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Mallin', Dell 'Adamo', More Motorola Phones, PSP-4000 and PSP2, Final Fantasy Dissidia

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So, today was a wicked day. It started off kind of slow, as i got up late for class again. I got up at 9:15 today and got to school at about 10:30. Usually, this would mean that i've missed all of first period and about half of second period. But instead, there was a mass today. So, i only missed first period. Second period was pretty slack in Advanced Functions and i tried to help Robbie study for our Chemistry Test. Anyways, for lunch i was in the library as usual and then i studied the whole time. Robbie was there asking some questions, but it was cool. Had the test for Chemistry next period and phew, my studying definitely paid off. The test was pretty easy, i'm not gonna lie. So, after school i caught my 2:50, 61 South bus and i was off to the mall.

So, today after school, i went to the mall. I met up with Ashlee, Nikki and Richard at HMV. Ahh, i had an amazing 5 tacos, mm, soft and hard [That's what she said!]. Ashlee and her constant "jizz in my pants." Richard and his sarcastic jokes. Nikki and her... boringness. Joking, Nikki and her dodging and her choosing out clothes for Jeff, which took long, by the way, but i still love ya. So, me and Ashlee were stealthing our way around the mall, so that neither Richard nor Nikki could ever find us. We did our stealthing / invisibility twice. Me and Nikki had a rough patch that lasted about 12 minutes, but it was all good afterwards =). And, i finally found the gift for my mom. I've been looking for it since last year, when it was about 70 bucks. Luckily, it was on sale for 29.99, thank the good Lord. I got her the Bourne 3-pack thingy, it's a box set, i guess. So, it was already around 6 p.m. and me and Richard never really got to talk much, and it sucked. But, it was good that we had our quite lengthy talk before i had to leave, since Ashlee and Nikki took forever in Ardene's / Icing / Claire's. After that, i had to take my long ass bus ride home, almost 2 hours long. My iPod died when i was about 2 minutes away from home and it made me sad because it was the first time my iPod has actually ever died =(. Techy news time, all of your favourites.

Dell has stirred up some rumours that they may be releasing a laptop that is "both lighter and thinner than the Macbook Air." An analyst also states that Dell might even be able to sell their Adamo for $400 cheaper than the Macbook Air. This is amazing. Did i ever mention that i'm a Dell fanboy too? Yup, my computer, monitor and the TV in my room are all Dell. So, i am the Dell + PS3 + Google fanboy. They should all just hook-up with each other and make something good for me. But, anyways, i think this is great news for Dell. Competing with the Macbook Air would be a good idea. I just hope it has much better specs than the Macbook Air and that the $400 price difference is actually real.

More and more rumours from Motorola. As you can see (above and to the left) are more new pictures about possible Motorola phones coming out in 2009. The silver one above looks better to me than the one shown on the left side, but not something i'd get. Personally, i love black phones, hence my Nokia N81. Anyways, the phone above clearly has a metallic finish. Kind of boring, since all of the phones that Motorola 'may' be coming out with have no current specs. Release that spec sheet soon Motorola, come on. Boring stuff.

Recently, i've been talking about the PSP-4000 and the PSP2 lately and Sony has denied these accusations yet again. Sony says that, "We can't think of any major improvements that would necessitate a PSP-4000 model." So, there you have it folks, don't look forward to a PSP-4000. Sony has also denied that they are working on a PSP2, they have said that these rumours are "flat-out false [and that, there are] no plans for a PSP2 are underway." Basically, no PSP-4000 next year and no PSP2 following after that. Sad news, but it's okay. Sony should really focus on selling their PS3 and also on making Playstation Home and the current PSP better.

Since there isn't a PSP2 or a PSP-4000 in the works. Time for me to get my PSP-3000. Why? Final Fantasy, that's why. Final Fantasy Dissidia which has been stirring all the buzz in Asia is now going to be released in North America on the PSP in mid-year 2009. This game will contain characters from every single Final Fantasy game, omg. Not every single character that has made an appearance in Final Fantasy, but pretty much, all of the main characters. The article mentions that, "Familiar friends include Cecil (FFIV), Bartz (FFV), Terra (FFVI), Cloud (FFVII), Squall (FFVIII), Zidane (FFIX), and Tidus (FFX). The baddies include Golbez (FFIV), Kefka (FFVI), and Sephiroth (FFVII)." I actually haven't played every single Final Fantasy, but i have played and beat most of them. I haven't got the chance to play FFII or FFV. Anyways, this game will be an action / fighting game. Omg, i can't wait for this. Now, i desperately need a PS3 and PSP. Please God, send down my WoW secret answer so that i can level my 4 level 70's to level 80 and then sell it for a nice huge chunk of money and please God, help me find a job very early next year. Man, this game will be insane, i can't wait for this. I'm getting all excited, i even think i might 'jizz in my pants.'

Hey, guess what Canada? We're expected 50 cm of snow by Sunday. How much fun will that be? Just in case you didn't know, i hate the Winter and i hate the snow. I'm out for today [possibly]. You know what that means. It's WoW time!

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Blogging vs WoW, Internet Explorer, Firefox 3.0.5, My Opinion

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So, i've been home all day and i'm actually about to go to sleep. I just decided that i'd write one more blog post before i'd head off to bed, just for the heck of it. I might even be more addicted to blogging than WoW. I'll explain why in a bit. Anyways, since my last post, i've had a very productive day, in terms of school work. I finished my religion at around 12:30, earlier this afternoon. After that, i took a nap, for 4 hours, which was much longer than i had planned. I started working on my Advanced Functions homework at around 5 p.m. and finished at around 6:30. And, from 6:30 till a couple minutes ago, i've been studying for my Chemistry test, which is tomorrow. So, why do i say that i'm more addicted to blogging than WoW? Although, i may spend more time on WoW than i do actually making blogs, i notice that blogging is actually something i do every single day. I usually do about 2 blogs everyday and today i actually never logged on to WoW. How amazing is that? I have a pretty good feeling about tomorrow's test and i really hope i do good. Now i'm going to do 2 quick blogs about Firefox and IE.

On a side note, my 2 best friends, Nikki and Ashlee have started blogging again. Ashlee started because of me and i think the same reason may be for Nikki. Although, Nikki hasn't actually posted on her blog yet, Ashlee already has 3 (Edit: 4 now). She says she's going to outblog me, but we'll have to see about that =). Nikki's first blog is still TBD (To Be Determined).

Since IE fails so hard, here's another post about it. Luckily, they've finally released a "rare emergency update." This update has been finally issued after attackers were targeting a vulnerability on hundreds of thousands of webpages. The author of this article mentions that, "In many cases, the websites distributing the toxic payload are legitimate destinations that have been commandeered, allowing an attacker to snare victims as they surf to online banks, forums and other trusted sites." Later he mentions that, "Most of the attacks silently install keylogging software as soon as a victim surfs to a site carrying the exploit." That's pretty scary stuff. Imagine just one day, logging on to your online bank account, then this keylogger just steals your login credentials. Talk about owned. Did you just read that? Time to install Firefox or Google Chrome, Nikki. These IE 7 articles are real, but i only mention them in my blog so that when my girlfriend reads this she might actually be convinced enough to change her browser, since i hate IE so much. This is a perfect lead for my next paragraph.

Today, an update to my second favourite browser came out, Firefox 3.0.5. "The update includes security and stability fixes, support for more languages, and smashes a whole handful of bugs." Basically, this was just a release to patch up some security and bug issues and that's about it. See how easy it is for Mozilla? Take that IE.

There have been many articles wondering if Internet Explorer has ever been safe, for the past 7 years. For me, i would have to really say no. I say this because about 70% of everyone using the internet is using this browser (IE). This really sets off an alarm to hackers. If 70% of people are cruising the Internet using IE, why not try to hack it? More people = More targets, right? It makes more sense to try to find holes in a browser like IE than to try to go looking for one in Opera or Google Chrome because of the vast majority using Internet Explorer. Why these people use Internet Explorer still puzzles me. I'll say it again and again, IE is so slow compared to other browsers and has many bugs, that actually haven't been patched for years. I really don't know what else to say. But, if you're using IE to view my blog, i'd advise you to switch now because you don't know how much more productivity you can get out of Firefox or Chrome.
Firefox 3.0.5: http://lifehacker.com/5112281/firefox-305-update-released
Firefox eating IE picture: http://dt.yogtec.com/