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Apple's MacBook Pros To Ship This Week With Larger Trackpad, Lighter Body, and OS On an SSD

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Apple should be announcing their new MacBook Pros in just a few days and BGR has mentioned that they have the exclusive scoop on some information regarding said notebooks. These notebooks should be available within the next few days and will actually have the OS installed on an 8 to 16GB SSD which will make for some speedy boot times. The main models will have a separate HDD to store stuff on but you'll be granted with the option to get a larger SSD if you want that - that'll cost you quite a bit though. Furthermore, these notebooks should be around 0.5 pounds lighter so they'll be even easier to carry around with you and glass trackpad should be a bit larger as well. Interesting stuff, especially if the price tags are the same.


Sprint Set To Announce the WP7-Based HTC 7 Pro On Thursday?

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If you keep up with Sprint's Twitter account then you might have caught both tweets above. Yes, Sprint looks like they'll be announcing a new phone on Thursday, February 24th, and it's looking like it could be a Windows Phone 7 handset with a "hub for gaming, music, pictures, and video." Of course, everyone's assuming it'll be the HTC 7 Pro and it's looking like that's a pretty good assumption.


NEC MEDIAS N-04C Is the World's Thinnest Smartphone At 7.7mm; Also Packs NFC and Android 2.2

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NEC just unveiled something quite thin and it's a smartphone which is just 7.7mm thin. That's definitely thinner than the Samsung Galaxy S II and the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc. Dubbed the MEDIAS N-04C, this handset features a 4-inch display, NFC, a 1-seg TV tuner, and Android 2.2 with a skinned UI. This one should be available in Japan on February 24th but it likely won't be hitting anywhere else. 

Sony Working On "S2" Dual-Screen Android Tablet and Sliding Windows 7 One Too

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At this point we've already heard about Sony's "S1" tablet which should be running the Android "Honeycomb" OS but at this point it's still vapourware. Well, here's another one coming from an Engadget source. Apparently, the company is also working on the "S2" Android-based tablet along with a sliding Windows 7 tablet.

The first one, dubbed internally as the "S2", is what you should be seeing above. The source mentions that this Android tablet will actually feature a weird design with dual 5.5-inch displays and it'll look a bit like what you see above. This design is said to look like an oval cylinder, which will be quite awkward - looks a bit first-gen PS3-like. The innards are said to be identical to the "S1" though, so that means it'll have a Nvidia Tegra 2 chipset, WiFi / 3G support, dual cameras, and Qriocity. Sony is going to attempt to skin the "Honeycomb" UI to take advantage of the dual displays but hopefully they don't mess it up too much. Apparently, this one might be launching this holiday season in US, Europe, and Japan for right around $699 which doesn't seem like too bad of a price. I wonder how it'll actually work out in the real world though.

Sony is also working on a Windows 7 tablet and apparently it's similar to Samsung's Sliding PC 7 Series and the Asus Eee Pad Slider. Specs for this one are unknown right now but it should be running an Intel Atom CPU and could actually launch this October (Q4). The company is aiming for a $799 price tag but it could actually be more expensive than they're hoping.

At this point, the most exciting tablet could still be their "S1" tablet but at that point there'll already be a bunch of tablets to choose from. It could be too little, too late for the company.