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Qualcomm Snaptop Features Android OS and Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard

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What you see above is being called the Qualcomm Snaptop. As you can see the display has a stand on the back and that keyboard is detachable and can be operated wirelessly over Bluetooth. The display is also a touchscreen and can be used as a tablet if you'd like. It's based on Qualcomm's ARM CPU and the Android OS. Right now this is only a prototype so it could be a while if we ever see it hit the market.


Rugged Motorola i680 Flip Phone Hits Sprint For $120

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Well, a new handset has just hit Sprint, it's the rugged Motorola i680 that passed the FCC way back in November. This flip phone has a Military 810F Grade for ruggedness and features: a 2.2-inch internal display with a 176 x 220 resolution, an external display with a 120 x 160 resolution, GPS / Stereo Bluetooth support, a 2MP camera with a flash, 180MB of internal memory, and a memory card slot. Check it out online for $119.99 USD on a 2-year contract.

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Chumby Sunfury Tablet Shown Off At CES With Marvell PXA168 CPU

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This tablet from Chumby, the Sunfury, made an appearance at CES. We don't know if it'll hit the market, but it was there to show off the new Marvell PXA168 CPU. It'll also feature WiFi b/g, 128MB / 256MB of RAM, a microSD card slot, support for a bunch of video formats, and Adobe Flash Lite support. Like I said, it's still not certain if it'll hit the market, but it looks like it could be a tablet that gets overshadowed by the rest.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2a Headed To North America, Eventually

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Finally! After a long delay the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 looks like it'll be gracing the North American shores soon with this new X2a model which is found on the Sony US site. We don't know if it'll get a Windows Mobile 7 upgrade but we do know that it'll be a WinMo 6.5 handset whenever it launches.

Motorola Milestone NOT Set To Launch On Telus On January 26th

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We already know that the Motorola Milestone is set to launch on Telus early this year but we don't know when. Well, the latest rumour has it that it will launch on January 26th - if everything is "on time". This will definitely be the best Android phone to-date that has hit Canada. Hopefully this rumour turns out to be true, especially since Telus has one of the fastest networks.

Update: That was shortlived. According to a newer Mobile Syrup post the Milestone actually won't be launching on January 26th. It's still scheduled for an early Q1 launch, but the date is still unknown.

[Mobile Syrup]

Sony Ericsson Kurara (U5) Set For April Launch In UK?

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Remember the Sony Ericsson Kurara (U5)? Well, Tech Radar is hearing that this S60 handset is set to launch in the UK this April. Sony Ericsson hasn't made it official so we're just waiting for that. This is a full (3.2-inch) touchscreen handset that also features an 8MP camera that can also record 720p HD video. We'll likely see it at MWC 2010.

[Tech Radar]

BlackBerry 8910 Spotted At the Bluetooth SIG

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BlackBerry planning a successor to the Curve 8900 already? At the Bluetooth SIG a BlackBerry 8910 was spotted which is looking like the successor is on the way. I doubt this'll have a touchscreen display, but hopefully 3G will make its way on this smartphone. The software looks like it could also be BB OS 5.2 as well.

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SK Telecom Getting the Android-Based Motorola XT720 Next Month - Launching As the MOTOROI

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This handset is actually China's Motorola XT701, and it'll be launched on SK Telecom next month as the XT720. Since they're the same phone the specs are the same, a 3.7-inch WVGA touchscreen display, GPS / Bluetooth / WiFi support, an HDMI port, an 8MP AF camera with a flash, a T-DMB TV tuner, and Android 2.0. This looks like it'll be the first Android handset SK Telecom will be launching this year - they plan to launch around 13 of them.

Update: According to Engadget, this handset will actually launch as the MOTOROI.

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Windows Mobile 7 To Get Delayed Until 2011?

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Another delay for Windows Mobile 7? Say it ain't so. The latest rumour has it that WinMo 7 will be delayed yet again, this time all the way back until 2011. This is great news for their mobile OS competitors, especially since Android is developing so fast - possibly even too fast. This is unconfirmed right now, and don't forget that we should see it at MWC 2010 next month.

High-End Asus UL80JT Features Core i7, Swappable Graphics and 12 Hour Battery Life

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At CES, which has just finished, Asus showed off a gaming notebook, the UL80JT, which features an Intel Core i7 and Nvidia GeForce 310 graphics with integrated Intel GMA graphics (swappable). Because of these swappable graphics, Asus is boasting that this notebook will actually get close to 12 hours of battery life - in Energy Saver mode of course. That's pretty incredible if you ask me.

[Ars Technica]