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Google Chrome OS Tablet Concept Pictured and Even Mocked Up In a Video

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We've seen the iPad and now it's time for Google's own tablet concept. What you see above and below are some mock-up pictures of what a Chrome OS tablet could look like - theoretically speaking. The iPad is missing some key features at this point, but Apple will continually make the tablet better in the future. This is Google's Glen Murphy's design and hopefully it's something that we'll see launch this year - although I think that's unlikely. Google has mentioned that they'll be working closely with hardware partners to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. So, I guess this confirms that Chrome OS will have [multi] touchscreen gestures. There are more images at the link below.

Update: Tech Crunch has scooped up a new video of the Chrome OS tablet concept. I don't know how good this will work in real life since this tablet would have to be as large as a Microsoft Surface table to work. Nonetheless, it's still pretty interesting - especially since it has multi-tasking. It's just a concept made by Glen Murphy who is actually a Google employee working on Chrome.

[Tech Crunch]

Apple Working On Higher-End 15.4-Inch Tablet With Mac OS X?

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The latest rumour states that Apple is actually working on a more expensive higher-end model of their iPad already (not a real picture above). This new tablet will actually be running a new version of Mac OS X - of course - that will have multi-touchscreen capabilities. Apparently, this tablet will have a larger display, something around 15.4-inches which is huge and would be pretty hard to type on - unless they introduce a new way to type, which could be the case. The price - if real - is expected to be over $1,000 which is not surprising. If you want to read a lengthy break-down then check out the Tech Crunch link below.

[Slash Gear, Tech Crunch]

Alienware M11x Now Available For Pre-Orders On Dell's Website, Starts At $799

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It looks like the Alienware M11x is up for pre-order right now. The small 11-inch gaming notebook starts at $799 and that'll get you an Intel Pentium SU4100 1.3GHz CPU, 2GB of RAM, and a 160GB HDD. It'll cost you $100 more for an Intel Core 2 Duo 1.3GHz CPU, an extra $350 for 8GB of DDR3 RAM, and an extra $150 for a 500GB HDD. Pre-order yours here now - it'll hit your doorstep on March 1st!


Alienware M11x Gaming Netbook Launching On February 5th In Japan

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The small gaming notebook, the Alienware M11x, looks like it's going to make it's debut in a couple of days. It looks like it's going to launch on February 5th - Japan looks like they're going to be getting first dibs though. The M11x will be available with either an Intel Pentium SU4100 or a Core 2 Duo SU7300 CPU. It looks like it could also be launching for $899 instead of the $799 price we actually just heard last week.

Motorola Devour (Calgary) Headed To Verizon, Box Shot Ensues

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We already know that the Calgary will be getting launched as the Motorola Devour. It'll be headed to Verizon soon, but we don't know the full spec sheet of this handset yet. Well, it looks like it'll be rocking the Qualcomm MSM7627 CPU which is the upcoming entry-level CPU. This Android handset [with MOTOBLUR] should be launching pretty soon.

Alcatel OT-980 Is Their Palm Pre-Like Android Handset, Headed To Orange France In Mid-2010

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Alcatel has just shown off their Android handset on video. In short it's like a Palm Pre with the Android OS on it. It's being called the OT-980 and it features a QVGA resistive touchscreen display, a 2MP camera, a 3.5mm headphone jack, WiFi / GPS support, 3G connectivity, 192MB of RAM, a 600MHz CPU, a microSD card slot, a 1,150mAh battery, and Android 1.6. Apparently this handset will be launching in the middle of this year on Orange France.

[Unwired View, Phandroid]

Motorola Milestone "Coming Soon" To Canada's Telus! Spotted Twice

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Telus has just confirmed that the Motorola Milestone is coming soon seeing how they've just plastered it on the home page. The upcoming Milestone looks like it's now "Coming Soon." Of course, we don't know exactly when so we'll have to wait and see. Let's hope it's in a couple of days / weeks.

Update: Phandroid has just spotted the Milestone also "Coming Soon" in a recent Best Buy Mobile buyer's guide. The launch should be very soon, like I said.

[Mobile Syrup]

Acer No Longer Working On a Tablet PC Because of the iPad?

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Just a week ago we heard that Acer was working on an e-book reader and a tablet running the Chrome OS. Well, Acer has just mentioned that they have no current intentions to compete with Apple's iPad. Maybe they feel intimated by the iPad which could be the case since they were reportedly planning to undercut the iPad by more than $200 - since they thought the iPad would cost around $1,000. Acer did mention that they could work on a tablet in the future, but right now their focus will be on ultraportable notebooks and netbooks.


23.6-Inch Acer GD235HZ Monitor Is 3D-Ready; Starts At $399, 3D Kit For $200

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It looks like Acer is following Alienware with their latest 23.6-inch monitor. The GD235HZ sports a 16:9 display with a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, 120Hz technology, 2ms response time, 1,000:1 contrast ratio, 300 nits of brightness, and HDMI / DVI / VGA inputs. This monitor separates itself from most of the pack being 3D-ready with Nvidia's 3D Vision. The monitor itself will cost you $399 and it'll be another $199 for the Nvidia pack. This monitor should be available in a couple of days.


Samsung Showing Off Bada Phone At MWC 2010

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We all know that Samsung is set to announce and show off their first Bada phone at MWC this year, but it's good that they've just confirmed that it'll happen. Earlier this month we heard that we'll see the Bada S8200 so that'll probably be it. It's specs should be on-par with the Google Nexus One.

They've also mentioned that they've "received good response from carriers."

[Unwired View]

LG Releasing 20-Inch OLED TV This Year; 30-Inch Variant In 2011, 40-Inch In 2012

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LG looks like they've just outlined their plans for their future OLED panels. The title says it all really. Later this year, LG's 20-inch OLED TV will be available, in 2011 their 30-inch OLED TV will launch, and in 2012 their 40-inch OLED TV will launch. LG's VP, Won Kim, mentioned, "They may be expensive, but it will be possibly to buy a 40-inch class OLED TV in 2012." Let's seriously hope and pray that these all launch for under $5,000.


Orange UK Releases the Nokia X3, Exclusive For a While

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Well, Orange looks like they've just released the Nokia X3 since it's now available exclusively through them. In case you forgot, this slider handset has a 2.2-inch display, a 3.2MP camera with a flash, Bluetooth 2.1 support, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a microSD card slot. Check it out here!

It's expected to launch on T-Mobile later this year.

[Tech Digest]

Microsoft Zune Phone Apparently Confirmed For MWC Unveiling, Nvidia Tegra With WinMo 7

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Apparently this rumour is now 100% true if you believe it. Microsoft will reportedly unveil the Zune Phone at MWC. This handset will basically be the Zune HD that can actually make calls. It'll be powered by the Nvidia Tegra and will feature an OLED display with a 272 x 480 resolution, an HDMI output, and will be running Windows Mobile 7. It will supposedly weigh 2.45 ounces. If this handset is running WinMo 7 - and those specs are true - it'll actually be one of the crappier handsets running that OS since we've already seen LG and HTC's first WinMo7 handsets.

If the Zune Phone is true, it's gotta have a beefier spec sheet, more specifically a larger display with a higher resolution.


T-Mobile Set To Launch the Samsung T479 Soon?

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Samsung looks like it could be planning to launch another handset that will be T-Mobile bound. It'll be the Samsung T479 which features quad-band GSM connectivity, Bluetooth support, a 2MP camera, and a QWERTY keyboard. We don't know what this handset looks like right now, and nothing's official right now.

Dell E6510 Notebook Passes the FCC, Craving For Core i5 CPU

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It looks like Dell's E6510 is about to updated in the near future seeing how the E6510 / Margaux has just found a brief home at the FCC. So far we know that this notebook will have WiFi, WWAN, Bluetooth support, and a 6,700mAh battery. It would really be a surprise if we didn't see an Intel Core i5 inside this notebook since every single notebook has it nowadays. Check out the FCC link here if you have time to waste.

Google Nexus One With AT&T, Rogers, Bell, Telus 3G Support Passes the FCC, Canadian Launch Soon?

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Something juicy has just passed the FCC and it appears to be the Google Nexus One. Not just any Nexus One though, this one's got 3G support on WCDMA Bands I, II, and V, which means that it'll work on AT&T in the US or Rogers, Bell, and Telus up here in Canada. This is great news because this phone should be hitting Canada soon. Please bring Google Voice along with it. FCC link is here.

Samsung Mass-Producing 3.3-Inch WVGA AMOLED Touchscreen Displays This March

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There's no doubt that AMOLED is the next big thing to take over in the display world. Samsung knows this and they are about to kick off their latest mass production. Starting in March 2010, Samsung will be mass producing 3.3-inch touchscreen AMOLED panels with 480 x 800 resolution displays - perfect for high-end smartphones. The touch layer adds just another 0.001mm thickness so it's not a big deal. Look out for it to hit some smartphones later this year - especially with Bada, Android, and WinMo 7. 

Motorola Backflip Now Available In China Unlocked As the ME600

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It looks like the Android-based Motorola Backflip is now available! Unfortunately, you'll have to be living in China since it's available there for 4,298 Chinese Yuan which is around $629. This handset just launched over there as the ME600. Don't worry, the Backflip should be launching in March in the US via AT&T - it'll likely be their first Android handset. Check out either link below for a couple more images of this weird-hinged handset.

OCOSMOS Announces OCS5 Android Handset, Launching In H1 2010

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OCOSMOS looks like they have just showed off their first Android phone on video for the whole world to see. OCOSMOS, in case you didn't know, is a South Korean handset manufacturer and they unveiled the OCS5 MIP. This handset should be available in the first half of 2010. It'll feature a 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen display with a 480 x 800 resolution, a 5MP camera, a DMB TV tuner, a 1GHz CPU, GPS / WiFi support, and VoIP support. Check out the video below for some brief hands-on footage.

[Phone Arena]

8.9-Inch ExoPC Slate Runs Full Windows 7, But Has Last Year's Atom CPU

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It looks like another company has put a tablet to no one's surprise. This one's the ExoPC Slate and it has some advantages and disadvantages over Apple's recent iPad unveiling. The ExoPC is running a full Windows 7 OS on this tablet so that comes complete with Flash - and multitasking. It also comes with an SD card slot, which is something that the iPad doesn't offer without an extra dongle (and more money). The ExoPC Slate does have its faults though. It's got a smaller 8.9-inch multitouch-screen display, an Intel Atom 1.6GHz N270, 2GB of DDR2 RAM, and a 32GB SSD. The CPU won't be as snappy as Apple's A4 CPU on the iPad and the battery will only be 4 hours - but you can replace it.

This Slate is going for $599, which is the same price as the 32GB iPad. I believe the iPad is a better choice because who wouldn't want something without Apple's logo on it (sarcasm). I still don't find the need for a tablet PC. Anyways, you can check out the ExoPC here, but it won't be available until March.