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Nokia N8 Successor Possibly Leaks On Video

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Technoblog has just managed to keep their eyes open while watching a 3-minute video. At around the 2:20 mark, a mysterious and possibly upcoming Nokia device has been spotted. It could be the successor to the Nokia N8 and it'll be running Symbian "Belle" whenever it launches. Specs are unknown right now but it could pack a qHD display. Interesting stuff.

[GSM Arena]

Medion Unveils Android-Based Tablet and Smartphone At IFA

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Medion isn't known for much but they do make a few devices in the tech world. At IFA they unveiled a new tablet and even a smartphone which are pretty decent if they work and are priced right. First up is the tablet which will be called the Lifetab P9514, it features a 10-inch display, a Tegra 2 CPU, 16GB / 32GB of storage, WiFi support, HDMI / USB ports, DLNA, and Android "Honeycomb" 3.2.

The smartphone is said to be packing a 4.3-inch display, a 5MP camera, the company's own GoPal satnav app, and Android 2.3 "Gingerbread". Both of these devices are expected in Q4 but, like I said, the price is unknown right now.


HTC Jetstream and LG Thrill 4G Now Available On AT&T

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It looks AT&T in the US has decided to release two new devices today. The HTC Jetstream and the LG Thrill 4G are now available on the carrier for $699 and $99, respectively, on a 2-year contract - or for $849 and $449 contract-free. The tablet sports LTE connectivity while the Thrill 4G has glasses-free 3D capabilities. Check it out on AT&T here and here, respectively.

[Android Central]

7-Inch Amazon Kindle Is Very Real, Could Launch Soon For $250

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Tech Crunch's own MG Siegler has reported that he has played with the upcoming Android-based Kindle even though he wasn't able to take any photos of it. If you believe him, he says a bunch of things about the upcoming tablet turned e-book reader. He says it looks a whole lot like the BlackBerry Playbook, that it'll simply be called the Amazon Kindle, and the company has transformed the Android (2.2) OS completely into their own simple UI. The tablet is said to be a 7-inch model which could hit the market in October / November for $250 which is half the price of the entry-level iPad 2 and cheaper than almost every other tablet out there right now.

Of course, the tablet is sporting a backlit display so the battery life is up in the air and it'll effect your eyes a lot more than an e-ink display would. The CPU is unknown right now but it could be a single-core CPU to keep the cost down and because you'll mostly be reading on it anyway. He also mentioned that the 10-inch model is expected in Q1 2012 but only if this 7-inch model is a success. They're betting it all on this one.

UpdateTech Crunch has shopped a photo of what the next Kindle will look like and it's above.

[Tech Crunch]

Samsung Stratosphere Pictures Leak, Sports Verizon LTE

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PocketNow has just picked up photos of the Samsung Stratosphere which is headed to Verizon with 4G (LTE) connectivity. Specs aren't completely known right now but it does feature a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, a 5MP camera, an "awesome" display, 2GB of storage, a front-facing camera, and Android "Gingerbread" with the Touchwiz UI. The price and release date for this one rare unknown right now and it's definitely not the Nexus device that we're all waiting for.

Update: Engadget has just mentioned that this smartphone hit the FCC. It confirms that there's LTE (4G) connectivity on board.


Sony S1 Tablet Now Up For Pre-Order At Best Buy and Future Shop Canada

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Looks like Sony's tablet can be pre-ordered right now in Canada if you want it. It's the Android-based S1 and it's going for $499.99 (16GB) and $599.99 (32GB) which is the WiFi-only model. The shipping date is unconfirmed right now but it should be sometime this month - rumours of September 16th to the 23rd. Check it out on Best Buy and Future Shop.

[Mobile Syrup]

7-Inch MSI WindPad Enjoy 7 Tablet Hits the FCC

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A mid-end tablet has just been spotted at the FCC from MSI. The WindPad Enjoy 7 is said to feature a 7-inch WVGA display, a 1.2GHz ARM Cortex A8 CPU, and Android 2.3. It's expected to launch soon for $199.99 so it'll compete with the other tablets at that price. Check it out at the FCC.


Asus' 11.6-Inch UX21 Ultrabook Gets a Hands-On, 13.3-Inch UX31 On the Way

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Asus' first ultrabook has just been tracked down by This Is My Next. It's pictured above and the first one is the US21 which is sporting an 11.6-inch display. There'll also be a 13.3-inch UX31 but they don't have access to that one at the moment.

Specs for this one reportedly include Intel Core i5 / i7 CPU options, a chiclet keyboard, and a 0.67-inch thin pure aluminum body which gives it a bit of weight (UX21 is 2.4 pounds, UX31 is 2.9 pounds). The build is said to be quite impressive but the ultrabook wasn't turned on so they weren't able to test the large glass trackpad. The price and release date for these are unknown right now but it might be available later this month in a few areas.

[This Is My Next]

T-Mobile USA's HTC Ruby (Amaze 4G) Leaks, Sporting Some Awesome Specs

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Looks like a photo of the HTC Ruby has leaked and this one's reportedly headed to T-Mobile USA. This one is said to feature a 4.3-inch qHD display, an 8MP camera with a dual-LED flash, a dual-core 1.5GHz CPU, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, a front-facing camera, and Android "Gingerbread" with the Sense 3.5 UI. Apparebntly, this one will be hitting the carrier as the Amaze 4G (HSPA+) but that's unconfirmed right now. It's definitely one to look out for.

[This Is My Next, GSM Arena]