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Eventful Day, HP Firefly, IE Market Share Dropping [Again]

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Last night, i slept [early] at around 3 or 4 a.m. I don't really remember. But, anyways, i slept early because i went to see my girlfriend today. So, i woke up this morning at 7:50 a.m. because my girlfriend woke me up. I quickly showered and headed out the door at 8:15 a.m. I caught my bus and got to her place at around 9. We watched 'How It's Made' and 'Smart Guy' and had breakfast before we left. So, after all that good stuff, we left to go to AMC to watch 'Bedtime Stories.' Luckily, we got a ride from her dad, or else we would have missed the 11:15 a.m. show. So, yes, we got to AMC and watched the movie. It was pretty funny, thanks to Adam Sandler. After the movie, me and my girlfriend went to the mall, Square One, but we had to leave her brother, Jeff, behind (he also watched the movie with us) because he was going to his girlfriend's place. Me and Nikki took the bus to the mall and when we got there we went all around the mall looking for the right sweater for her. We went to the mall for one purpose, for her to get a sweater, but that didn't end up happening. Instead we ate at the food court and walked around the mall and got nothing. We were about to leave and then she wanted to have a last look at some stores again. She actually ended up getting a dress shirt and a pair of tights. When we were in the line-up at H & M, we saw the scariest thing. An exact twin of my ex-girlfriend. It was, seriously, her exact twin. Okay, well, not her exact twin. But, she looked exactly like her, it was scary. Anyways, we went home and watched 'There's Something About Mary.' We didn't get to finish it because we ended up having to go eat dinner. After dinner, we worked on that 2000-piece puzzle that her and her brother have been working on for the past 3 or 4 days. Me and her brother have been clicking lately, it's a good sign, a very good sign =D. Anyways, the puzzle is almost finished and it should be done by either today or tomorrow night. At a little bit past 10 p.m. i took my bus home. Now, i have been home for the past hour and a half and have done nothing productive, but oh well, it's the holidays. I only have the weekend left though.

A weird new dual-screened laptop prototype unit has surfaced from the HP camp, the HP Firefly. As you can see, there is a normal screen and a much, much smaller screen underneath it. That smaller screens looks like it won't even be readable. The smaller screen does have a quite sharp display, at 800 x 480. I think this laptop has had some good-thought, but the legibility on the screen is questionable. We may see this at the upcoming CES, but it's not official. There has also been no official word on whether this will be released publicly, on the market or not. I think this laptop's design is kind of weird and i don't really know what you can use that secondary display for, since it's so small.

Internet Explorer seems to be losing it's grip on users, and fast. In November, IE's market share dropped to 69.77%. Apparently, for December, it looks like their market share has dropped even more. It is reported that in December, IE's market share dropped again to a whopping 68.15%. This is good news for me and is also good news to everyone. "Firefox gained more than half a point and ended up at 21.34%, Safari approaches the next big hurdle with 7.93% and Chrome came in at 1.04%, [this is] the first time Google was able to cross the 1% mark." Yes, go Google. Keep in mind, that Chrome is [right now] just your bare-bones speed-demon browser and has only been out of beta for about a month. I feel that their market share will increase significantly when Add-ons and Themes are released. I know my girlfriend [Finally!] made her switch permanently to Firefox and she told me that when Add-ons and stuff comes out for Chrome, she will switch to that. Now, you may say, Internet Explorer is still the leader and by a huge margin. But, in 2008, they actually lost 7.9% of market share, which is a lot. If people start ditching Internet Explorer's browser, more people will be secure while cruising the net. This is a good sign for everyone. Trust me.

My blogs may be getting boring, but stick with me, folks.

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