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My New Blog, Barack Obama Lifting Stem Cell Research Ban

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I will be starting a new blog, while maintaining this one. Soon. Possibly after my exams. It's going to be about my thoughts or something around that nature. It'll be a good place where i can let things out and such. I just feel like i have had a lot on my mind recently and i just feel like reflecting a bit of how my life experiences have made me the way i am today. I'll be starting that blog soon, but not yet.

Barack Obama will soon be the President of the United States and he's looking to make changes as fast as he can. He is going to ship the troops back to their homes in the course of an 18-month time period. See! It is 'time for a change.' That's always good news, more peace for the world. He also supports the Wii, although, i'm not a huge fan of that. He may get to keep his Blackberry using 'military-level encryption.' He is also pushing towards lifting the stem-sell research ban. Stem-cell research was banned by George Bush because he "sided with religious conservatives who argue that research on embryos destroys human life." Lifting this ban on stem-cell research, scientists say that they may find a cure for serious diseases like Diabetes or Cancer.

Nothing much left to talk about today. Well, i have my exams this week and i finished about 40% of my Religion Review (4-page, so far) last night, so it was a productive night. I have my Religion Exam on Wednesday and my Advanced Functions Exam on Thursday. Friday i have a day-off, sort of. I still have to study for my Chemistry Exam, which is on Monday the 26th. Since i woke up late this morning, i have to go to church in about 2 hours from now, which is 5:30 p.m. I'm trying to convince my mom to let me drive to school on my exam days, but so far it's not going so well. Anyways, i'm going to take a quick nap before church because afterwards, i have to study.

Barack Obama Lifting Stem-Cell Research Ban: http://www.physorg.com/news151392818.html
Barack Obama picture: http://www.barack-obama.tv/