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LG Now Selling Their LX9500 and LX6500 3DTVs In the US, Includes 3D Blu-Ray Player

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A couple of new LG 3DTVs are now available in the USA and this includes the LX9500 and the LX6500 Series. If you buy either 3DTV then you'll be getting an LG BX580 3D Blu-ray player (MSRP $350), 3D AG-S100 active shutter glasses (MSRP $180), a coupon for a free copy of the IMAX 3D Blu-ray "Under the Sea" (MSRP $29.95), and a $100 instant rebate along with your purchase. It's a pretty sweet deal considering the LX9500 comes in 47 and 55-inch models that both feature a Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 resolution) LED-backlit display, 480Hz anti-blur technology, a 10,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, four HDMI inputs, an ambient light sensor, WiFi support, WirelessHD, a USB port, and NetCast support (access to Yahoo! widgets, Vudu, YouTube, and Picasa). The smaller model is going for $4,300 while the larger model will cost you $5,400.

The LX6500 Series is also now available, via Amazon, in 47 and 55-inch models. They'll feature a Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 resolution) LED edge-lit display, an 8,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 240Hz technology, WirelessHD, WiFi support, four HDMI inputs, a USB input, and NetCast support. The smaller model is up for $2,218.98 (MSRP is $2,700) and the larger one is $2,969 (MSRP is $3,600).

[HD Guru]

Gateway Unveils Four New Notebooks In Their NS Series

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Four new notebooks as a part of Gateway's new NS Series has just been unveiled. The first one we'll talk about is the 11.6-inch NS10 notebook which features Intel Core i3 / i5 CPU options along with integrated Intel HD graphics. The larger three models are better, there's the 13.3-inch NS30, 14-inch NS41, and the 15.6-inch NS51. All three of these notebooks pack Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 CPU options, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, Nvidia GeForce 310M graphics, an LED-backlit display with a 1,366 x 768 resolution, and up to a 640GB HDD / 160GB SSD. Of course, there are essentials like WiFi / 3G / Bluetooth 3.0 support, a multi-card reader, an optical drive, a multitouch trackpad, up to an 8-hour battery life, and the choice of OS is Windows 7 Home Professional (32 or 64-bit). All of these notebooks will be available in the next week or so since it's pegged for a mid-July launch.


Orange Working On Their Own Branded Android 2.1 Handset

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In the UK, Orange (the carrier) is working on their own-branded Android handset. Dubbed Project JAL (above), this is reportedly going to feature WiFi / GPS / Bluetooth, a 3MP camera, and Android 2.1. Seeing how it'll be sporting a 3MP you can expect a mid-level handset. The phone itself will be available on PAYG and on a monthly contract as well. The release date hasn't been mentioned yet so we'll have to wait around for that.

[Unwired View, Tech Radar]

Asus Eee PC 1005PX Gets Unveiled In a Girly Pink Colour

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Another netbook from Asus has managed to be unveiled. The Eee PC 1005PX will be available in a bunch of vibrant colours, including: black, white, red, blue, and the pink model you see above. Beneath the 10.1-inch matte display with a 1,024 x 600 resolution you'll find an Intel Atom N450 1.66GHz CPU, 1GB / 2GB of RAM, up to a 320GB HDD, and a 6-cell battery that should last you 8.5 hours. The price and release date is still TBA so you can wait around for that if you'd like.


Windows 7 Slates and WinPho 7 Handsets Coming This Year, List Of Manufacturers

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Everything that you really need to know is in the slide above. Unveiled at WPC 2010 (which started yesterday), Microsoft has just announced that a bunch of Windows 7 tablets (Slates) and Windows Phone 7 handsets are coming within the next year. This includes big names like: Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Samsung, MSI, Onkyo, Panasonic, Pegatron, Sony, and Toshiba. Of course, you'll see HP on the list as well so the official HP Slate could be coming as well. These tablets are going to come in various shapes and sizes, you'll also be seeing different displays as well; some tablets will feature dockable keyboards, full touch, and even digital ink. I still can't help myself by saying that Microsoft is looking to go for quantity over quality right now, just slapping the Windows 7 OS on tablets - that won't work.

Of course, on the other side you have the list of manufacturers on board for Windows Phone 7. This includes: Dell, HTC, Garmin-Asus, LG, Sony Ericsson, and Toshiba. Surprisingly enough, HP isn't on the list so maybe theirs will be coming next year - or maybe they're sticking to WebOS now that they've bought Palm.

[Engadget, Slash Gear]

Rogers Employees Begin Their iPhone 4 Training!

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Great news for people that live in Canada! Rogers' employees have just started their training for the iPhone 4! This means that the launch is coming up, hopefully before the end of this month. It could get launched on July 28th if we're lucky and this may mean the three major carriers in Canada will be getting it. Of course, it may be early next month since there was a rumoured August 4th date as well. Either way, it's coming in a couple of weeks - even though there's a design flaw.

[Mobile Syrup]

White HTC EVO 4G Now Available At Best Buy, 4G Network Now In 43 Markets

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As expected, Sprint has just released their white HTC EVO 4G smartphones exclusively at Best Buy (here). The prices are the same price as usual, $199.99 on a 2-year contract, and it's the only model available for now - the black one is still sold out. Along with this news, Sprint has just announced that their 4G network has expanded to cover 43 markets in the USA, now including: Rochester, New York; Syracuse, New York; Merced, California; Visalia California; Eugene, Oregon; Tri-Cities, Washington; and Yakima, Washington. Sprint has mentioned that by the end of 2010 they're going to expand their growing 4G network in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami.

[Unwired View]

Motorola WX415 Headed To Boost Mobile, Finch W418g Hits the Bluetooth SIG -- Nothing Impressive.

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Two new Motorola handsets have been detailed just a little bit more. They're both entry-level flip phones and the first one is the WX415. We first heard about this handset over two months ago and this time we know that it's headed to Boost Mobile in the US - it has CDMA connectivity. Specs are really simple: Bluetooth, an external and internal display, and a camera on the back.

The second handset that has popped up today is the Motorola Finch W418g. This flip phone is said to feature a 1.8-inch internal display. GSM/GPRS connectivity, a 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth, a microSD card slot, and a 2MP camera. The handset itself hasn't been announced yet but it just hit the Bluetooth SIG (here).

[Unwired View]

6-Inch Acer LumiRead 600 E-Book Reader Hits the FCC

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A new Acer e-book reader, the upcoming LumiRead 600 has just hit the FCC. This 6-inch device will be sporting a monochrome e-ink display, WiFi b/g support, a Freescale iMX357 532MHz CPU, and a 1,460mAh battery. We still don't know when this device will be available and the price is, of course, TBA as well. Check out the FCC filing here.