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Final Fantasy XIII Countdown, Dell Adamo in Second Half of 2009?, Google News

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On the Final Fantasy XIII website, there is a new countdown that is on the front page. In under 7 days, they will be releasing a "new vision" to the world. That is all. More on what they reveal, well, when they reveal it.

The sexy, and still shiny, Dell Adamo will be released in the second half of 2009. That's according to Foxconn, at least. If the Adamo is released in the second half of this year, that would mean that Dell's spokesperson at CES was lying. The Dell spokesperson at CES told consumers that this laptop would be available for purchase in the first half of 2009. We'll see if Dell clears up this rumour with some facts but, as of right now, don't expect the Adamo in the first half of 2009. If the price stays the same as before, you are looking at a base price of $1500 USD for this baby.

Google. Oh yes, Google. Recently, there were 2 leaked pictures of what the T-Mobile G2 will look like. It appears to be thinner than the T-Mobile G1 because they decided to remove the slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The phone's design will be made, again, by HTC. I talked briefly about HTC's 2009 phone line-up being leaked just over a week ago (here). Judging from the 2009 HTC phone line-up, this phone looks to be the HTC "Sapphire." Personally, i think this new Google phone is ugly and that some consumers are going to miss the physical keyboard because that's what set it apart from the iPhone. The phone's round shape reminds me of a Helio, which i don't like too much. The buttons are also small pop-out rectangles, which i also do not like. This phone is not much of an upgrade when being compared to the G1. It has the same 3.2MP camera and just about the same display. "The rumors point May 2009 as the launch time." Personally, i think this looks worse than the G1. Meh, maybe their next phone will be better. On to more interesting Google news, we have the Google Gdrive. Basically, Gdrive is an online storage, "where Google servers have enough capacity to hold the entire contents of your hard drive." It will be an online storage, but it will also have a bunch of other features. There are rumours circulating that this service will be available this year. TG Daily mentions that, "it will likely also come with enough brains to do cool tricks now with bigger things down the road - like booting your computer from online drive to load the Google operating system." Wait! Did i just read that correctly? Google's operating system, you say? Interesting. There are a number of online storage services already, including Microsoft's SkyDrive. SkyDrive currently offers users 25GB of online storage, but also restricting them to only 50MB per file. It will be interesting to see how much storage Google will allow you to have for free. But, fitting your whole hard drive on an online storage, sounds like a pretty good benchmark to me. Privacy may be an issue here, since Google will [most likely] scan and go through all of your stuff, just like they do in Gmail, but there is a solution to that. Don't put naughty things on your Gdrive. There are actually hints that the Gdrive will be available, such as the option on Google's Picasa beta for the Mac, which gives users the option to "Move to Collection... Google Web Drive." I can't wait to read up on more information about this. Google will just be that much closer to taking over the Internet.
I should also mention that i had my first exam today, it was Religion. It was fairly easy. Tomorrow i have my Advanced Functions exam, so i'm going to have to study for that tonight. Wish me luck, if you want to. My last exam is on Monday and it will be the toughest one for me. Chemistry.

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