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Telus To Release the HTC Desire For $79.99 On a 3-Year Contract

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So much for that Telus source code price tag because there's a new inventory leak today. Apparently, Telus plans to release the HTC Desire for just $79.99 on a 3-year contract, which is an amazing deal. The Desire sports a 3.7-inch Sony Super LCD display, a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU, a 5MP AF camera, and Android 2.1 with the Sense UI. Mobile Syrup is also hearing that the Desire will be available for $449.99 contract-free.

[Mobile Syrup]

WIND Mobile Launching 1 Or 2 Android Devices This Year; RIM, Nokia, Samsung, and HTC Smartphones On the Way Too

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WIND Mobile in Canada has just announced that they do plan to launch Android phones in the future and there'll be one or two before the end of the year. The first one is believed to be the Huawei U8100 (above) and the other could possibly be from Motorola. Along with that, they'll also be launching more smartphones from RIM, Nokia, Samsung, and HTC. The BlackBerry Pearl (9100) will be joining they line-up, seeing how it was spotted in a previous WIND Mobile magazine.

[Mobile Syrup]
Picture Source: Phandroid

Canada Getting the iPhone 4 On July 30th, Along With a Bunch Of Other Countries

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Apple held a press conference a couple of hours ago and they announced a bunch of things. They said that they've sold 3 million iPhone 4's in three weeks and mentioned that it's probably the best product they've ever come with - and I agree. They announced that they're going to give away free bumpers for people who want them if you sign up on their site. All that is nice and dandy, but they announced something even better.

The biggest news of all is when they flashed the picture above on their screen. Canada along with the rest of the countries listed will be getting the iPhone 4 on July 30th! I don't know if the white model will be available at launch, seeing how there'll be "limited quantities" so we'll just have to wait and see.

[The Cellular Guru]

MTS To Get Sprint's HTC Hero In the Future?

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Canada may be getting another version of the HTC Hero, thanks to MTS. On Much Music, the device above was spotted and it's the Sprint HTC Hero that could make its way to Canada sometime in the future. Of course, the handset is pretty outdated at this point but if they slap Android 2.1 on it then it should do for most people.

[Mobile Syrup]

Acer Unveils S1 Series LCD Monitors, the World's Thinnest

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Acer has unveiled a new S1 Series of LCD monitors today and they're coming in at anywhere between 18.5 and 23-inch models. Acer is boasting these monitors as the world's thinnest LCD displays since they're all ranging from just 13 and 15mm thin. The four models all sport a Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) resolution, a 12,000,000:1 [dynamic] contrast ratio, and a 5ms response time. Unfortunately, only the 21 and the 23-inch models sport HDMI inputs but you will find VGA / DVI inputs on all of the models. The 18.5-inch model is going for £119.99 ($184 USD), while the 23-inch one will cost you £169.99 ($260 USD).

[Tech Radar]

Motorola Milestone XT720 Hitting Clove UK On July 19th

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July is turning out to be a pretty good month for Android. The Motorola XT720 Milestone is going to hit the UK in a couple of days, thanks to Clove UK. The retailer has mentioned that they'll have the smartphone available starting on Monday, July 19th. Of course, this handset packs a pretty darn good spec sheet with its 3.7-inch touchscreen display, an 8MP AF camera with a xenon flash and 720p HD video recording capabilities, a 720MHz CPU, 256MB of RAM, a microSD card slot, WiFi / Bluetooth / GPS, 512MB of ROM, and Android 2.1. The handset is up to order (here) for £381.88, which is right around $590 USD.

[Slash Gear]

Apple's Next Mac Pro Desktop To Have USB 3.0 and Firewire 1600 or 3200 Support?

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There's a rumour going around that Apple will be updating their Mac Pro desktop at the end of this Summer. The new Mac Pro will have a brand new CPU inside of it, of course, but it'll also come equipped with USB 3.0 support along with FireWire 1600 or 3200. This update will be just in time for back-to-school sales, so you can expect an announcement in the next month or two.

Update: According to Slash Gear, the iMac will be updated as well. This update will be taking place about a month later than the Mac Pro's and neither refresh will have Light Peak technology or possible Blu-ray drives. You can also expect the Mac Pro to sport 6-core Intel Core i7 CPUs.

[Crunch Gear]