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Meizu M8 Running Android on Video

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There's not much to talk about here, but iPhone-clone, the Meizu M8 has just been caught on video running Android. The video is not too long, so check out the video here. Engadget wasn't impressed.


7-Minute BlackBerry Bold 9700 (Onyx / Bold II) Video

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The BlackBerry Bold 9700's launch is imminent and we're getting more and more news about it everyday. This video below is 7 minutes of the BlackBerry 9700 in semi-action. You can take a look at here. For us Canadians, it looks like it's headed to Rogers. Other carriers that could get it is T-Mobile (the Onyx) and AT&T in the US and Vodafone overseas.

Update: The video has been pulled, I hope you got your chance to look at it while it lasted.

[CrackBerry, Mobile Syrup]

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pureness Gets a Price Tag

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This Sony Ericsson was once just a concept and we found out last week that the handset that was codenamed "Kiki" is now the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pureness. For this basic phone - feature-wise - it seems to be priced at 530 UK pounds ($885 USD). It's expected to hit the UK in November of this year, so it'll be here for Christmas.


Motorola DEXT / CLIQ To Be Available For Pre-Orders On Orange UK Starting On September 22nd

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The Motorola CLIQ is already up on T-Mobile's website with a "Coming Soon" badge and now we're hearing that the CLIQ - that will launch as the Motorola DEXT overseas - will be available for pre-orders starting on September 22nd on Orange UK. The pricing hasn't been mentioned, but I'm pretty sure it'll be available for free. The key here is that you'll be stuck on a contract in which you'll have to fork over at least £35 ($59 USD) a month. Don't forget that this Android device has Motorola's MOTOBLUR UI, so it looks more attractive than some Android phones out there.

[Slash Gear]

DosPara Releases 15.4-Inch Notebook In Japan With GeForce M130 GT Graphics

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DosPara has just unveiled [and released] their latest notebook, the Prime Note Galleria GT. This notebook has: a 15.4-inch WXGA display, an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.53GHz P8700 CPU, GeForce M130 GT graphics, 4GB of RAM, a 500GB HDD, a DVD Super Multi drive, WiFi, and an HDMI output. As you can see, the spec sheet it quite impressive, but the battery life hasn't been mentioned. I can't read the Japanese website, but it looks like it's now available for 99,980 yen ($1,100 USD). If you're interested, check it out here. Since it's available now, it's running some kind of Windows Vista.

[Akihabara News]

Amazon Taking Pre-Order For the Nokia N900 For $649 Too

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Amazon now has the Nokia N900 up for pre-orders. It's priced at $649, which is similar to Nokia USA's offering, but the one on Amazon doesn't come with a free BH-703 Bluetooth headset. Check out the official listing here for more information.


Promo Video of the Samsung N140 Netbook Spotted

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A new promo video of the upcoming N140 netbook from Samsung has just been spotted on YouTube. This 10.1-inch netbook isn't available in the US yet, but we're hoping that Samsung will announce the price for us over here.


Apple Unveils New Get a Mac Ad - PC Innovation Lab

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Apple has just released yet another "Get a Mac" ad and it's called PC Innovation Lab. You can check it out on Apple's website now - since I sadly don't know how to embed their video on my blog post. To be honest, I thought this ad was kind of lame...


Samsung Instinct HD Spotted on Recent Sprint Newsletter -- Launching September 27?

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Even though Sprint hasn't officially announced the Samsung Instinct HD we know they're launching it soon. The Instinct HD was just leaked on a Sprint Premier Connection newsletter. There's nothing specifically "HD" about this handset, but oh well.

Update: According to Electronista, this handset could be launching on September 27th of this year.


Palm's App Catalog Gets 10 New Apps - Including 3rd Party Google Voice App, gDial Pro

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Palm has just released 10 new apps on their App Catalog - after rejecting their first app this morning. The new apps include: iLike, AccuRadio, Forbes magazine, Simple Bible, Currency Converter, 420 Wallpaper, Video Poker, Checker, Lights Out, and gDial Pro, which is a 3rd party Google Voice app.

Unlike the iPhone, Palm now has an app for Google Voice. "The program lets you access Google Voice's full feature set (including a dialer), and no one seems very bothered by it." If you have a Pre, you should download and try it out now!

[Mobile Syrup, Engadget]

Video of the Sexy Asus UL50 Notebook

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Two days ago, we heard about the thin and aluminum and sexiness and chiclet keyboard-packing Asus UL50 notebook. Well, it has just been fondled on video, so take a look at it below.

Update: I'm having trouble getting the video to post on my blog, so just take a look at it on the link below.


Cutest Microsoft Windows 7 Ad You'll Ever See

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The "I'm a PC, and I'm 4 and a half" girl aka the cutest girl on TV is in another Microsoft Windows commercial, this time it's for the upcoming Windows 7 OS. Just watch the ad already. October 22nd is Windows 7 - yeah we know this already.

[CNet News]

Windows Mobile 7 Will Feature Minimum Requirements - Real Details Not Mentioned Yet

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Microsoft has just confirmed that Windows Mobile 7 will have minimum requirements on their handsets. We heard about the Microsoft "Pink" requirements a while back and they look like pretty decent minimum requirements right now. A year from now, I'm pretty sure most of the features on that list will be standard though. The real details on these requirements haven't been mentioned yet.

[Engadget Mobile]

Rogers and Fido Release $150 15GB "Data Plan For Heavy Users"

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Rogers and Fido have just announced a new data plan. The title basically says it all, both Rogers and Fido have released a $150 CAD 15GB plan, dubbed the "Data Plan for Heavy Users." This plan will be available to a select few customers who usually go over their regular data plans. Rogers and Fido will be recommending this plan to you - if you're one of the select few out there.

[Mobile Syrup]

Middle East Getting Samsung Star With WiFi Support

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The Samsung Star S5230 has been available for a while now, but it looks like Samsung is going to try to boost its sales a little bit more. They are going to be releasing this handset in the Middle East with WiFi support, which is great news. The rest of the specs remain the same though, so you shouldn't be surprised to see the same old: 3-inch touchscreen display, 3.2MP camera, Bluetooth support, and microSD card slot.

[Samsung Hub]

Sony Unveils S740 Series Walkman at Sony Dealer Convention 2009

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Sony Dealer Convention 2009 has just kicked off in Japan and this photo shows off the Sony S740 Series Walkman. The specs are unknown, but we do know that this will be available in 8GB and 16GB models. This Walkman could bring in new features, but it's still unconfirmed at the time. Maybe we'll see more of it as the event drags on.

[Sony Insider]

Zune HD PMP Not Hitting Europe Until Next Year - Great One Microsoft

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This definitely sucks for Microsoft and whoever's interested in the Zune HD - me included. According to Microsoft France, they won't be releasing the Zune HD until next year. The good news here is that you'll be able to scoop up an old-school Zune in Europe until next year; the bad news is that the awesome-sauce Zune HD PMP - with Nvidia's Tegra - won't be available for another 3 months.

It looks like Microsoft Zune HD will get stomped by the refreshed iPods - great.

On a side note, it looks like the Zune HD won't be hitting Canada until Christmas time, which means I won't be in the mood to get one anymore.

[Crunch Gear]

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 Now Priced and Dated on Expansys

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A week ago we heard that the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 will launch as early as next month and yesterday we heard about Vodafone having it for pre-order with an expected availability in November. Now Expansys has a listing for the XPERIA X2. The expected availability is January 11, 2010 and it's priced at £604.99 ($1,008 USD). It's expensive, just as I thought it would be unlocked, but oh well. Take a look at the listing here.


AMD Launches New Congo Platform CPUs - Their Answer To Intel ULVs

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AMD has launched their new Congo platform of CPUs, which is their answer to Intel's ULV CPUs. The AMD Congo platform will feature ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics and will be able to stream 1080p video effortlessly. The AMD Turion Neo X2 clocks in at 1.6GHz and these new CPUs will reportedly increase battery life by over an hour compared to their older models. "AMD claims that Congo's 3D graphics performance is about 77 percent faster than Intel's, and that raw procecssor power speed makes it about 43 percent faster than an equivalent CULV chip in encoding video."

Systems based on Congo are already shipping from Acer and ASUS, though AMD plans to be much more aggressive in pushing the platform and expects 20 systems to ship on or before the launch of Windows 7.

Picture Source: ZDNet Blogs

AT&T No Longer Selling the Nokia 6750 Mural

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AT&T has just halted the sales of the Nokia 6750 Mural handset. They are citing that the 6750 Mural won't operate on AT&T's 3G networks right now, so if you want a new one you should send it back to AT&T before September 25th. They'll send it back to you as fast as they can because they have to update the firmware on this handset. We don't know when the Nokia 6750 Mural will be released on AT&T again.

[Boy Genius]

Acer Launching 11.6-Inch Ferrari One Netbook With Dual-Core CPU On October 22nd

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Acer is planning to launch a new netbook on October 22nd - we all know what's launching on that day already. The Acer Ferrari One will have: an 11.6-inch display with a 1,366 x 768 resolution, a Dual-Core AMD Athlon X2 L310 1.2GHz CPU, ATI Radeon 3200 graphics, WiFi / Bluetooth support, optional WWAN, and a 6-cell battery. As you can see, this netbook has a Ferrari, AMD Vision, and Windows 7 sticker. It's going to be released on October 22nd for £435 ($724 USD).


Donut Now Beside Android At Googleplex!

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If you remember, a Cupcake arrived beside the Android back in April - signalling that it was on the way. Well, Android has a new friend and it's the Donut - a nice chocolate one with sprinkles. This doesn't really mean much, but the launch should be coming in the upcoming months.