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Sprint Cuts the Palm Pixi For $50 On Contract

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Sprint has just cut the price of their Palm Pixi to $49.99 - evidently in the picture above. Check out their site here. Don't forget that webOS has been updated to 1.4 now so that's pretty cool.


All Android Phones In the US Getting Version 2.1 Eventually

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The latest rumour states that all of the Android phones that are currently available in the US will be upgraded to version 2.1 in the future. Let's honestly hope this is sooner than later because by the time they roll this out we'll see another version of Android on the way. Some phones won't get goodies like the live wallpaper, but that's okay.


Nokia Hints At Announcing C Series Phones at CeBIT

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Nokia had an event near MWC but they announced just about nothing. Now we're hearing that they're going to announce their new C-Series of phones at CeBIT 2010 in the next week - C5 pictured above. Just in case you don't believe me, here's a newsletter hinting at it below.

C you at CeBIT
This year’s CeBIT 2010 event swings open its doors on Tuesday morning in Hannover, Germany. The show runs from 2-6 March, so scribble it in your diary as we’ll be reporting from the frontline. Before Mobile World Congress there was a ton of rumours about potential new devices and even a new Cseries range. The show came and went and although there were some pretty major announcements from Nokia, no new devices. Does that mean R&D have been asleep this past while? Most likely not. Of course, we don’t comment on rumours or leaks, but we are looking forward to C BIT for the next series of Nokia announcements. Right we’re off to pack our rucksacks and lederhosen, C you there.

[The Nokia Blog]

Intel Leaks Their Atom N470 1.83GHz CPU Press Release a Bit Early -- Now Official

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Intel has possibly accidentally published their press release that was set for Monday, March 1. Everything you need to know is below and it's the Atom N470 CPU that has a clock speed of 1.83GHz along with 512kb of L2 cache and DDR2-667 RAM support. This should hit some netbooks pretty soon, considering that an event is kicking off next week - CeBIT.

Update: Early this morning Intel made this CPU official - according to Maximum PC.

Intel Expands Atom Processor Line-up for NetbooksMarch 1, 2010
Today Intel introduced the Intel® Atom™ processor N470. This new, faster Atom processor for netbooks has integrated graphics built directly into the CPU to help enable improved performance and smaller, more energy-efficient designs for the popular netbook category. The single core Atom processor runs at 1.83GHz, with 512k of L2 cache and DDR2-667 support. Major OEMs are expected to introduce systems based on this processor over the coming months to further differentiate their netbook offerings with a higher frequency to deliver additional responsiveness for online and basic computing tasks.

[Slash Gear]

Verizon Getting the Google Nexus One Starting on March 23?

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The Nexus One just passed the FCC with CDMA connectivity, so the launch should be pretty soon. The latest rumour states that Verizon could be getting the CDMA Nexus One on March 23rd which is the first day of CTIA Wireless. We'll see if the rumoured date turns out to be true.

[Slash Gear]

Mozilla's Fennec Browser On the Nexus One and the Motorola DROID

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It looks like Mozilla is really hard at work on Fennec / Firefox Mobile on Android handsets. Two pictures have popped up today, one above which is Fennec on the Nexus One and below is a picture of it on the Motorola DROID. There's not much left to say here, but I doubt it's stable at this point.

[Boy Genius]

LG Shows Off Infinia HDTVs in Korea

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LG has just shown off their latest Infinia Series of HDTVs in Korea. There'll be three models: 42-inch (42LE8500), 47-inch (47LE8500), and the 55-inch (55LE8500). The specs weren't mentioned but we do know that this series supports DivX video, WiFi with DLNA, Picasa, and YouTube.

Palm Finally Releases WebOS 1.4 For the Pre and Pixi, Flash 10 and Video Recording Support

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Palm has just released webOS 1.4 for their Pre and Pixi handsets. This is great news because both of those handsets now have Flash 10 support along with the ability to record video. Check out what Gizmodo said below for a bunch of other changes. The update is available if you have a Pre / Pixi on Sprint, O2, and Movistar. If you have the Pre Plus / Pixi Plus on Verizon it's available to you as well.

Update: Engadget (here) got the scoop on some pics earlier, so you can check them out. There's also a video if you go on their site.

Update: According to Mobile Syrup, this obviously means that Canadian Pre owners are going to have to wait a bit since Bell isn't on the carrier list. No word on when those owners will get webOS 1.4.

* Time Zone bug fixed
* Network time sync bug fixed to reflect accurate Network time
* Bluetooth car-kit transition to device corrected
* No EV icon bug fixed (random)
* Random browser formatting bugs fixed
* Fixed bug that incorrectly displayed Sprint when actually was Digital Roaming
* Missing Contact issue specifically with swap down to or less
Feature Updates:
* Phonebook Transfer (import & export)
* Adds Video Capture capability & edit
* Calendar Enhancements
* Messaging Enhancements
* Improved Performance (Phone & CAL)
* Email Enhancements
* Notification Enhancements
* Adds Adobe Flash 10.0 (Pre Only)
* NOTE: The 1.4 software adds the ability to use the Flash 10.0 Adobe plug-in which will be available shortly from the Palm Appl Catalogue.