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The Office, Gaming Helmet, Halo Wars, Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 Info

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So, i finished my Religion review and i never got to take my nap. But i will after Nikki's, my girlfriend, laptop dies. It'll die soon, and in the mean time i will do a quick little blog to pass some time.

The best show on TV right now (personally), The Office, is being nominated for 2 WGA Award's. If they win, it'll be really big and pretty 'tight.' [That's what she said.] Me and Nikki went on a 'The Office' marathon about a month ago because she was trying to catch up with the series. We watched 17 episodes in a day at one point, it was pretty insane. Yup, shared a lot of laughs, but anyways, moving onto the gaming helmet, seen on the left side.
TN Games is creating a helmet where you can feel when you're getting shot at, in game. There is already the matching FPS Vest, which has the same function. Kind of weird, i think, that these hardcore players really want to experience what their character is experiencing in, let's say, Call of Duty. Ever heard of paintball? But, i guess, being a gamer like me, you wouldn't want to leave the house anyway. It's interesting that you can even feel bullets whizzing if they're closer enough to your head. This HTX helmet is scheduled for a 2009 release.
Halo Wars is on it's way folks. The release date was recently announced and it will be on March 3, 2009. This real-time strategy game is coming out exclusively on the Xbox 360 and has an $80 collector's edition. The author of this article, Brian Leahy, mentions that if the Starcraft 2 beta starts up before then, he'll be playing that exclusively. Lucky guy. I can't wait for the SC2 release, i'll talk about that at a later time, too sleepy to talk about it right now.
Almost forgot to mention that one of my favourite sites, lifehack.com talks about the Firefox 3.1 Beta 2. Some main features are that it is faster than the previous beta and that they've introduced the new private browsing mode, better known as 'porn mode.' Going for another blog before i go to sleep, if Nikki stays up, that is.

Firefox 3.1 Beta 2, G1 Unlocked, More Playstation Home, New Nokia Leaked?

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So, my day, was the same old stuff. The usual Religion, Advanced Functions, and Chemistry thing from everyday. During Religion i got the review off of Sarah. During Advanced Funtions, i went down to Guidance and i got my schedule for next semester, Semester 2. Right now, i have Period 1, English with Adams, Period 2, Spare. For Period 3, i have Calculus with De Luca, 3C lunch and Period 4 is Physics, with good ol' Collins. So, during lunch i'm chilling with Xu in the library and he gets surprised, finding out that i had a blog. So yeah, after school, i was supposed to go to my girlfriend's house, but since she's really lazy and can't wake up in the mornings [or afternoons, evidently] she wasn't even 'ready.' Frustrated, i went home and that's where i am right now.

So, the Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 was released today, and not 1 RSS feed on my Google Reader has reported anything about it, so yay!! But yeah, i was just downloading all this stuff on my laptop at my school's library because if i download stuff at home i might go over my 60 gb limit for the month. I was using Update Checker which i downloaded from Filehippo.com and saw the Beta there, checked my Google Reader if any sites had anything to do with it, and found nothing. So yeah, gonna test it out now. I also redownloaded Google Chrome, Firefox Minefield and a bunch of other stuff.

So, the G1 is now being released unlocked. I've read so many articles today that i don't even know anymore if it's just being released to developers or everyone. But, i found my most credible source, gsmarena.com talking a bit about it. So, the 'Android Dev Phone 1' (see picture above) is being released to developers (I think) around the world, basically. This is because Google is trying to make the OS of the phone, Android OS, as open source as possible. It is going to cost $399 USD, but you'll have to pay an extra $25 USD for a one time registration fee. Ahh, yes, great news, hopefully it will soon be released to the whole public. I would get it, if i had the money to spare. But, i'm also looking forward to the next phone by Google, which should be much better and also look better.
Apparently, i may have been wrong about the release of Playstation Home. But, i don't know, it's still a rumour. I've been seeing a 50% split on it, being rumoured to be released on December 16 or December 17. My other blog, mentioned that it is rumoured to be December 16, and my link below tells us December 17. We'll just have to wait and see.

Nokia has actually confirmed that these pictures are authentic. The picture shows 3 phones, all the same model that is sporting an interface which is new to Nokia. Techtree.com says that it appears to be a "revamped version of the S60 Fifth edition." The model of the phone looks to me like a more square iPhone minus the button on the bottom of the phone. It even looks like the whole front part of the phone, is pretty much used up by the screen, leaving no room for buttons. Reghardware.co.uk mentions that the "UI looks nothing like those on modern-day Nokia phones, including the recently launched N97. However, this latest, unnamed phone's UI does appear to be widget based, as is the one on the N97." Personally, this new UI looks incredible and the weather widget reminds me of my former love, the HTC Touch HD's weather gadget, but just a bit smaller. This will be interesting to read about in the next couple weeks or even months. Until then, like the Playstation Home release date, we'll just have to wait and see.
I'm off to do my Religion review, and then i'm off to nap, then i'm gonna write another blog. Later. Oh wait, pic of the day.
Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 download, courtesy of Filehippo.com: http://filehippo.com/download_firefox/
Playstation Home (December 17, rumour): http://gizmodo.com/5104054/playstation-home-coming-in-9-days