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Windows Mobile 6.5 Looks Like It'll Be Finger-Friendly

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Windows Mobile 6.1 was a disaster for touchscreen devices and a lot of people know that. Thankfully, it looks like Windows Mobile 6.5 will be more finger-friendly and could allow capacitive touchscreen displays to be used. Using a stylus is a thing of the past and it looks like Microsoft finally realizes that. While WinMo 6.5 looks to be finger-friendly - so far - it doesn't look very attractive but hopefully Microsoft will work on that. Click on the link below for more photos of WinMo 6.5.


Virgin Mobile Launching LG Rumor 2

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A rumour about the LG Rumor 2, how ironic? Apparently, Virgin Mobile is looking to release the LG Rumor 2. As of right now we don't know when and we also don't know how much, but it goes for around $79.99 USD [on a 2-year contract] on Sprint, so it'll hopefully be around that price tag.

[Mobile Crunch]

LG Eve GW620 Confirmed to Be First Android Handset for LG; LG GM750 Successor to the GM730

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Well, looky here. It's the LG Eve GW620 that I talked about two days ago. At that time, we didn't know anything much about the OS, but someone guessed that it would run Android and it looks like they were right. Coincidentally enough the rumoured specs are also the same. The LG Eve GW620 looks like it will have: a QWERTY keyboard and a 320 x 480 resolution WVGA display. This is LG's first Android handset, so that's always a good thing.

Another handset has also popped up today and it's to the successor the LG GM730. Like the LG GM730, the LG GM750 will probably run on Windows Mobile, since it is the direct successor. Nothing is known about this handset, but you could probably throw in a touchscreen on this handset.

[Cell Passion (LG Eve GW620), Cell Passion (LG GM750)]

HTC Readying Four Smartphones? The Leo, Click, Mega and Rome

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Following up on the HTC Dawn from this morning, it looks like HTC could be preparing more smartphones for the future. The HTC Leo, Click, Mega, and Rome smartphones are probably all just codenames because they would sound pretty dumb as actual smartphone names. Anyways, the HTC Leo looks like it could be a smartphone with two displays, a WVGA (480 x 800 resolution) internal and a QVGA external. The Leo is expected to support OpenGL 2.0 and could have a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU - similar to the Toshiba TG01. Unwired View points out that this smartphone could be similar to the HTC Omni (mock-up picture above) which was scheduled to be released a few years ago.

The HTC Click is another smartphone that could be actually be classified as an "entry-level" Android-based handset. Unfortunately, there are absolutely no details on the HTC Mega or the HTC Rome. Hopefully, we'll know more details about all four of these handsets / smartphones in the near future.

[Unwired View]

Verizon Pushing Out a List of Phones Before Year's End

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According to the latest rumour, this is the list of Verizon's upcoming phones for the year. Take a look at the list below, courtesy of Boy Genius.

  • LG Chocolate Touch VX8575 - Full touchscreen, might be like the BL40
  • BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 - October-November release
  • Nokia Shade 2705 - Replaces the Mirage 2605
  • Nokia Twist 7705 - This might be the swivel-style phone that has been rumored for months.
  • Palm Treo 800W - “Even though this was released for Sprint last year, Verizon may not have it out until February 2010.”
  • Motorola Entice (or Harmony) W766 - Replaces the W755
  • Samsung Rogue U960 - Replaces the Glyde U940, expected in August
  • Samsung U450 - Verizon Mobile TV-compatible
  • Samsung Strut U440 - QWERTY handset
  • Samsung Omnia-II i920 - Due out by Christmas
And a few PTT handsets to boot:
  • Motorola V860
  • Samsung Convoy U640
  • Casio Rock C731
  • Casio Brigade C741

The most interesting handsets on this list is: the LG Chocolate Touch that could actually be the LG BL40, the BlackBerry Storm 2 of course, the Rogue U960 aka SCH-U960 aka Glyde 2, and the Omnia II possibly the I8000 - like earlier rumours (not going to be available this month though). Keep in mind this list is just a rumour, but you can count on the Storm 2 launching this year. It looks like a pretty good list from Verizon Wireless.

[Boy Genius]

Microsoft Files Trademark for "Swivel" Mobile OS

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Cell Passion really has the knack of getting the scoop on trademarks and such and today is no exception. They have just spotted a trademark that was actually filed way back in September of last year. It's a trademark filed by Microsoft for the name "Swivel." Unfortunately, this actually might not be that important. It could simply be a codename for either WinMo 6.5 or WinMo 7, so if you're interested, Microsoft might utilize this word somewhere in one of their future mobile OS.

[Cell Passion]

AT&T Launches Sony Ericsson C905a and W518a

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This should come as no surprise, since I reported that both of these handsets (C905a, W518a) would be available on July 19, which is today. The 8 megapixel Sony Ericsson C905a is now selling on AT&T for $179.99 USD after rebates on a 2-year contract; meanwhile, the Walkman-branded Sony Ericsson W518a is now selling on AT&T for $49.99 USD after rebates on a 2-year contract. You can check them both out on AT&T's website here.

[Engadget Mobile]

HTC Dawn To Be Released Next?

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There's nothing really to report about here, but it looks like the HTC Dawn could be released soon. What's interesting is that this HTC handset was not outlined in their leaked HTC roadmap for the year, so this handset could either be all new or non-existent. We'll see what happens later in the future. Cell Passion asks if you think it will run WinMo or Android.

[Cell Passion]

Virgin and Solo Launching Samsung Link, Already Available at Best Buy

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The Samsung Link that I talked about two days ago was supposed to be "exclusive to Bell", but it doesn't look it will actually be that way. Bell is launching the Samsung Link on July 30th if you didn't already know, but Best Buy already has it available. Best Buy is selling the Samsung Link on Virgin for $29.99 CAD ($27 USD) on a 3-year contract and $99.99 CAD ($90 USD) contract-free. Bell, on the other hand, is selling it a bit cheaper - $19.99 CAD ($18 USD) on a 3-year contract. You can check it out on Best Buy's website here - if you're okay with a Virgin contract.

[Mobile Syrup]

O2 Germany Selling the Toshiba TG01 Again

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On Wednesday I reported that O2 Germany stopped selling the Toshiba TG01 because of a virus. Well, it looks like they've fixed the problem already since they are selling it again. Check it out here on O2's official website. You can get your hands on this 4.1-inch Snapdragon-equipped handset again for €149.99 ($212 USD).