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Future Shop Selling Bell Samsung Omnia II For $199 and They Throw In a $50 Gift Card

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It looks Future Shop is offering a pretty sweet deal in Canada. If you purchase a Samsung Omnia II on Bell then you'll get it for $199 on a 3-year contract but they'll throw in a $50 Future Shop gift card. This deal will last until November 12th, so you better scoop one up quick.

I tested out the Omnia II and it was running fairly slow, thanks to WinMo 6.5, so make sure you test out a live unit first...

[Mobile Syrup]

Verizon Launches the Motorola DROID and HTC DROID Eris -- Sears Has the Motorola DROID For $149

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You should already know this but the Motorola DROID and the HTC DROID Eris are now available for $199 and $99, respectively, after rebates. Check out Verizon's website for more information.

Update: According to Engadget, you can actually scoop up the Motorola DROID for just $149.99 so I hope you weren't in that line-up this morning. Check it out on Sears' website here.

[Boy Genius]

Canada's Rogers To Launch the HTC Touch2

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Apparently, Rogers is planning to release the HTC Touch2 which will come with WinMo 6.5 pre-installed. There's not much else to say, since it should have the same specs with the inclusion of North American 3G. We don't know the pricing and release details, so we'll have to wait of course.

Asus Launching Another 15.6-Inch 3D Notebook Next Month, 17.3-inch 3D Notebook In Q2 2010 With Core i7

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Asus looks like they're not stopping with their 5738DG 3D notebook since we've just got word that they have two more 3D notebooks in the works. One will be a 15.6-inch G51J3D and the other will be a 17.3-inch behemoths-sized G72GX. The G72GX should sport a high-end Nvidia GPU, but we'll like see this in the smaller G51J3D notebook as well. Both of these 3D notebooks will be equipped with: an Intel Core i7 CPU and various HDD options of course.

The 15.6-inch G51J3D notebook will be available next month (December), but you'll have to wait until Q2 2010 for the 17.3-inch G72GX. Pricing hasn't been mentioned yet.

Nvidia Tegra 2 To Launch in 2010, Double the Power Of Original Tegra

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It's been mentioned before, but it looks like Nvidia is really looking to push out their Tegra 2 for a launch sometime in 2010. The Tegra 2 will likely bring "twice the computational and graphics power of the first-gen chipset. Apparently Tegra 2 will be based on the dual-core ARM9 CPU, where the existing Tegra uses the ARM11 platform." As usual, let's play the waiting game.

Android-Based Dell Mini 3iX Passes the FCC, Headed To AT&T Next Year

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It looks like a new handset that we know will get launched in the US - on AT&T - has just passed the FCC. It's the Dell Mini 3iX that was spotted earlier this week with 3G and WiFi support. Yes, this handset that passed the FCC has 850 / 1900 MHz bands. This year is coming to an end so will this handset really be AT&T's first Android handset? Anyways, you can check out the FCC filing here.

LG Prepping Up Android-Based Handset With a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU For Q2 2010?

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There's a new rumour going around that LG is planning to launch an Android handset with a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU inside of it. This handset is tipped to launch in Q2 2010, but that's all we know about it. It'll reportedly be "more mature" than the LG Eve GW620 that just launched up here in Canada a couple of days ago.

I'm pretty LG will be wise enough to include a touchscreen display larger than 3-inches on this handset, since they only have the BL40 that exceeds the 3-inch display mark. I'll likely still favour the XPERIA X10 over this handset though because I doubt LG could make a monster phone.

AT&T Launching a White BlackBerry Curve 8900?

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AT&T looks like they could be launching a white BlackBerry Curve 8900 in the near future. Personally, I like the black model better, but some people prefer the lighter shade. Anyways, I'd rather just get the Bold 9700 over this.

Fido Launching the Nokia 2720 Fold In the Next Couple of Weeks

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After one of the biggest Canadian handset and network launches in history, this isn't exactly big news. Fido looks like they'll be launching the Nokia 2720 Fold in the next couple of weeks. As you can see in the above photo the handset on the right has a "Coming Soon" sticker plastered on it, yes, that's the Nokia 2720. This phone will be available for free on a 2-year contract, but you'll also be able to get it for $125 contract-free or prepaid.

Lenovo To Unveil ThinkPad x100e / x200e Netbook On January 5th?

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We heard about these rumours at the beginning of the week, but apparently, we could see Lenovo launch this ThinkPad x100e  / x200e early next year - January 5, 2010 to be exact. Along with this rumoured news, we're also hearing some possible specs.

This netbook could feature: a 12.1-inch display with a 1,280 x 800 resolution, 3GB of RAM, HDD / SSD options, and optional Gobi 3G. The processor and graphics options appear to be either an AMD Athlon Neo 1.6GHz CPU with ATI Radeon HD3410 graphics or an Intel Centrino 2 1.4GHz ULV CPU with integrated GMA 4500MHD graphics.

HTC "Carefully" Planning To Jump Into Netbook Category

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HTC's CEO, Peter Chou, has just mentioned that they are considering stepping into the netbook world, but they are being "careful" in doing so. HTC already has a couple of UMPC's available that are slightly smaller than smartbooks, so it would be a bit of a jump. Chou mentioned that they're going to try to be unique since they don't want to create a typical netbook, which is fair. We'll see what happens.

Asus Set To Unveil Netbooks Running Atom N450 At CES 2010, Netbooks With Atom N470 At CeBIT 2010

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According to good ol' Digitimes, Asus is going to be unveiling their first set of netbooks running on Intel (Pine Trail) Atom N450 CPUs at CES 2010. One of the netbooks they'll be showing off is the Eee PC T101H, which I'll actually classify as a tablet netbook since it'll have a touchscreen display. At CES, they'll also unveil more ultrathin notebooks and (possibly) along with that smartbook we've been hearing about. We'll also likely see the Asus Eee Keyboard PC, it'll launch at around the $500 price point.

At CeBIT, they'll be unveiling more netbooks but these will be running on the faster Intel (Pine Trail) Atom N470 CPUs.

Samsung Highlight Launches as the Samsung Impact On Bell In Canada For $79

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You should know the Samsung Highlight in the US by now, but now we know that this handset is now available in Canada - on Bell for $79 (here). It has a different name though, the Samsung Impact. The specs are the exact same, so expect: a 3-inch touchscreen display, a 3MP camera, 3G connectivity, aGPS / Bluetooth support, 60MB of internal memory, and a microSD card slot.

Three Dell Adamo XPS Prototypes, One With a Multitouch LCD Touchpad

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We all know about the 9.99mm thin Dell Adamo XPS notebook, but do you ever wonder what it could've been? I like to see company prototypes and this is probably one of the most interesting ones. Apparently, Dell's prototypes for the Adamo XPS actually included multitouch capacitive LCD touchpads - as you can see above. Another prototype is the red one below that actually had the notebook's ports in a "pop-up panel."

The last prototype, below, actually has capacitive touch buttons and Dell decided not to go with this design because "people wouldn't react well to a keyboard that doesn't move" which is pretty true.

T-Mobile UK Launching the HTC HD2 On November 23rd?

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WMPowerUser talks about the HTC HD2 a whole lot, but I don't blame them. They seem to be reporting that T-Mobile UK will be launching this handset around the November 23rd date. There's not much news about it, but we should be seeing it by the end of this year - the end of this month if we're lucky enough.

MOTO Announces Android 2.0-Based MID With 5-Inch OLED Display, TI OMAP CPU, and 8MP Camera

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MOTO Development Group - not Motorola - has just developed a new MID that will be running on Android 2.0 "Eclair." This MID will feature: a 5-inch OLED capacitive touchscreen display, a TI OMAP3430 CPU, an 8MP camera, WiFi / Bluetooth support, optional 3G connectivity, a USB 2.0 port, an SD card slot, and a 3,000 mAh battery. I think that they should've just made this a bit smaller and they could've transformed it into an awesome phone.

MOTO also has plans to release a 3.5 and 10-inch variant of this MID and we're hearing that they'll both be available in 2010.