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Mississauga Transit, God of War 3, Sony Ericsson and Android

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My day was pretty hectic in the morning, and it really got me pissed. So, i knew i had to wake up early this morning, since i had a Religion test 1st period and i told my mom to wake me up. I ended up sleeping at 6:10 (yup!) for about 15 minutes, and then it was 6:25 a.m. I took my shower, made myself some eggs and left out the front door. My Brampton transit bus is at 7:08 in the mornings, and this morning it came a bit late, around 7:12 a.m so that was cool. Got to Derry road, and usually my bus is at 7:52, so i'd have to wait there for about 7 minutes. Waited... 8 minutes passed, but still not there. I was turned around because i was trying to remember if i turned off the stove this morning or not. But, yeah, it ended up being 8:10, and my bus was still wasn't there. I was getting impatient and knew i was gonna be late for my Religion test. The bus ended up coming at 8:17... great. I talk to some guy i knew at the next stop, since he's always there with me everyday. The bus driver overheard our conversation and told us that the 7:52 bus this morning didn't come. It didn't come because the bus driver didn't show up to work, so he was fired. This explained why the bus was completely packed, to the point where when we got to Tomken, 2 people couldn't even get on the bus. Finally got to Mavis and waited for either the 61 or the 57 to come by. The 61 came around 8:47 and i got into class at 8:57.

So, i wrote half my test in the span of 10 minutes, and realized how much time i had left so i went back to add more stuff to some previous questions. Finished my test with like 5 minutes left, hopefully i did alright. For, Advanced Functions i finished the homework for lesson 7.4. Lunch i did some lesson 7.5 stuff, but never finished. ASHLEE was supposed to drop by but, just like 1 of her other best friends, she slept in too. Rofl, but it's all good, maybe she'll drop by tomorrow... if she doesn't sleep in again, that is. For Chemistry just copied notes and after that i stopped by at Nikki's. We looked at the scrapbook and some old school memories, some good and some bad ones. I got home and went to my dentist. Finally, i came back home and am now writing this blog. Phew!

There are some things ps3.qj.net said they got from Gamesblow. These are just rumours so, basically, believe what you want. This is, of course, regarding God of War 3. At VGA they will show a 10-20 second long trailer and will set the new standard in graphics, surpassing 'Gears of War 2' and 'Uncharted.' I wonder if it will surpass for Killzone 2 though, my oh my, those graphics look sexy. Apparently, Kratos will not be the only playable character as they will have his brother as a possible character also. There will also be a playable demo on the PSN in the next few months. This game will run in 1080p at 60 frames per second. Although, it is just a rumour, just like Google's OS =(.
Sony Ericsson has confirmed that they will have an upcoming Android handset, the same OS that Google's phone runs. Exciting news that Sony Ericsson will release an Android handset because everyone uses that stupid Sony Ericsson slide phone, well, around my area at least (see above picture). Kind of annoying to see at least 80% of everyone having that phone. It's kind of like the RAZR phase a couple years ago. Anyways, Sony Ericsson declined an offer in 2007 to join the Open Handset Alliance but, apprently, in September of this year they had their eye on the Android. There are 14 new members of the Alliance, Sony Ericsson being one them. There are too many to list down and i'm too lazy to do type them all out right now. I wonder when this handset will come out, it'll be exciting to see if it will be the next big thing.

Halo Wars, MMO News on Blizzard!!

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I refreshed my Google Reader, as usual, and found more release dates on Xbox 360's Halo Wars. So, here's an exact quote from techtree.com. "Microsoft has provided 1UP with the release date, wherein Asian countries will get to see Halo Wars on February 26, while gamers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa will get their hands on the game on February 27. North Americans might be a tad miffed since their release date is pushed ahead to March 3." So, yup, looks like everyone overseas is getting the game before us, North Americans.

Big rumour!! Blizzard and Activision may be announcing their new MMO tomorrow!!! "Fanboy's and naysayers alike suspect it will be a new sandbox style MMO or set in the Starcraft universe." I don't really know exactly what a 'new sanbox style mmo' is supposed to mean, but yup. A new MMO in the Starcraft universe sounds good to me though, so it's all good. Definitely looking forward to more news about this, hopefully tomorrow.

Blizzard / Activision rumour and picture: http://www.n4g.com/News-243509.aspx

Gmail, PS3, PS2, PSP, Soulja Boy Game?

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I woke up from my nap just a bit under 2 hours ago, i took a 4 hour nap. Luckily, i woke up, cause i needed to study for my Religion test. So, today [Tuesday], is me and my girlfriend's, Nikki, 5 month anniversary. I love you babe :D.

Here we go, Gmail. So, if you have a Gmail account and go to your labs features, you'll find something new. The tasks feature, which is a to-do list. I used to use the to-do list called 'Remember the Milk' before this, because i heard it was a good service to use from a couple sites but, since Google came out with their own, i quickly deleted that service (run-on sentence more please). I enabled it on my Gmail right away, but i don't have anything to put on it, so it'll stay empty for now.

Sony is staying positive with the Playstation 3's success and mentions that the sales right now are what they expected, which i think is BS. But, you got to believe what they say, i guess. I think the PS3 just needs a damn price drop before it gets into competition with the Xbox 360, but since Sony is still losing money for every PS3 they sell, this is still unlikely. Sony says that they should see a good holiday for both the PS3 and the PSP. John Kohler says that, "developing for the PS3 isn't as difficult as many had though." He's referring to different developers for their games. Seeing how the Xbox 360 was out a year before the PS3 was, the developers were already accustomed to how it works and since the PS3 is generally a newer console, they had to get used to it's feel. Kohler also mentions that 2009 will be a big year for their handheld, the PSP. Sony is also trying to have downloadable PS2 games on their PSN and are currently working out the difficulties.

In an interview, Soulja Boy mentioned that his video game will be coming out in 2009. I've seen Soulja Boy on youtube.com calling out everyone to challenge him in Halo and all that stuff, but at least God hates him. Let's hope no one buys this game, even though i'm sure people will. I hope it receives terrible reviews and i'm really surprise as to how he became famous in the first place. Sorry.