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Marvel vs Capcom 2 Hitting PSN and Xbox Live in Late July

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It looks like Marvel vs Capcom 2 will not be available on June 29, like we expected. But, it looks like it will be available "closer to the end of July" according to Capcom's Twitter account. So, shift that marker on your calendar to July because it will not be launching in 2 days, sorry!


Zune HD Expected to be $250 - $280, 64GB Model This Year Too!

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The Zune HD looks like it could be a competitor to the iPod Touch spec and price-wise - but probably not in the real-world unfortunately. The Zune HD is supposedly going to be available in 16GB and 32GB quantities and will be hitting markets this early September. The 3.3-inch OLED-packing Zune HD's pricing for the 16GB model is expected to be somewhere between $250 to $280 USD, which is about 10% cheaper than the 16GB iPod Touch. After the initial launch, it looks like a rumoured 64GB model will be available as well. I favour the Zune HD over the iPod Touch simply because of its OLED display, cheap price, and Teflon backing, which is much better than the smudge backing of the iPod Touch. It just sucks that the App Store for the iPod Touch is just so damn good.

[Tech Radar, Crunch Gear, Gizmodo]

Sony Launching Gaming Phone in the Future?

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We've already heard about this before, but it looks like Japan's Nikkei business daily has got the scoop for us. The latest rumour has it that next month Sony will start to design their first "cellphone-game gear hybrid" which will be in competition with the iPhone. The "team" will start next month on this Sony Ericsson gaming phone. Now I know what you're thinking is this the real PSP (PlayStation Phone)? We'll just have to see what happens, because it's not confirmed and we've already heard this rumour too many times before.


Nokia Hitting Carriers With An Android-Based Netbook Next Year

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It looks like Nokia will enter the netbook / smartbook soon aka next year. Just take a look at this.

In our conversations with ODMs, we have confirmed that Nokia is planning to enter the netbook market with a Google Android, ARM-based netbook that would be sold at carriers. Considering this market is dominated by the PC players, we believe Nokia could face an uphill battle to succeed in this market.

So, Nokia will be teaming up with Google's Android to enter the netbook market next year. But, it looks like Intel will be shut out of this project, since Nokia opted for an ARM-based netbook this time around. It's expected to hit carriers next year, so we could see Nokia and Intel's netbook later this year, supposedly Q3.

[Boy Genius]

Acer Unveil H235H 23-Inch LCD Display; Philips Reveal PowerSensor Brilliance 22-Inch LCD Monitor

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Acer and Philips have just revealed their latest LCD monitors. Each of them has their ups and downs, so it depends on what you're looking for.

The Acer H235H is up first and it's a 23-inch LCD display that has: a 1080p resolution, a 100,000:1 contrast ratio, 300 nits of brightness, a 2ms response time, a VGA / DVI / HDMI input, and a 160-degree viewing angle. This monitor is expected to start shipping sometime in July for around $240 USD.

Philips has just unveiled their latest LCD monitor and it's an energy-saver. This Philips monitor is 22-inches and has a "PowerSensor" that detects if someone is in front of it. If no one is there then the display drops the brightness and power consumption by 50%, to save energy. Other features include: a 1,680 x 1,050 resolution, a 1,000:1 contrast ratio, a 5ms response time, and a VGA / DVI input. This monitor is expected to be available next month in the UK for around £170 ($280 USD).

[Slash Gear (Acer), Engadget (Philips)]

HTC Sense UI Hitting Windows Mobile Phones Too, Replacing TouchFLO

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HTC has just mentioned that the HTC Sense UI will be replacing the TouchFLO 3D UI and will hit future Windows Mobile handsets. This looks like it could be a great addition for future HTC handset owners. I don't know if it will be upgradeable to current users in the future, since they just announced this today. But like I always say, we'll see in the future.

[Boy Genius]

PS3 Slim Announcement and Price Cut Later This Year; Xbox 360 Price Drop and Replacement

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According to the Ars Technica mole - that has been pretty accurate in the past - the 80GB PS3 will be "mostly replaced" by the 160GB model over the next two months. This will also spark an announcement of the PS3 Slim and the PS3 price cut this Fall. This will probably induce some sales, and will possibly suck me into the PS3 world as well.

The mole has also said that the Xbox 360 Pro bundles will be replaced by Xbox 360 120GB Elite models in October. Before then, the Xbox 360 will undergo a price drop in September. This Fall looks like it will be a great season for buying consoles, as long as you refrain from getting the Nintendo Wii.


Deep Red and Metallic Blue DualShock 3 Hitting GameStop This September For $54.99

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On Thursday, I reported that the silver DualShock 3 has hit GameStop shelves. Well, it looks like Sony will also be releasing a "deep red" and a "metallic blue" colour this September for $54.99 USD too. Well, I know I'll be picking up a silver one, if I ever get the PlayStation 3 that is.

[Crunch Gear]

BlackBerry Tour Available From Telus on July 15; Verizon on July 12 for $199; Sprint on July 20 for $199

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Telus is now e-mailing their Telus Premium Perks members about the BlackBerry Tour. In the e-mail it specifically says that you can "make it yours on July 15, 2009." So, we suppose that this is when the BlackBerry Tour will be hitting Telus shelves.

According to the latest rumour, the BlackBerry Tour will be launching on Verizon Wireless on July 12th. The supposed price tag is $199 USD on a 2-year contract. It's just a rumour, but the price seems reasonable and the release date could be pretty accurate, since that's around the Telus release date.

Update: Courtesy of Engadget. It looks like the BlackBerry Tour could be launching on Sprint on July 20 for $199 USD as well - on a 2-year contract of course.

[CrackBerry, Boy Genius]

Panasonic Z1 Internet-Connected Plasma HDTV Shows Up At US Stores

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The Panasonic Z1 that I've talked about before has just shown up at a San Jose Magnolia store. The Panasonic Z1 is an Internet-connected and THX certified plasma HDTV that has a 40,000:1 contrast ratio and manages to be just 1-inch thick. There is no Z1 plasma that's going to cost under $6,000 USD, so get your wallets and bank accounts ready for this one.