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The iPod Touch

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So, this blog is for Daniel, but anyone can read it if you really want to. So, let's start off with digitaltrends.com's positives and negatives about the iPod Touch. The site mentions that it's 'highs' are "Outstanding build quality; untuitive [could be a typo] interface; superb audio and video playback; lots of extras." It's 'lows' are "Expensive; Wi-Fi reception could be better; missing an equalizer." The positives are pretty much, exactly what i'd put down. Me and my friend were using some of the extras. He has the beer application, and the app with the lighter / zippo, it was pretty cool. I also agree with the outstanding build quality and the audio and video playback. Since, the iPod Touch has Wi-Fi, me and a couple of friends were watching some youtube.com videos (link below, hillarious) in HD, it was pretty sweet [and funny]. The Wi-Fi's connection was a bit shaky a week ago and it would disconnect me while i was trying reading my email. But, this past week, it's been staying on the connection all the time. Although, i still do agree on the Wi-Fi reception, becuse it definitely could be better. At times, i would be on Wi-Fi with my Nokia N81 and it would load the page faster than the Touch. I don't know if not having an equalizer would be really important to you, so i don't really know if you can factor that in. And yes, it is fairly expensive, but if you get it as a Chritmas gift, i really don't think that will be a factor anyway. The battery life is pretty good and it can last about 5-6 hours surfing the web using Wi-Fi, which is more than my phone. What really would get me to buy the Touch though, would have to be the apps. You can browse through what seems like 1 million apps. You're guaranteed to find something you like. I was playing with the zippo for a good 15 minutes, it's just that fun. I don't really know what else you can get for Christmas, since you play WoW and that should generally occupy all of your time. You don't need the PS3, like i do. This would be a pretty good present, unless you can just get the iPhone, which can do all of this plus some more stuff. But, if you look around the internet, you can even find ways to turn your iPod Touch into a phone somehow (see link below). Anyways, all-in-all this is really something good to get for Christmas. Be sure to tell me if you get it. You can tell me if you like the iPod Touch too.

Hillarious Youtube Video (watch it in HD): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pXfHLUlZf4
Turning the iPod Touch into a Phone: http://news.cnet.com/turning-the-ipod-touch-into-a-phone/
iPod Touch: http://reviews.digitaltrends.com/review/5556/apple-ipod-touch-2g-32gb-review

Internet Explorer, PS Home, Top 3 Touchscreen's of 2008

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I just woke up because my girlfriend texted me and now we're on Skype. Oh yeah, i forgot to mention that yesterday in the library i downloaded Skype Version 4 Beta 3. It's pretty cool, cause now i can just have 1 window open and have my video and my contacts all there for me. It's pretty cool. If you use Skype, i would suggest you try it out. Here we go.

Internet Explorer. So, as i try to convince my girlfriend to fully make the move over to Firefox or Google Chrome, which will be hard to do, i try to find some bad information on Internet Explorer. This may or may not be all that convincing for her, but maybe it'll get some of you to change your damn browsers. Anyways, Internet Explorer has holes... all versions of Internet Explorer. Basically, this means that someone could easily hack you and get all your information if they exploit this hole. Hackers are, actually, now exploiting IE7's (Internet Explorer 7) hole [That's what she said]. This hole is also present in IE6, which some people still use and i actually don't know why. All the users of Internet Explorer are at risk, regardless of what Windows OS you are running. "Last week, Microsoft released eight security updates that patched 28 vulnerabilities, 23 of them pegged 'critical.' Both numbers broke previous records that stretched back more than five years." This means that Internet Explorer fails. First of all, it's slow and buggy. Second of all, there are holes! So, get off Internet Explorer and be safe while you browse the Internet, using either Mozilla Firefox or the [faster] Google Chrome, please and thank you.

Playstation Home time. So, the author of this article said that in the closed beta he thought that PS Home would be useless and 'forgettable.' But, after trying it out on 1.03 which is the open beta, he actually found it more fun. Simply because they updated how the 'square' looks and because more people are on it now compared to the closed beta. For, Ashlee and Nikki, you can go into the theater portion of Playstation Home and actually see a new Twilight trailer, but then after a bit, you get to see some probably lame-o music video. I wish i had the Playstation 3 for myself, so that i could make my own review about it, but, that might have to wait a bit.

Ooo, according to reghardware.co.uk, the HTC Touch HD (see above picture) is the number 1 phone of 2008. Runner-up's are the LG Renoir KC910 and, of course, the iPhone 3G. The HTC Touch HD's price on this site says that it is going for 535 Euros, which is actually cheaper than the $930 USD, that i gave it, when i talked about it a couple weeks ago. They say some positives are the large 3.8 inch screen and it's 5 megapixel camera. They also like the TouchFlo HD user interface and they also mention that it is a worthy alternative to the iPhone. Go HTC Touch HD.

Second on the list is the LG Renoir (see left side). The 8 megapixel phone on this touchscreen phone really gave it it's edge over other competition. Not to mention that it has a "widget-based touchscreen UI" and has "solid multimedia features." It goes unlocked for 370 Euros.

Let's not forget the iPhone (i think you already know what that looks like by now) here now. Some reason's why it's not number one are because of it's "incomplete Bluetooth functionality, no MMS support [and] the network ties." But, there are of course the positives which are "its super-smooth UI and excellent web browser." Personally, i love the accelerometer and how fast it reacts and the list of applications you can download for it. But, you know, HTC Touch HD prevails as the king.

That was my blog for now, and i'll blog again later for sure. I'm leaving for my cousin's basketball in a bit and i'll [definitely] get back to you after that.

Internet Explorer (and picture): http://www.pcworld.com/article/155475/ie_browser_flaw.html?tk=rss_news
PS Home: http://gamer.blorge.com/2008/12/12/ps3-home-is-surprisingly-quite-fun/
3 Touchscreen Phone's (and pictures): http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2008/12/13/koy_touchscreen_phones/