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PSP's New Colours [Again], Facebook and OpenID, 50 Millionth Blackberry Sold, Turning The iPod Touch Into A Phone,

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More PSP-3000 colours!!! There will be a radiant red (just like one of the Japanese 'carnival colours'), mystic silver and pearl white. These will be released in Japan Europe. The radiant red colour will be coming in March. While the mystic silver and pearl white PSPs should be available as of today.

If you've been following my blogs for a while, you may remember when i was trying to decide between OpenID and Facebook Connect for comments on my blog. Well, Facebook will be teaming up with the OpenID foundation. That's incredibly good news because i'll be able to change my comments soon, so that Facebook Connect and OpenID will be implemented. With Facebook, OpenID should be more useful and i think it will be a big boost for them.

Today, Canadian-based RIM (Research in Motion) sold its 50 millionth Blackberry. This is incredible because it was just RIM's 10th year anniversary last month. Congratulations to RIM on this impressive feat.

Hey iPod Touch users (this includes you ashlee), this one's for you. In my iPod Touch review a while back (here) i mentioned that you can make you iPod Touch into a phone. Well, there is now an app that is available that will do all of the dirty work. JaJah App will be "offering cellphone-esque functionality free of SIM cards and contracts, and provide mobile carriers the JaJah technology to use under their own brand." To use the JaJah app you will need a Wi-Fi connection and a headset, so that you will be able to talk. You will get a real phone number, so that your friends can call you, meaning you'll be able to receive calls. Unfortunately, you will have to pay for your calls, sort of like a phone card. You will be able to purchase minutes through JaJah, "or soon enough, they'll make their service available to mobile carriers, letting them use the technology under their own name, letting customers deal with a company they already know." JaJah will allow you to make calls to the US for 3 cents / minute and 3.4 cents / minute if you call parts of Europe. Although, the JaJah App is not available right now, it will be available in a couple weeks and it will be free.

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Killzone 2 Demo and Pre-Orders, Driving Test Fail, Google News: Chrome Extensions, Health, Calendar, Book Search

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European gamers should stop what they are doing right now. The Killzone 2 demo is now available on PSN Europe. Speaking of Killzone 2 it has, to date, 1.1 million pre-orders. This game better live up to the hype and so far it sounds like it is, except for some minor issues. Sony also mentions that by March, the Playstation 3 will be making profit for the first time in its existence. Could he also be hinting at a price cut? Possibly, but we won't know for sure because it's Sony we're talking about here. They always stay on the down-low. Oh, what was that? A rumour? We'll just throw your hopes and dreams out the window by denying them.

A grandmother in South Korea has failed the written portion of the driving test 771 times. I don't know if she'll ever realize that she'll never pass, but i guess it's really that fun to fail. Is this further proof that Asians can't drive? If they can't pass a drivers test, how effective would they be on the road? Anyways, she's spent an estimated 5 million won on these written driving tests. I'm not sure the conversion rate, but let me Google it. 5 million won is almost $4,500 CAD. Here i am thinking that failing the driving test 5 times was embarrassing (Hi, Daryl).

You have to love Google. If you use their browser, Google Chrome, you will notice that there is a lack of depth. Especially, in the extensions field. Chrome does not have extensions or the expandability that Firefox currently has. Google Chrome will slowly push their way in that direction and it looks like extensions are coming soon. I say soon because they are expected to hit us by May. May is pretty far away from now. Keep in mind that it is by May, so we could even get them in February or March or April. But, we won't know until Google comments on this. Why May? Because on May 27, Google will be talking about writing extensions at a developer conference. That's why.

Google wants to know just about everything about you. They want to know where you are (Google Latitude); they want to know what's in your e-mail (G-mail). But, they also want to know how your health is. After dropping about half a dozen applications a couple of weeks ago (and launching Latitude just yesterday), Google has launched another new application with the creative name, Health. Google Health. "The service will now be able to pull data directly from various medical devices: heart rate monitors, scales, blood-sugar measurement meters and so on." I don't see the point of this, but you can always read the article, on your own, if you want. All of the links are below.

Like Gmail last week, Google Calendar followed suit, today, by offering offline access. With the use of Google Gears, you will be able to access your Google Calendar offline. It comes with a catch. It only works if you are using it with Google Apps. To be registered to Google Apps, you must pay $50 a year. Unfortunately, for me, i am not a Google Apps person, so offline Google Calendar will not be available to me.

You've heard about the Kindle, am i correct? The first time i heard about the Kindle was actually from my librarian. She told me that she wanted to get one, but they were sold out everywhere. By the way, congratulations to the Kindle for selling 500,000 units. The Kindle 2 is also on the way soon. Anyways, Google, of course, may have an answer to the Kindle. Using Google Book Search on your phone, you will have access to "1.5 million public domain books, which have all been optimized to fit a mobile screen." So, far it is only accessible by iPhone and Android users. There is no word on whether it is making its way to Blackberry and non-Android users, as of yet.

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Google Book Search (and picture): http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/02/05/googles-answer-to-the-kindle/

Windows Mobile 7 [Or 6.5] Pictures, Samsung Acme i8910, Nokia E75, Upgrading Your iPod To 240GB

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"Mary Jo Foley's saying that we'll see Windows Mobile 6.5 devices in September of this year, and confirms that Windows Mobile 7 will be seen on devices in 2010." So, looks like Motorola's Sanjay Jha was correct about his estimation (here). This picture could be what WinMo 7 will look like, but it is not confirmed yet. Apparently, we will see the first Windows Mobile 7 phone in April of next year. It is also said that Windows Mobile 7 will be released earlier than the typical schedule. I think this could be due to the fact that more and more companies are starting to drift away from WinMo (as a whole) like Motorola is doing. Motorola did mention that they will go back to using WinMo when it upgrades to 6.5 or 7.

Another leak from Samsung. On the left side, you will see a picture of the Samsung i8910 or the 'Acme.' Engadget points out that it looks "a bit like the Omnia." This could be that 12MP phone that we heard about recently (here). The specs of this phone are also similar to the Omnia, including: "GPS, HDMI output, WiFi, plenty of media features, and availability in 8 and 16GB flavors." Since the OS is also unknown, this could also run on the same OS as the Omnia, which is the terrible WinMo 6.1. It might even run on WinMo 6.5, so we'll just have to see at MWC.

The Nokia E75 has resurfaced from the water. Like the Samsung i8910 Acme, we'll probably see it at MWC, since this phone has been leaking its photos for a while now. Along with the slide-out QWERTY keyboard and the 2.4 inch screen, you will also get: a 3.2MP camera with an LED flash, Wi-Fi and HSDPA capabilities. It will run on Symbian S60 of course. Thankfully, no Windows Mobile 6.1 here.

Do you have an iPod Video? Do you also get tired of trying to cram in all of your videos on whatever gigabytes of storage you have? If you said yes to both questions, this could be the solution for you. For $295 USD you can send your iPod Video to Rapid Repair so that you can have 240GB of storage. By doing this operation, they will use a Toshiba 240GB hard drive. Rapid Repair also mentions that they want to do this same operation to the iPod Classic and the Zune 2G.

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iPod 240GB Upgrade (and picture): http://i.gizmodo.com/5146916/ipod-240-gb-upgrade-official-price-and-warranty
iPod 240GB Upgrade (a different post): http://i.gizmodo.com/5146324/upgrade-your-ipod-video-to-240-gigabytes