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Walmart Launching 15.6-Inch HP G60 Notebook For $300 On Black Friday

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On Black Friday, Walmart is planning to launch the GP G60 notebook for just $300 USD which is a pretty sweet deal. This notebook comes with: a 15.6-inch WXGA display, an Intel Celeron 900 2.2GHz CPU, 3GB of RAM, a 250GB HDD, a DVD burner, integrated Intel GMA 4500M graphics, and Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. This is just one of the many items that will be on sale after turkey day.

Samsung Convoy U640 Set To Launch On Verizon In the Next Two Weeks

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According to a "trusted source" on Phone Arena, Verizon will be launching the Samsung Convoy U640 in the next 2 weeks. This handset isn't meant to dismantle the Motorola DROID since it's a pretty basic handset. The Convoy U640 does include a 2MP camera with video recording capabilities and EV-DO Rev. A connectivity. The pricing details and exact release date are still TBA, so we'll just have to wait for it.

LG GM730F Passes the FCC, 3G Bands Compatible With AT&T, Rogers, Bell, and Telus

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It looks like another handset has just passed the FCC, this time it's the LG GM730F. It has 850 / 1900 MHz 3G bands, so it could get launched on AT&T in the US or on Rogers, Bell, and Telus in Canada. This WinMo 6.5 based handset features: Bluetooth / GPS / WiFi support, a 5MP camera, a 3-inch touchscreen display, an optical trackpad, and a 1,000 mAh battery. Check out the FCC filing here, it's a PDF.

Nokia N900 Hitting UK For Free On November 16th - NewEgg Launching It On November 14th In USA

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So, we're not hearing that after a bit of a delay, the Nokia N900 will be launching in the UK on November 16th. It's unclear right now, but either Orange or O2 will be launching it on the 16th - possibly both of them. Either way, the N900 is expected to launch for free on contract if that's what you want. Right now, it's also unclear if T-Mobile and Vodafone will be getting this Maemo-based handset.

Update: According to a newer Unwired View post, the Nokia N900 will also be hitting the US next week, on November 14th. Check it out on NewEgg here for $559.99 USD.

Cowon iAudio 9 PMP and iAudio E2 Music Player Priced In the USA

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The Cowon iAudio 9 and iAudio E2 are slowly making their way to the US. The 8GB and 16GB models of the iAudio 9 are expected to launch for $129 and $169, respectively. I've covered the iAudio 9 PMP before, so we already know that it features: a 2-inch display with a 240 x 320 resolution, an FM tuner, a microphone, TV output, and it's just 8.9mm thin. If you want something extremely simple then you can always get the iAudio E2 which has 4GB of internal storage and a battery life should last around 11.5 hours. This player is actually now available for $65 USD.

Rogers Cuts the Price Of a Few Of Their Smartphones To Under $100

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We heard about it last week and it's now in effect. Rogers has just launched a couple of smartphones in the sub-$100 CAD range - on a 3-year contract. These include: the original BlackBerry Bold 9000 in black and white (for $99.99), the Curve 8900 (for $79.99), the Curve 8520 (for $49.99), the LG Eve GW620 (for $49.99), the XPERIA X1 (for $99.99), and the HTC Magic (for $79). You can actually head over to Rogers' website here to check out all of these deals.

[Mobile Syrup]

SK Telecom In Korea Launching the Motorola Ruby / V13 as the MOTO Klassic

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It looks like the Motorola Ruby / V13 handset just been made official in Korea. SK Telecom will be launching it as the MOTO Klassic. This flip phone handset features: a 2-inch external QVGA touchscreen display, a 2.2-inch internal QVGA display, Bluetooth  / GPS support, a 5MP AF camera, a microSD card slot, CDMA EV-DO connectivity, and a 950 mAh battery. Korea actually has a website dedicated for this phone, check it out here.

[Unwired View]

Nokia Reveals the 1280, 1616, 1800, 2220 Slide, and 2690; Five Low-End Handsets

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Nokia has just officially announced five low-end handsets: the 1280, 1616, 1800, 2220 Slide, and 2690. Let's kick things off with the Nokia 1280, which is what you see above. It is Nokia's cheapest handset to date, retailing for just 20 Euros ($30 USD). It packs: a 96 x 68 resolution monochrome (black and white) display, a 3.5mm headphone jack, an FM radio, GSM connectivity, a flashlight, S30, and a battery that should last 8.5 hours talk-time and 22 days of standby. Yes, it looks like a toy.

What you see above is the Nokia 1616 and the Nokia 1800, which cost 24 Euros ($35 USD) and 26 Euros ($38 USD), respectively. They both look similar and feature pretty much the same specs, that's: a 128 x 160 resolution display, an FM Radio, a flashlight, and Nokia Life Tools.

We've seen this handset before, it's the Nokia 2220 Slide that features: a 128 x 160 resolution display, Bluetooth support, a 3.5mm headphone jack, an FM radio, a VGA camera, 32MB of internal memory, and Nokia Life Tools. This handset will cost 45 Euros ($66 USD).

Last, but not least, it's the Nokia 2690. This candybar handset basically has everything the 2220 Slide has, but it features a microSD card slot (up to 8GB cards) and has EDGE connectivity. This handset will be available for 54 Euros ($80 USD).

[Unwired View]

Litl Easel Webbook Is Official and Interesting, But Also Overpriced At $699

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What you see above is the Litl Easel Webbook and it's quite a bit overpriced. This laptop / netbook packs: a 12.1-inch display, 1GB of RAM, an Intel Atom 1.6GHz CPU, just 2GB of storage, audio jacks, WiFi 802.11 b/g, USD 2.0 ports, an HDMI port, and a "proprietary web-optimized OS." If you ask me this is definitely not worth the $699 they are asking for, but it still does look fairly cool.

Nvidia Mentions That Intel Will Not Support USB 3.0 Until 2011

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Nvidia has just confirmed that Intel chipsets won't be supporting USB 3.0 until 2011, which means we're stuck with the slow USB 2.0 for another 14 months. There's not much left for me to say here, but we do know that Nvidia seems pissed at Intel for this delay. I'm with you Nvidia.


Bell Launches HSPA Network In Canada, Full Pricing and Details of All of Their Devices Outlined!

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Today's the big day for us Canadians... and Bell of course. They have just launched their network and what you see below is all courtesy of Mobile Syrup - my favourite blog about all the latest news on Canadian cell phone news. Their line-up is all below and so are the pricing details, which is below the picture. The good news is that the Bold 9700 is $229.95 CAD on a 3-year contract, which is cheaper than Rogers' $299.99 asking price. The [somewhat] sad part about all of this is that the Nokia N97 is not available. Let's hope it's available before Christmas.

Apple iPhone 3GS is described as “Meet the iPhone 3GS. With new features like a remarkable video camera, Voice Control and more, it’s the best iPhone yet.”
Available on the following price plans in White or Black:
16GB model: $199.95 on a 3-year contract
32GB model: $299.95 on a 3-year contract
The Apple iPhone 3G is described as “Cut, copy and paste with a tap. Send text, photos, location, and more. Search across your iPhone. These are just a few of the 100+ new features you’ll find on the iPhone 3G.”
Available on the following price plans in White or Black:
3-year contract: $99.95
The Samsung Omnia II is described as “The Samsung Omnia II is a multimedia lover’s dream, with features like Video Calling, Music Recognition, Smart Search, downloadable widgets, a 5.0 megapixel camera and DVD-grade video. Plus, synchronized emails, calendar, and one-touch access to your favourite communities will keep you organized like never before. Free Vancouver 2010 decal.”
Available on the following price plans:
3-year contract: $199.95
2-year contract: $399.95
1-year contract: $499.95
No contract: $549.95
The BlackBerry Bold 9700 is described as “The BlackBerry BoldTM 9700 smartphone makes it easy to stay connected worldwide, with a high-resolution screen, a powerful processor, and Wi-Fi connectivity.”
Available on the following price plans:
3-year contract: $229.95
2-year contract: $449.95
1-year contract: $549.95
No contract: $599.95
The Samsung Impact is described as “The Samsung Impact makes mobile multimedia even better with its large screen, 3 megapixel camera, and touch-screen QWERTY design.”
Available on the following price plans:
3-year contract: $79.95
2-year contract: $129.95
1-year contract: $229.95
No contract: $279.95
The BlackBerry Bold 9000 is described as “The BlackBerry Bold™ 9000 smartphone makes it easy to get work done worldwide, with a high-resolution screen, a powerful processor and Wi-Fi connectivity.”
Available on the following price plans:
3-year contract: $249.95
2-year contract: $449.95
1-year contract: $549.95
No contract: $599.95
The LG Xenon is described as “Video Call your friends! With its large touch screen, slide-out full QWERTY keyboard, media player, and 2.0 megapixel camera with flash the LG Xenon is perfect for multimedia lovers.”
Available on the following price plans in Black or Purple:
3-year contract: $89.95
2-year contract: $139.95
1-year contract: $239.95
No contract: $289.95
Nokia 6350 is described as “With its stylish smooth-back design, the Nokia 6350 lets you make calls and send messages in over 200 countries worldwide. Plus, capture and share the moment with its 2.0 megapixel camera.”
Available on the following price plans in Red or Black:
3-year contract: $49.95
2-year contract: $99.95
1-year contract: $199.95
No contract: $249.95
Nokia 2730 is described as “This classic Nokia bar phone lets you make calls and send text messages in over 200 countries worldwide. Plus, capture and share the moment with its 2.0 megapixel camera.”
Available on the following price plans in Black or Purple:
3-year contract: $29.95
2-year contract: $79.95
1-year contract: $99.95
No contract: $119.95
Novatel Wireless U998 Internet Stick is described as “Stay connected wherever you are. Just plug the Novatel Wireless U998 into your laptop and enjoy high speed Internet access anytime, worldwide. Plus, get 32GB of built-in storage with a microSD card (not included). Pair the Novatel Wireless U998 with our Mobile Internet plan and your fee will automatically adjust so you always get the best rate available.”
Available on the following price plans:
3-year contract: $74.95
2-year contract: $74.95
1-year contract: $149.95
No contract: $174.95
SIM cards have no price yet but can be found here

Lenovo Confirms That They're Working On Netbooks With Google's Chrome OS!

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Two days ago, we heard a rumour that Lenovo would be releasing a netbook with Google Chrome OS and it would be available in time for Christmas. Well, Lenovo has just confirmed that they are, indeed, working with Google. And yes, they do plan on releasing a netbook with Chrome OS pre-installed, but we don't know when they will release it.

Verizon To Have $350 Early Termination Fee Starting On November 15th

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Verizon has just confirmed that starting on November 15th, their "advanced devices" will have a $350 USD early termination fee (ETF). As you may or may not a know, a couple of people out there go out of their way to get the latest smartphone and then they sell it on eBay as fast as possible. I don't do it, so it really doesn't concern me. The good part about all of this is that every month you use the handset, the ETF will decrease by $10.

3G-Capable BlackBerry Bold 9700 Dummy Units Popping Up In T-Mobile Stores

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It looks like T-Mobile is finally starting to get in their shipments of dummy units. Obviously, this time it's the BlackBerry Bold 9700 they're getting. This BlackBerry will have 3G capabilities and will be available for $199.99 USD on a 2-year contract. Let's just hope that T-Mobile doesn't go through another outage...

HTC HD2 Headed To US in 2010, Now Available In Europe and Asia; T-Mobile Germany and UK Now Have Correct Listings

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It's official, the HTC HD2 is really coming "to a major carrier" in the US in 2010. Along with this news, it's also now available in both Asia and Europe.

Update: According to WMPowerUser, it looks like T-Mobile Germany has updated their site with an HTC HD2 listing. Check it out here, and yes, there are no errors! At least, I don't think so. There'll be a "30 day trial of the Vanigon Europe satellite navigation package" and a 2GB microSD card in the box, which should be a good start for most users. Unfortunately, the price and release date hasn't been put up yet.

Update: According to a newer WMPowerUser post, T-Mobile UK has fixed their site. Check it out here.

Rogers Slashes the Price on the BlackBerry Bold 9000, Curve 8520 and Curve 8900

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I saw this in effect yesterday when I went to the Rogers Plus store (because I wanted to touch the Bold 9700 dummy unit, but they didn't have any), but Rogers has cut the price on three of their BlackBerries. This includes the Bold 9000, Curve 8520, and the Curve 8900. The Bold 9000 is available in black and white for $99.99 CAD, the Curve 8520 is available for $49.99 CAD, and the Curve 8900 is available for $79.99 CAD - of course, all on 3-year contracts. Rogers' website is here for more information.

HP Planning On Launching an Envy 14 Notebook, With Core i5?

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It looks like the HP Envy 13 and Envy 15 may actually have a brother that they didn't know about until now. There's a new rumour going around that HP is brewing up an Envy 14. Slash Gear suggests that this could be rocking an Intel Core i5 CPU, since the smaller Envy 13 has an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU and the larger Envy 15 has a Core i7 CPU.

I wonder if they're going to release a 17-inch model as well, Envy 17 anyone?

Canada's Koodo Mobile Launches the LG Masterpiece For $175, Cuts the Price Of 3 Of Their Handsets

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It looks like Koodo Mobile has just launched the LG Masterpiece in Canada - even Telus beat them. This handset is now available for $175 contract-free ($25 with the Tab).

On a side note, Koodo has cut the price of three of their current handsets: the LG Shine to $100 ($0 with the Tab), the Samsung Slyde for $175 ($25 with the Tab), and the LG 5500 for $125 ($0 with the Tab).

Check out everything you need to on Koodo's website here.

[Mobile Syrup]

Huawei U8220 (T-Mobile Pulse) Passes the FCC

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Well, what do we have here? Another day, another Android handset has passed the FCC. This time it's the Huawei U8220 aka the T-Mobile [UK] Pulse. As you can see above, it has 850 / 1900MHz 3G bands which is suitable for AT&T in the US and Bell, Telus, Rogers, and Fido up here in Canada. I wonder who will get it? I mean, if anyone gets it that is. As usual, the FCC filing is here.

[Engadget Mobile]

Archos 9 Windows 7 Tablet Now Available To Pre-Order For $549

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Well, it was supposed to launch on October 22nd for $499, but neither of those stayed true. The Archos 9 tablet is now available, but just to pre-order for $549 which is $50 more expensive than what we were expecting. If you're really willing to dive into this tablet, it has: an 8.9-inch touchscreen display, WiFi / Bluetooth support, an integrated 1.3MP webcam, a battery that should last 5 hours (with WiFi and Bluetooth off), and Windows 7 Starter Edition. This tablet will supposedly be powerful enough to play those 1080p movies you've been dying to watch. Check it out on Archos' website here.

Sony Ericsson Kurara Spotted, 3.5-Inch AMOLED Display, 8.1MP Camera, S60; Announcement In 2010

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We got our first glimpse of this handset two weeks ago, and here's a clear shot of them. This is the Sony Ericsson Kurara, which features: a 3.5-inch AMOLED touchscreen display, an 8.1MP camera, and S60 5th Edition. According to what the back of the phone says we should be expecting it to record HD video - likely 720p.

Unfortunately, "the Kurara should be announced in the first half of 2010, probably under a different name." This means that we're going to have to wait a while for this to hit the market.

[Unwired View]