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HD Movies On Sale In iTunes

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Apple hasn't released any details on when it will be available but iTunes will be selling HD movies for $19.99. I hate to say it, but why buy movies when you can torrent them? I know it's illegal, but damn, it's cheap. Personally, I haven't bought a CD or a DVD in a long time - excluding the Bourne Trilogy for my mother as a birthday present. Anyways, HD movies aren't available for purchases in Canada or the UK yet, but they will be getting them soon. You can pre-order your movies now, if you really want to.

[The Apple Blog]

More WebOS Phones From Palm

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Palm made an announcement that the Palm Pre will not be their only phone running on their slick new WebOS. This is definitely not a surprise since Palm is losing more and more money every passing year. I do think that Palm should just focus on one handset at a time since it may lower the Pre sales if they mention "new" phones, but what do I know? Palm has mentioned that they already have a full roadmap that consists of a couple of phones. I don't know how they can top the design of the Pre, but I guess we'll have to see what they release in the future. That is, after their amazing Pre gets released... whenever that is. They're saying that it's still on track for the Summertime, so that's good news.


Honeycomb Gets Changed In Windows Mobile 6.5

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If you remember what the Windows Mobile 6.5 menu looked like, it had the "Inexplicably Offset Icon Grid" aka the Honeycomb menu. To keep it short, Microsoft made a change to the UI and that involved removing the honeycomb lines. Another change in the new Windows Mobile 6.5 UI is that they fixed how the scrolling works to prevent less overshooting problems. With some Windows Mobile 6.5 having resistive touchcscreens, it made it hard to scroll the desired amount by flicking your finger. Apparently, there is also a slight speed increase in the latest WinMo 6.5 build, which is also a small step forward.


Blizzard Unveils The New Battle.net

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Blizzard finally did it. They have unleashed their new Battle.net service. Battle.net will one day rule everything Blizzard does. Having a Battle.net account will control everything Blizzard using only one username and password. Everything from World of Warcraft, Starcraft II, Diablo III, the Blizzard Store, etc. "There's more to come in the future as well, with Blizzard promising to add 'more features, including tools to make it easier for friends to communicate between games and to help bring out community of players closer together.'" It sounds a bit like Blizzard pulled some Steam features, but I could care less. I'm so excited. As of right now, it is not mandatory to combine your WoW accounts to your new Battle.net login credentials, but one day it will be mandatory to continue playing. For Blizzard's older games such as Warcraft III, Diablo II, and Starcraft, they will still use the "old" login credentials utilizing, what Blizzard now calls, Battle.net classic. I am so "hyped up" for the revamped Battle.net service and you will be able to go to Blizzard's Battle.net site below. Make your new accounts now!

[Kotaku, Battle.net]

Nintendo Planning A DSi App Store?

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Nintendo might be following the mobile handset trend in the near future. A new rumour has it that Nintendo is planning to launch their very own app store for the Nintendo DSi. This will put it in clear competition for the likes of the iPhone and iPod Touch. Since Apple wants to add gaming to their checklist, Nintendo wants to chew away at one of Apple's important features. "The DSi - at least the Japanese version - currently connects to the DS Shop and DSi Ware, Nintendo's bite-sized gaming store." It'll be interesting to see if this really happens and we'll find out in less than a week. GDC (Game Developers Conference) is almost here people!