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Superbowl XLIII, Ads, The Office

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So, the Steelers won. I didn't really care who ended up winning the game because all i wanted to see were highlight reel plays. Larry Fitzgerald was there for the rescue. I wanted Fitzgerald to get more touches, since he's amazing. Larry Fitzgerald was the MVP of the game in my book and probably for the Cardinal's whole season. Although, i don't follow football too much. People may even start a debate and argue that Warner was the MVP, but whatever. He [Fitzgerald] is incredible, what more is there to say about him? I look forward to watching him play next year. The boy's got talent. Anyways, congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers. And yes, i am aware that this has nothing to do with tech. Actually, this whole post has nothing to do with tech.

I watched the Super Bowl today and i was really upset. The game did not upset me, but it was the fact that all of those amazing American ads (that i was looking forward to) were blocked by Canadian broadcasting. I watched the Super Bowl for the sole purpose of watching all of the advertisements because i was waiting to see if the rumoured Killzone 2 ad would show up. While i was watching, i noticed that the ads weren't all as breath-taking as i thought they would be. My mom ended up telling me that Canada won't get the same advertisements as Americans. I thought this was utterly stupid and i'm also too lazy to find an explanation for this. I wanted to see the ads! This is another reason why a move to the United States wouldn't be too bad.

The Office had an hour long episode today. It was phenomenal. The intro already had me tearing with Dwight starting the fire, Oscar and a cat crashing down from the ceiling and also Michael "roasting" all of his workmates. I mentioned before (here) that Jessica Alba and Jack Black were going to be making an appearance in this episode. Well, they did make their 'appearance.' But, not entirely. I expected them to interact with other characters, but they ended up just being in some movie that Andy, Jim and Pam were watching. I was pretty upset, since i wanted to see more of Jessica Alba. I feel that Jack Black really tries too hard in his comedy. He is not funny to me at all. Anyways, The Office was phenomenal, like i said. Look for the streaming somewhere on the Internet if you missed it because it was that good. I'm going to watch it again tomorrow with Sarah during my spare.

Larry Fitzgerald picture: http://www.point-spreads.com/football/012809-larry-fitzgerald-super-bowl-prop-bets.html
Dwight picture: http://www.allposters.com/-sp/The-Office-Dwight-Posters_i2799266_.htm

Texting Country King, Flash Coming to the iPhone, Chrome's Incognito Mode Doesn't Support Facebook and Google Docs, Colorsonic MP3 Player, Youtube Game

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Texting, texting, texting. I don't do much texting, to be honest. I actually can't because i have to pay 15 cents for each text, since i don't have unlimited texting. As you may know, i am half Filipino, so i just thought i'd mention that the Philippines took the crown for the country that texted the most. I told my mom this and she actually already knew this because she said that "even grandmother's have cell phones" in the Philippines. Shocking and weird.

All you iPhone users will finally get Flash support. I don't know why it took so long, but whatever. Adobe is developing the Flash technology for the iPhone. Well, they actually have been "developing" this since last year, June 2008 to be exact. Apple mentioned that there has to be a "custom solution" because the regular desktop Flash requires too much battery life and Flash Lite is just too "lousy" for the iPhone. It's on the way though. Soon.

If you frequently use Google Chrome's incognito mode, you may have noticed that it does not support Facebook and Google Docs. I guess Google's team should be developing a solution to this. They should also be developing the Mac versions and those themes / extensions now. Hopefully, they are.

A new concept MP3 player has surfaced. How it works is beyond me. It's the Colorsonic MP3 player that sorts your songs by their moods. It's kind of awkward and luckily, it's only a concept.

Since it is now extremely easy to add annotations to Youtube videos. Copyrighthater on Youtube has just made an interactive game. It may not be the "first ever" interactive Youtube video like Gizmodo says, but it's the first one i've seen. Try the game out for yourself by click on this link, via Youtube .

Philippines and Texting: http://www.pcworld.com/article/158700/heavy_texting.html?tk=rss_news
Flash Coming To The iPhone (and picture): http://i.gizmodo.com/5143766/flash-on-iphone-is-coming-up-to-adobe-to-clear-tech-hurdles
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Colorsonic MP3 Player (and picture): http://i.gizmodo.com/5143604/colorsonic-mp3-player-lets-you-control-your-moods-without-a-prescription
Youtube Game (and video): http://i.gizmodo.com/5143556/first-interactive-youtube-game-is-a-four+star-timewaster