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Hannspree Announces New 25-Inch HDTV

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Hannspree has just revealed it's latest HDTV, the ST251MKB, as a part of its new ST series. This 25-inch 1080p HDTV has been outed with: a 2ms response time, 300 nits of brightness, a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, and a 170-degree viewing angle horizontally / 160-degree viewing angle vertically. This HDTV also has a couple of inputs: component, S-Video, a PC audio jack, VGA, and two HDMIs. With a purchase of this TV, you will also get two 10W speakers, a headphone jack, a 6-foot HDMI cable, and , of course, a remote control. You can get this TV now for only $399 USD here, which is a pretty good deal - if you're not into brand name products.

[Slash Gear]

Gateway Reveal Updated P-7807u FX and P-7809u FX Gaming Laptops

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Gateway just updated their P-7807u FX and P-7809u gaming notebooks. First up is the P-7807u FX notebook that has: an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz P8600 CPU, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, a 320GB HDD, Nvidia GeForce 9800M graphics, and WiFi 802.11 a/g/Draft-N. This will be available for $1,099 USD when it gets released.

The other gaming notebook is the P-7809u FX and it has: a 17-inch display with a 1,440 x 900 resolution, an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.53GHz P8700 CPU, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, a 500GB HDD, Nvidia GeForce 9800M graphics, WiFi 802.11 a/g/Draft-N. This will be available at a starting price of $1,249 USD.

Both of these notebooks will run on 64-bit Windows Vista Home Premium. The release date for both of these notebooks have not been mentioned yet, but I'll have that for you when it gets announced.

[CNet News]

Pachter Believes in the WiiHD, PS3 to Take Number 2 Spot, Xbox 360 to Fall Back to 3rd

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It's up to you whether you want to believe what analysts have to say, but I just thought that this was worth mentioning. An infamous analyst, Michael Pachter, has just announced his thoughts on the future of the 3 big console manufacturers: Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.

First, Pachter went on to say that Nintendo's Wii will stay atop the console war, simply because of its "low price point, innovative control mechanism, and compatibility with standard definition televisions." He also suggests that the WiiHD - a Nintendo Wii with HD support - will help lead the way to staying at the top of the list - even for the next generation. According to him, the HD-capable Nintendo Wii could be available as early as next year.

Next up, he talks about the future of Sony's PS3. He doesn't say much about it, but he does mention that the PS3 will eventually catch up - and take the number 2 spot - to the Xbox 360 because it simply won the Blu-ray vs HD DVD war. I'll be in this boat soon enough.

He had some tough words for Microsoft's Xbox 360. According to his predictions, the Xbox 360 will eventually fall back to the number 3 spot because of its inability to sell consoles in Japan. But, he did go on to say that the Microsoft could sell twice as many Xbox 360s than the original Xbox and that's always a good thing.


Mobinnova Elan is Tegra-Equipped and Loved

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What you see here could be the first laptop with the Nvidia Tegra chipset. It's expected to launch sometime in Q4 of this year and is looking quite sexy right now. This Mobinnova Elan netbook has: an 8.9-inch display, 3G connectivity, and has a battery that's expected to last quite long, thanks to the Nvidia Tegra. How long exactly? It's expected to play 10 hours of HD video and 24 hours of audio playback (the Boy Genius link says 24 days of audio playback, but I think that's fairly inaccurate). This netbook will run on Windows CE and - like I said - is expected to launch in Q4 of this year. I believe the price is still unknown at this point.

[Boy Genius]

Nvidia Tegra-Equipped Phone Expected to Hit AT&T / T-Mobile In Q4 This Year

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According to Nvidia's GM of mobile, Mike Rayfield, we will see "one of the big five manufacturers" launch a phone with the Nvidia Tegra chipset by the end of the year. According to another source, this phone is expected to launch on AT&T / T-Mobile in Q4 for around $199 on a 2-year contract. If you don't remember, the Nvidia Tegra is expected to be a big deal. It's expected to push out "ridiculous computing power" on a small chipset that's expected to only suck around 1 watt of power. And the best part is - it will still be cheap to manufacture. So, a cheap chipset that will run HD videos and games? Count me in, I'm definitely excited for this. I hope by "big five" they don't mean LG, that could be a disappointment. Oh yeah, the OS is still unknown - I hope it's Android.

[Mobile Crunch]

Blizzard Release a Bunch of StarCraft II News: Delayed Cause of WoW, Beta to Last 4-6 Months, No LAN, No Console Support

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Blizzard released a lot of news about StarCraft II today. First, Blizzard's vice president, Rob Pardo, mentioned that StarCraft II has been delayed for so long because they had to work on another game, World of Warcraft. Next up is the lead designer on StarCraft II, Dustin Browder, who mentioned that the StarCraft II beta is expected to run somewhere between "four to six months." They still haven't mentioned when the beta will start, but I hope that it's soon because I want to have StarCraft II in my possession by the end of this year. Going back to Rob Pardo, he also mentioned that they don't have any plans to support LAN at this point, which will certainly leave a few fans upset. And just in case you didn't already know, Blizzard also mentioned that StarCraft II will not be making its way to any consoles - a "zero percent" chance. For more information about StarCraft II, you can click on one of the links below. If you want, you can also check out some hands-on review, courtesy of 1 UP and Kotaku.

[Euro Gamer, Kotaku, Joystiq, Tech Spot]

Samsung Releasing Their First Netbook Using the Nvidia Ion Next Month

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According to the latest source, Samsung is developing a new netbook that will utilize the Nvidia Ion. Besides the Ion, the Samsung N510 netbook will also have: an Intel Atom 1.66GHz N280 CPU, an 11.6-inch WXGA display, 1GB of RAM, a 160GB HDD, WiFi, Bluetooth, a 3-in-1 card reader, and a 6-cell battery. This netbook has been confirmed to have a July release date, but the price tag has not been mentioned yet. I'm curious to see how long the battery life will hold up displaying all of that HD video. We'll have to see in the near future, July is only 2 days away y'know.


Dell Working On An Android-Based MID, According to the WSJ

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This may or may not be interesting to you, but according to the Wall Street Journal, Dell is working on an MID running on Google's Android OS. According to the source, it's a bit larger than the iPod Touch and could be around for this year's holiday season. The source also points out that this MID from Dell will run on an ARM processor, which could be a bad thing - when competing with the likes of a possible updated iPod Touch later this year and, of course, the Zune HD. Could Dell be replacing their supposed smartphone with this MID? Maybe Dell couldn't take the heat of other carriers, suggesting it was "indifferent". I'm not sure, but you can click on the link below for more information regarding this so-called MID from Dell.


Motorola Karma QA1 and HTC Ozone Now Available on Verizon Wireless

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Lookie here! It's the Motorola QA1 and the HTC Ozone and they are now available on Verizon Wireless. Just to recap, the QA1 has: a slide-up QWERTY keypad, quad-band EDGE / dual-band HSDPA connectivity, a 2.5-inch QVGA display, a 2MP camera, aGPS, Bluetooth 2.0 + A2DP, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a microSDHC card slot. Don't forget that this smartphone also has support for your favourite social networking sites, like: Facebook and MySpace. The Motorola QA1 is dubbed the Karma and is now available for $79.99 USD after a $50 mail-in rebate on a 2-year contract.

The other smartphone that is now available on Verizon Wireless is the HTC Ozone, Verizon's version of the HTC Snap. It has: a 2.4-inch QVGA display, a QWERTY keypad, dual-band 1xRTT / EV-DO Rev. A, quad-band GPS/GPRS/EDGE connectivity, a 2MP AF camera with video, 256MB of ROM, 128MB of RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 + A2DP, and a microSD card slot. It is now available for $49.99 USD after a $70 mail-in rebate on a 2-year contract. You can get it online now, but in-store availability is expected on July 13th.

[Boy Genius]

Samsung Reveal R620 Notebook Set For July UK Release

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Samsung has just unveiled its latest notebook targeted for UK consumers. The Samsung R620 is a 16-inch notebook with a full-sized keyboard and its own numeric keypad that gives it a business-style look. The R620 notebook has: a 16:9 aspect ratio, up to 4GB of RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon HD4650 graphics, a Blu-ray drive, and an HDMI output. In addition to all of that great news, it also has the latest anti-bacterial technology to protect yourself from intruding germs. This can all be yours next month if you live in the UK for £700 ($1,157 USD).

[Tech Radar]

Samsung Intros Four New Low-End Handsets

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Look at that, it's 4 Samsung handsets that are mediocre - at best. First up, we have the Samsung S6700 slider that has: a 2.4-inch QVGA display, a 3MP AF camera with a dual-LED flash, GPS, 120MB of internal storage, a microSDHC card slot, and dual-band HSDPA support. Next up is the Samsung C5510. It's another slider with: a 2MP camera, a 2.2-inch QVGA display, and a microSDHC card slot. The next - and last slider - is the Samsung M2510 that has: a 3.5mm headphone jack, a 1.3MP camera, an FM radio, dedicated music keys, and DNSe audio enhancement. Last, and definitely least, is the Samsung M2310 that has: a VGA camera, 9MB of internal memory, a microSD slot, and quad-band EDGE connectivity. These are all fairly low-end handsets, so you won't see me walking around with one of these. The pricing and availability of all 4 handsets have not been announced yet, but who cares?

[Boy Genius]