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Pioneer Says Goodbye To Plasma Business, Intel And The Playstation 4, Playstation 3 Price Cut

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Pioneer has now left the plasma TV manufacturing business. Pioneer got hit by the economic crisis and just couldn't get back on their feet again.

It looks like Intel may be working with Sony for the next Playstation 4. Who knows when the Playstation 4 will be released, but that's not what i'll be talking about here. Intel is going to be working on the PS4's GPU and may also be developing the PS4's CPU as well. Intel really has their eyes set on the PS4 and they may even be willing to throw in a lot of money towards their Larrabee and Nehalem products. The Playstation 4 is said to be have a "10-year life span." Will the Playstation 4 extend this? Maybe to 13 years?

My estimations were correct about the Playstation 3. The good ol' Playstation 3 price cut will be coming around March. It is said be to in April. In March, Sony will finally be making profit with the Playstation 3, but with the price cut in April, they will be losing money again. Sony will then ship the Playstation 3's with the newer 45nm Cell chip sometime after April and will be gaining profit for the rest of 2009. These are speculations, but they sound correct.

Pioneer Leaves The Plasma Manufacturing Business (and picture): http://i.gizmodo.com/5148562/pioneer-exits-tv-business-no-more-sweet-plasmas
Intel And The Playstation 4: http://g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/693055/Intel-Inside-For-The-PlayStation-4s-GPUAnd-CPU-Too.html?utm_source=g4tv&utm_medium=rssfeeds&utm_campaign=TheFeed
Playstation 3 Price Cut (and picture): http://www.gamezine.co.uk/features/formats/playstation3/editorial-april-09-ps3-price-cut-almost-guarenteed-$1266659.htm

Facebook 20% Bigger Than Myspace, Google: Calendar Attachments and Eye-Tracking, Samsung M7600, Kindle 2 Information

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These are only United States statistics. After passing Myspace in December 2008, Facebook is now an estimated 20% larger than Myspace. Facebook now earns 10 million more visitors a month than Myspace does. Another notable is Twitter, which is the thin green line at the bottom of the graph. You can only see it when you enlarge the graph. They're growth is expanding and it should hit the 10 million mark soon. The chances of it catching up to Facebook anytime soon (or ever) is unlikely.

You can now attach files or pictures to your Google Calendar events. This includes files from Google Documents and pictures from Picasa. The next subject that should be brought up is Google Eye-Tracking. Somehow Google's team is able to tell exactly where you are looking at on your monitor screen. Is that scary or what? All of this news about Google lately is really starting to scare me. First Google Health, now Google Eye-Tracking. I still love Google, but this is kind of weird. This information could be useful in a way, by detecting what people read and how they read it, stuff like that. Let's move along.

A couple of photos have leaked of a Samsung M7600. It has a design very similar to the Helio Ocean and will, reportedly, have a DJ scratching app. Yes, a DJ scratching app. It has a 3MP camera and a 2.8 inch AMOLED touchscreen. I'll dub it the DJ / rapper phone. Original, am i right?

Just hours after my post about the Kindle 2, the price and availability were leaked to the web. These aren't from the Amazon camp, so there is a possibility that this may not be true. Anyways, the Kindle 2 has a 'rumoured' price of $359 USD and will be available on February 24. The Kindle 2 looks much thinner and sleeker than the first Kindle.

Facebook 20% Bigger Than Myspace (and chart): http://mashable.com/2009/02/06/facebook-myspace-twitter-traffic/
Attaching Files to Google Calendar: http://googlesystem.blogspot.com/2009/02/attach-files-to-google-calendar-events.html
Google Eye-Tracking: http://www.pcworld.com/article/159117/google_eye_tracking.html?tk=rss_news
Samsung M7600 (and picture): http://www.engadget.com/2009/02/06/leaked-samsung-m7600-phone-sports-bang-and-olufsen-sound-helio-lo/
Kindle 2 Information (and picture): http://i.gizmodo.com/5148568/kindle-2-official-images-and-price-leak-359-on-february-24

MSI Wind NetOn A1900, Intel News: Atom Chips Coming Early, Cutting The Price of SSDs, Microsoft News: Skybox, Windows Mobile Name Change

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Kicking off this blog post with MSI. MSI's all-in-one Wind NetOn A1900 is decent. Apparently, this is the M19 from last November and it was also shown off at CES a couple of weeks ago. "The 18.5-inch desktop houses an Intel Atom N270, 2GB DDR2 RAM, 160GB SATA HDD, DVD burner, 4-in-1 card reader, 1.3 megapixel webcam, and an optional 802.11 b/g." As of right now, there is no word on the pricing or the availability. The screen itself has a 16:9 resolution, has a 1000:1 contrast ratio and a 5ms response time.

"Intel has confirmed it is already shipping the next incarnation of the Atom processor." If you read the last paragraph, i mentioned that the MSI Wind NetOn A1900 has an Intel Atom N270 chip. These chips are actually coming out 6 months earlier than the expected release date. It was expected to ship in mid-2009, but the N270 and the N280 chips have already made their way to laptop makers. The N280 and N270 are very similar and the N280 is only a tiny bit faster than the N270. "The N280 is clocked at 1.66GHz and connect across a 667MHz frontside bus." The N270's speeds are 1.6GHz and 533MHz, respectively. The Asus EeePC 1000HE is the first netbook that has the N280 processor, just in case you wanted to know.

Intel is looking to push their SSDs out more frequently this year. They have now cut their SSD prices by a third. Although, they are still expensive, a price drop is a price drop. We are that much closer to SSDs taking over HDDs with every price drop.

A new leak, regarding Microsoft's Skybox has been found. Apparently, Microsoft put up a website about Skybox, but then pulled it immediately. Skybox is "a service that would let Windows Mobile users back up and access information stored in the cloud." Skybox will do a various number of things, such as: letting users "access their contact lists and calendars and share photos through a Web account." There are a bunch of other features but i, myself, don't know much about it. Microsoft may mention this kind of service at MWC, which is a couple of days away.

 Up to this point, Microsoft has managed to keep their mouth shut about what their going to announce at MWC. The Microsoft Zunephone rumours are looking to be false, as of right now. A new rumour has surfaced about the renaming of "Windows Mobile" to "Windows Phone." Yes it's just a rumour, but if Engadget is willing to believe it, then i guess i do too. Their guess is much better than mine. They are the professionals.

MSI Wind NetOn A1900 (and picture): http://www.engadget.com/2009/02/06/msi-wind-neton-ap1900-gets-official-photography-treatment/
Intel Atom Chips Coming Early: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/02/06/intel_ships_n280_chips_early/
Asus EeePC 1000HE picture: http://ijcopon925.blogspot.com/2009/02/south-korea-at-1gbps-by-2012-samsungs.html
Intel Cuts Prices of SSDs: http://news.zdnet.com/2100-9595_22-266676.html
Microsoft Skybox: http://www.pcworld.com/article/159088/microsoft_leaks_skybox_mobile_storage_site.html?tk=rss_news
Windows Mobile Changing It's Name To Windows Phone (and picture): http://www.engadget.com/2009/02/06/microsoft-insists-its-not-making-a-phone-rumored-to-be-rebrand/

More Samsung Acme i8910, Qualcomm's Snapdragon Coming To More Phones?, Sony NWZ-X1000, Kindle 2 Almost Here

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The Samsung Acme i8910 is going to be an amazing phone, even a possible rival to the Nokia N97. It's not going to run on WinMo 6.1. It's not going to run on WinMo 6.5 (Yes, my WinMo guesses were wrong). And it also won't run on Android. Instead, it will be running on S60 5th Edition. The S60 5th Edition is the same OS that the Nokia N97 will have. Both the Acme and the N97 have their advantages over the other and we'll just have to see who wins when they go head-to-head. Talk about exciting stuff.

Do you remember the Toshiba TG01?. If you remember correctly, it will use Qualcomm's Snapdragon mobile device platform. There are rumours of HTC, Samsung and LG also wanting to use Snapdragon for some of their future phones. We may be seeing more beefed up WinMo phones, but we could also see beefed up Android phones. Snapdragon supports Windows Mobile and also the Android OS. So, imagine this: HTC + Android + Snapdragon + Google = T-Mobile G3? You never know. Tech is crazy nowadays.

Sony's new touchscreen Walkman NWZ-X1000 PMP has been rare to find. But, a French site (Le Journal du Geek) recently got their hands on it. This PMP has an extra-bright OLED screen, so that's always good. The UI is not entirely done, but its touchscreen has an "impressive response" that is "perhaps even better than the iPod Touch." That's an impressive feat, since we all know how good the iPod Touch is. The browser looks to be its weakest point, but overall, Le Journal du Geek says that it's part of their "top five."

Just in case you're anticipating the release of the Kindle 2, more news is on the way. The first Kindle was very successful and fans are awaiting the release of the next model. Amazon is having a press conference on Monday and the Kindle 2 will probably be mentioned. I don't know how much money you should save for it, but it should be around the same cost of the current Kindle.

Samsung Acme i8910 (and picture): http://www.engadget.com/2009/02/06/samsung-acme-i8910-gets-caught-flashing-its-s60-5th-edition/
Qualcomm Snapdragon: http://www.engadget.com/2009/02/06/htc-samsung-lg-looking-to-snapdragon-for-future-handsets/
Sony NWZ-X1000 (and picture): http://www.engadget.com/2009/02/06/sonys-nwz-x1000-gets-handled-in-french/
Kindle 2 Release Date (and picture): http://www.crunchgear.com/2009/02/06/reminder-monday-is-kindle-day/

Playstation Home Patch, Blizzard Declines E3 Invitation, Google News: Gmail's Multiple Inboxes In Labs, Google Redesigned, T-Mobile G1 Firmware 1.1 Update

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So, patch 1.10 for Playstation Home was held back because of a "last-minute bug." It looks the problem has been fixed though, since the patch will be released today. The time has not been announced, but just look out for it. Patch 1.10 will only be released to North America right now and there will be a later release date for users in Europe.

Activision-Blizzard will be at E3. Well, half of the company at least. Apparently, Blizzard will not be attending E3. Blizzard has their own event, Blizzcon, but it's 4 months after E3. Looks like we won't be seeing any new WoW, Diablo 3 or Starcraft 2 news at E3. It sucks, but what can we do?

How does having multiple inboxes in Gmail sound? Well, actually if i were you, i wouldn't have a clue what i'm talking about. So, i think i'll explain first. When you open Gmail, usually you only see the main inbox. If you go into Gmail Labs, you will be able to enable an option called Multiple Inboxes. This enables you to have up to 5 different inboxes open simultaneously on your Gmail home page. This could include: the main Gmail inbox and 4 labels of your choice. If i'm still not making any sense to you, try it out for yourself.

Here's a reason for me to use Mozilla Firefox over Google Chrome. Firefox, as you may know, has many extensions and i found one that i'm absolutely in love with. Thanks to Lifehacker, i can say goodbye to the boring Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Reader interfaces because with Google Redesigned, it changes the interface of those applications. Personally, i like the new skins on these Google Apps and i think i'm going to be using Firefox until i get tired of the way Google Redesigned looks. I'm not going to make a permanent switch, but when i feel the need to get away from the boring look, i'm going to be heading over to Firefox to fulfill my needs.

If you own a T-Mobile G1 a new update may be available for you. Update 1.1 is not "Cupcake" and is just a regular update. It may not be available to everyone right now, but it will be making its way to everyone soon. They are handing out the updates "gradually" instead of all-at-once.

Playstation Home Patch (and picture): http://ps3.qj.net/US-Home-patch-1-10-release-moved-to-February-6/pg/49/aid/128694
Blizzard Declines E3 Invitation: http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3172648
Gmail's Multiple Inboxes in Labs (and picture): http://gmailblog.blogspot.com/2009/02/new-in-labs-multiple-inboxes.html
Google Redesigned (and picture): http://lifehacker.com/5147831/google-redesigned-updates-adds-greader-redesigned
T-Mobile G1 Android Firmware 1.1 Update (and picture): http://i.gizmodo.com/5147830/t+mobile-g1-android-firmware-update-11-now-available