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WoW, Gears of War 3, Samsung Pixon, Nintendo DSi

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So, last night was an epic night. I was, once again, reunited with WoW. This time in the Wrath of the Lich King. I played last night till about 4:30 or so, since that's when my girlfriend stopped studying. And, at about 2:00 a.m. i hit level 80 on Daniel's Death Knight. After jumping around my room, i asked my guild what i could do now, since i was 80. A few of them said that i should drink and celebrate IRL, because drinking and celebrating in the game was "Epic Fail." Instead, i decided to try out some BG's, not any new ones though. I just did a couple of Arathi Basin's (AB) and a Warsong Gulch (WSG). I actually went 5-0 in AB and 1-0 in WSG, with my first AB completing the accomplishment of Perfection AB or something. This meant that we shutout the other team in points 2000-0. My PvP (Player vs Player) experience was pretty bad, since it was a new 80 with quest rewards and because it was my first time PvP'ing with a Death Knight before. After getting fed up with mediocre results, i decided to go on his Level 71 Paladin. I would've got it to Level 72 in another 15 minutes, but my girlfriend finished studying and i had school the next day, so i went to sleep instead.

I woke up this morning and after trying to wake up my girlfriend several times, i decided to finally go and shower. By this time, i was already a half hour late [for school], so i just decided to take my time even more. Finally, i got to school at 9:15, and was in class by 9:25. We were watching a movie and we had to answer questions pertaining (ooo, big word) to the movie. I looked at the 7 questions on the sheet and realized that they weren't even questions from the movie, it was basically opinion questions about stuff in the textbook. But, anyways, after telling Sarah and Rishi that i was late because i was playing WoW for the first time in 2 months, they weren't surprised that i was up till 4:30 in the morning. Next class, Advanced Functions. About 11 of us actually show up to class since there was a Philosophy trip today. Instead of sleeping, i decided to do my work and i finished just in time for the bell. For lunch, i was in the library trying to download WoW onto my laptop, but the school's library had it blocked. After numerous attempts to find a way around it, i gave up. I read my RSS feeds on Google Reader, starred a couple things, and was off to Chemistry class. We were in a different classroom today since the Grade 9's (LOL) had to do a lab in our original classroom. I walk in, and something weird happens (Truman show, only Nikki would understand). Martin Sia asks if i've played WoW lately and i said, "Omg, yeah, i just played last night, i was up till about 5, but i stopped playing for like 2 months." He said, "Really? 2 months, damn, that's pretty good." But yeah, that was weird that it was brought up today, out of all days, eh? Hmm, so in Chemistry class we had a pretty long lesson about amines and amides. After school, did my usual bussing and i finally got home. So far, i've resisted playing WoW for an hour and a half (See, i'm not addicted). After this blog, i'm gonna take a nap and then finally, i'll play some WoW. But first, here's some interesting [or not] news for you. I'll try to keep it short, since my 'journal entry' was so long.

So, some God of War 3 news. Apparently, God of War 3 will have "4 times the texture resolution of God of War 2." I think this is amazing, seeing how God of War 2's visuals were already mouth-dropping enough. They showed a short trailer of God of War 3 last night, during the VGA's (Video Game Awards). I found the rest of the show quite boring, although, i was happy that LittleBigPlanet did snag up an award. Anyways, the trailer was short, but action-packed, of course. This is one of those games, i'm looking forward to. I've played God of War and God of War 2, but never finished either of them, since i didn't have too much time on my hands. I never really payed attention to the whole trailer, but from what i saw, this looks to be a good game. Be on the lookout for it, hopefully next year.

So, there are now rumours that Samsung will release the Samsung Pixon to the US market. This will be the first 8 megapixel phone to hit the US market. Aside from the camera, the phone is packed with a 3.2 inch touch screen, [good ol'] accelerometer, built-in GPS, FM radio, Bluetooth, landscape virtual QWERTY keyboard and a bunch of other features. An 8 megapixel camera on a phone is pretty sweet, but i don't even think a 5 megapixel camera has hit the Canadian market yet [Correct me if i'm wrong]. The only 5 megapixel phones out in Canada are from another country (Thank you, unlocked phones). Currently, i don't know how much this phone will be going for.

Just in case someone is waiting for the Nintendo DSi to hit our (North America) markets, you will have to be patient. One statement mentioned that the "handheld wouldn't be out until the end of 2009." But, then a few weeks later, Satoru Iwata, who is Nintendo's boss, mentioned that an autumn release of this handheld would be too late. Now, more rumours circulate, as IGN states that the DSi is going to have a March 2009 release date. Confusing stuff? I agree. Now, Kotaku.com comes to the conclusion that if you want the Nintendo DSi, expect a release date somewhere between "March and August." Personally, i don't want the DSi. I don't really know what the difference between the Nintendo DS and the DSi have, but they look pretty similar to me. My guess is the DSi is slimmer, lighter and has better [more improved] or new hardware than the current DS. I'm too lazy to research it on my own, but if you're one of those people who want one of these, i'm sure you would already know the answer. I, myself, am looking forward to a PS3 and a PSP, although, i probably won't get either of them. It's still good to get my hopes up for something that might not happen. If not this year... maybe next year. For now, it's time for my nap, and then some WoW'ing to attend to.

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