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Windows 7, The Office, MMO Gamers, More WoW

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So, i never ended up going back on WoW last night, instead i went to sleep. I woke up and got to school early, around 8:10 a.m. So anyways, for Religion we watched the end of 'Mississippi Burning.' After that, i had Advanced Functions and i fell asleep during the lesson, but it was pretty easy stuff. For lunch, i downloaded a ton of themes for my Nokia N81 and, of course, read some Google Reader. For Chemistry, we got today and tomorrow's lessons, since we might have a snow day tomorrow, although, i don't see it happening. I went to my girlfriend's house after school and we watched the last half of 'The Holiday' on Rogers. Anyways, i got home and now i'm trying to get the pictures on my phone to upload onto my computer, which i'm having trouble with.

So, today, Microsoft sent out Windows 7 Beta 1 invites to "tech beta testers." I can't wait for this OS, since Google won't be coming out with their OS in the new year [2009]. This is going to be a huge upgrade compared to Windows Vista. This is, supposedly, what Vista was 'supposed to be.' I'm pretty excited and hopefully i'll be able to upgrade my rig to Windows 7 because they have some new, interesting features. I don't really have anything else to say, so we'll move on.

I know something you might not know about 'The Office' (I'm looking at you babe =D). So, apparently, for The Office's Super Bowl episode next year on February 1st, there will be 2 guest appearances. I'm not going to mention any names, but i found this in one of The Office's blogs, just today. I, definitely, can't wait for that episode. It will be an hour-long episode and it will be shown after Super Bowl XLIII.

An article i just read over at kotaku.com stated that someone on the f13 forums told an experience of his, with a recruiter in the online media industry. This quote was taken from his story, "He replied that employers specifically instruct him not to send them World of Warcraft players. He said there is a belief that WoW players cannot give 100% because their focus is elsewhere, their sleeping patterns are often not great, etc. I mentioned that some people have written about MMOG leadership experience as a career positive or a way to learn project management skills, and he shook his head. He has been specifically asked to avoid WoW players." I don't really know how they were planning on tracking down exactly who plays WoW, but i must say that this is true. WoW players not giving 100% focus at all times is understandable, seeing how i never gave 100% focus on anything before.

So, i came home today and checked my Facebook inbox and Daniel left a couple of messages, since he reads my blogs. He read my blog about me complaining about WoW's balance issues. He replied saying that there isn't any resilience implemented in the game yet, since Arena hasn't started. I totally forgot about that. His Death Knight's gear is in quest rewards and has no resilience since Arena Season 5 doesn't start until tomorrow. I was getting owned by pally's in S4 because i never had any resilience. Wow, i'm the noob now, how could i forget something like that? Anyways, yes, i will be on tonight, trying to increase my Death Knight skill, which will be tough, since i die in 3 seconds, but eh. What can you really do? This also explains why in a 10 vs 10 fight, i'm always the first target. 

Anyways, sorry for the fairly short blog today. I'll hopefully be able to blog again before i sleep, if this Nokia uploading goes smoothly. Also, if my studying and my WoW'ing go well. I'll be up late tonight with my girlfriend, so i'll have lots of time. See you then, sorry if this was boring and kind of gay.

Windows 7: http://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft/?p=1768
Windows 7 picture: http://eideard.wordpress.com/2008/10/14/
MMO Gamers (and picture): http://kotaku.com/5111403/job-recruiters-instructed-to-avoid-wow-players

Google Chrome, WoW

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So, ever since the release of Google Chrome out of it's beta status, the browser has now passed the IE 8 beta on the market share. Basically, this means that more people are using Google Chrome compared to Internet Explorer Beta 8. On the graph, the blue represents Google Chrome and the red represents IE 8. It's been a couple of days that Google Chrome has been out of it's beta status and yet it's still managing to beat IE 8. Epic lolz all across the board. By, next year i hope that Google Chrome will be around the same market share as Firefox is right now. With Chrome being the fastest browser out right now and when they add in their extensions and scripts, i'm sure it will show it's true colours. I hope they also come out with different themes for Chrome too, it's looking kind of plain. It's not really a huge factor for me, but it was brought up by someone messaging me over msn. For some reason, i'm still getting some tabs crashing on my laptop running Chrome, but on my desktop, everything seems to run perfectly fine. Maybe it's because my laptop is so fail (MDG). Anyways, Google Chrome, coming to a desktop near you.

Here goes... the original reason why i wanted to start this new post in this blog. About, of course, World of Warcraft. I just finished PvP'ing and realized why i quit in the first place. The damage scaling and balance issues are really visible. Maybe, i'm just terrible at using a Death Knight, but going from 15,400 hp to 0 hp, in about 2 seconds is really pissing me off. Some pally hit me for 7.6k without wings. The only person that's really going to understand this post fully is Daniel, but whatever. I need to seriously let this out. I want to go back on the paladin, but, argh, that just pissed me off so much, seriously. I wish i had my priest back, so that i could really judge for myself with at least some decency. I miss my priest because i fail as a DK. Hopefully, i'll get that pally to 80 though, cause i think they're pretty OP. Anyways, there goes my frustrations, i'm out. On a good note, i did own a Gnome so hard. I war stomped him and crit him like 5 times in a row and blew pretty much all of my cooldowns. Maybe, i'll give it another go right now, but still. Damn game, putting me in a bad mood.

Google Chrome (and picture): http://www.tgdaily.com/content/view/40575/113/