check it out here. By the way, it looks like this handset will go head-to-head with the T-Mobile UK Pulse.

50% Of Acer Handsets To Run Android In 2010, Their First One Launching This Year (The A1)

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Even though WinMo 6.5 is on the way, it looks like Acer will be pulling an HTC and is shooting for a 50% Android handset launch next year (2010). This is coming from DigiTimes, so just take it with a grain of salt. At this point it looks like Android could be the only mobile OS that has a chance of taking down the iPhone OS - at least that's what I think. That is, unless WinMo 6.5 comes out as a huge success, which it should be.

In related news, Acer is planning to launch their first Android-based handset this year, the Acer A1. This handset will have: a 3.5-inch WVGA touchscreen display, a Qualcomm 8250 768MHz CPU, GPS support, a 5MP camera, and supposedly Android 2.0 "Donut" - even though we know "Donut" is version 1.6.