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Samsung's New Open Mobile OS Will Be Called... Bada.

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We already knew that Samsung would be launching their new mobile OS soon and it looks like we now know the name. It'll be called Bada. They have their own website here. It's an awkward name, but I'm sure we'll get the hang of saying it. This new OS from Samsung will be completely open for alterations and will have its own app store, of course. Samsung's first Bada handset is expected to launch in the first half of 2010 - and I'm hoping it'll be an awesome start. I'm curious to know more about, so I'm going to browse the website.


Mystery Tablet Spotted With Tegra, Special Thanks To Nvidia's CEO -- ICD Tablet With Windows CE

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Nvidia's CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, has just been spotted in Dubai in the above photo. Obviously, the most interesting part about the whole picture is not him, but what the tablet on the desk is. It looks pretty Apple-like, with its clean design and one button - like the iPod Touch and the iPhone. They do mention that this is a "3G capable touchpad" and it could also be sporting Nvidia's own Tegra chip. Could this be our first look of an Apple iTablet prototype?

Update: According to the latest Engadget post, it looks like this isn't the Apple iTablet prototype. Nvidia has just confirmed that "it's a Tegra prototype from an ODM called ICD that's being "actively" shopped to carriers around the world." The rumoured specs are said to be Windows CE pre-installed with a resistive touchscreen. Later models are rumoured to be built with Android and a capacitive touchscreen. This tablet is also rumoured to be launching in March 2010 and the carrier in the US could be T-Mobile. Take it with that teensy grain of salt.


Canada's Telus Launching the Motorola Milestone (DROID) In Early 2010! With Multitouch!

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Whoa, woah, whoa! Big news from Telus here. Although the official announcement is scheduled for tomorrow, we're hearing that they'll be launching the Motorola Milestone (aka the Motorola DROID in the US) in Canada! Like I said, the official announcement will be tomorrow, at 7 a.m. Unlike the DROID, it'll have multitouch! It's expected to launch in early 2010!

Update: Yup, they really did make it official! Check out Mobile Syrup here for the press release.

[Mobile Syrup]

T-Mobile Now Has the Samsung Highlight Available For Free!

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Back in July, T-Mobile launched the Samsung Highlight for $149.99 on a 2-year contract which was definitely overpriced. Well, with their new Even More plans, T-Mobile now has the handset available for free on a 2-year contract. Check out the Fire model here and the Ice model here.

[Tmo Today]

Motorola Motus Passes the FCC, This Was On the Leaked Roadmap and It's Running Android

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Well, look what we got here. It appears to be the Motorola Motus, and yes, it just passed the FCC. This handset should feature: a 3.1-inch touchscreen QVGA display, a 5MP AF camera, HSPA connectivity, and Android. Check out the FCC filing here.

Engadget points out that if the Motorola Motus is a real handset then that whole leaked roadmap could very well be true as well. Expect this handset to get launched in Q1 2010 if that's the case.


Fujitsu Unveils 11.6-Inch LifeBook P3110 Notebook With Intel ULV Options

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Fujitsu has just announced a new notebook, the LifeBook P3110. This notebook will feature: an 11.6-inch display with a 1,366 x 768 resolution, an Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300 ULV / Pentium SU4100 ULV / Celeron 743 CPU options, up to 4GB of RAM, up to a 500GB HDD, WiFi / Bluetooth support, a battery that should last 6 hours, and Windows 7 Home Premium / Professional / Ultimate OS options. The pricing and release details haven't been mentioned yet.


Verizon / Google Finally Show Off What the Motorola DROID and Android Can Do In This Ad

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After mocking AT&T's network a couple of times (the iPhone had to suffer too) it looks like Verizon is finally focusing on showing off what they have to offer. There are now three Verizon / Google ads which show off what the Motorola DROID can do, thanks to the power of Android. Check them all out on Engadget Mobile.

Vodafone UK Launches the BlackBerry Bold 9700

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It looks like Vodafone has just launched the BlackBerry Bold 9700 in the UK. Ii's now available on Vodafone's website for free for £35 monthly on a 2-year contract or for £40 a month on an 18-month contract. Check it out on their website here.


Apple Starting To Ship 27-Inch iMacs With Core i5 CPUs, Core 2 Duo Models Delayed

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Apple has just began shipping out their 27-inch iMacs with Intel's Core i5 CPUs inside. They have tipped off that they should be arriving at your doorstep by the end of the week. Maybe this Friday (the 13th) won't be so unlucky for you after all.

Unfortunately, Apple did mention that new orders for their 27-inch iMacs with an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU are being delayed by 7 to 10 business days.

Samsung Unveils 27-Inch P2770HD HDTV / Monitor In Korea

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Samsung has just shown off their 27-inch SyncMaster P2770HD HDTV / monitor. This display will, of course, have a Full HD 1080p resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Other features include: a 2ms response time, a 50,000:1 dynamic contract ratio, Picture-in-Picture, integrated speakers, "low power consumption", and an HDMI port. This monitor will be available for 549,999 won ($475 USD) in South Korea.

Intel Revealing More Pine Trail Atom Information On December 21st

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Nvidia may hate Intel, but we love seeing / hearing more news about their Pine Trail Atom line-up. It looks like Intel will be spilling more details regarding their upcoming Pine Trail atoms just before Christmas, on December 21st. And this news also comes with what we heard a while ago, that Intel will be launching their whole line-up on January 4th, 2010.

LG's 15-Inch OLED TV Now Available In South Korea For $2,600

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It looks like LG has stuck by their word and they have just released their 15-inch OLED TV in South Korea. It's now available for 3 million South Korean won ($2,598 USD). It's definitely expensive, but it's a small price to pay to get your foot in the OLED door - or screen in this case.

Garmin Working On An Android Handset For 2010, Hopefully It Won't Be Delayed...

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Garmin - the same company behind the long-delayed Nuvifone G60 handset - looks like they're working on an Android-based handset in 2010. There is absolutely no information on this handset, but GSM Arena points out that we could see something about it in February 2010 which is when MWC 2010 will take place.

[GSM Arena]

Barnes & Noble Push Their Shipments Of Their Nook E-Book Reader To December 11th

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Barnes & Noble has just announced that they will not be shipping their Nook e-book reader on November 30th as expected due to high demands. They are now looking to ship these Android-based e-book readers starting on December 11th. The Nook may not (but I hope it will) trump the Kindle, but it definitely is the better device.

[Crunch Gear]

StarCraft II Beta Pushed To Early 2010, Final Release To Be Q2 2010 -- Don't Get Your Hopes Up.

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It looks like the wait will never end... yes, another delay for StarCraft II. Blizzard has just announced that the beta for StarCraft II (which was supposed to start Summer 2009, then was later delayed to November 2009) has been pushed to early 2010 - possibly Q1. They've also gone on to "confirm" that the release date will be sometime in Q2 2010, which might not stick since they're looking at the beta lasting around 6 months.

[vg 247]