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Gateway P-7808u FX, Microsoft Office 14, Acer's App Store, Blogger or Wordpress?

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Gateway has released a new laptop under their FX-series department. It's a so-called multimedia laptop and has a decent spec sheet for the price. The Gateway P-7808u FX has a 2GHz Core 2 Quad Q9000 processor, NVIDIA's GeForce 9800M GTS graphics card, 4GB of DDR3 memory, 500GB SATA harddrive, 9-cell battery, 3 USB ports, FireWire, a 1.3MP integrated webcam and Bluetooth. The laptop itself is fairly heavy, tipping the scale at 9.05 pounds. You get this all for a total of $1699.99 USD and this already includes shipping.

Microsoft may have hinted at some great news. The fact that there may be a free version of Microsoft Office 14 and that it may work for Windows XP also. Excellent. A free Microsoft Office 14 might stop me from using an alternative aka OpenOffice. OpenOffice is great and for my online documents i use Google Docs. I still don't know why i would need an online document though, but it seems cool to a certain extent. Anyways, Office 14 may also work on XP which is great because if it is free and also works on XP then i will be able to use it on my laptop also. Although i don't mind using OpenOffice since it's an excellent alternative, Office 14 will be better, i guess. Office 14 will have online and offline needs, so it's like my Google Docs and OpenOffice bundled into one.

Acer is reportedly considering their own app store. This would be for their Windows Mobile phones (a majority of them running the sad, sad WinMo 6.1). They're considering whether their efforts for an app store will be worth it, since they're not exactly one of the "big" mobile companies out there.

Before i started this blog, i had to decide on either putting it on Blogger or Wordpress. And clearly, i chose Blogger, but i could be moving to Wordpress soon. Although, Blogger has more visitors they also get tons of spammers (traffic-wise). Wordpress has the more "quality" traffic and that's where the big companies are looking. Well, i might not have the time to switch to Wordpress right now, but i may move to Wordpress during my March Break. Blogger.com does have its advantages, being simple to use and a couple of my friends are on here. Wordpress, on the other hand, is a bit more advanced, but i love their templates and has 2 versions: Wordpress.com (free) and Wordpress.org (not free). I'm obviously going to go for the free version, but i need to think of a new URL name first because "ijcopon925" is quite boring. I don't know, we'll see, hopefully you'll still be able to follow me since i don't know that much about Wordpress right now. The reason why i thought about this Blogger or Wordpress topic was because i read this article which talked about which companies Google should buy. Update: I most likely will be sticking to Blogger because of Wordpress.com's lack of updating HTML (CSS) and such. I just decided to compare them side-to-side the best that i could. Although Wordpress.com is initially free, for simple add-ons and such you have pay for most of the "advanced" stuff on there (custom CSS for $0.04 a day) which i don't have the money for since i'm no professional blogger. I'll be comparing them more throughly the next couple of days.

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