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First Image of Zune HD's Marketplace Surfaces

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Like Apple and its App Store, Microsoft's Zune HD will have the marketplace. The marketplace will obviously be a place where you will be able to purchase your own apps. This is the first picture of the Zune HD marketplace in action. Since it's a slow news day, I figured I might as well post something about it. I'm thinking about getting a Zune HD later this year - unless Apple announces their refreshed iPod Touch line-up with cameras. If Apple throws in an OLED display as well, I will definitely be sucked in.


FCC Approves of LG X13 Netbook

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The FCC has just let another LG X Series netbook through. This time it's the LG X13 netbook, but it could be released as the LG X130, according to Boy Genius. The FCC document states that this netbook has: Bluetooth and WLAN, but it'll be no surprise to see it also have a 10.1-inch display, 1GB of RAM, an Intel Atom CPU, a 160GB HDD, 3G, and HSPA support. Like the X120, it should also have the Smart-on feature. The price and availability has not been outlined yet.

[Boy Genius]

Samsung InstinctQ M900 Smartphone Built With Android?

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This latest Samsung smartphone, the InstinctQ M900, has just gotten a Wi-Fi Interoperability Certificate. But, the best news is that according to Cell Passion, the Samsung InstinctQ M900 could run Google's Android OS. Unfortunately, absolutely nothing is known about the InstinctQ M900, except the fact that it has WiFi. I guess that it'll be launched on Sprint too, just like the last two Samsung Instinct's. Let's hope this has a physical QWERTY and a camera greater than 3.2MP - specifically 5MP. We'll just have to see what happens in the future.

[Unwired View]

Asus Reveal Four New Notebooks: U50VG, F52Q, K50, K70AB

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Asus have just revealed their latest notebooks which vary in sizes from 15.6 to 17.3-inches. Let's go through the U50VG, F52Q-SX071E, K50AB / K50IJ, and K70AB now, shall we?

First up is the Asus U50VG that has: a 15.6-inch display with a 16:9 aspect ratio and a 1,366 x 768 resolution, an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.1GHz T6500 CPU, 4GB of RAM, Nvidia GeForce G 105M graphics, a 250GB HDD, an HDMI output, a 1.3MP webcam, and WiFi b/g/n. The chiclet keyboard is also backlit, which gives it a nice look. This notebook is available in Italy for €943.20 ($1,320 USD).

Next up is the Asus F52Q-SX071E which is another 15.6-inch notebook. This notebook has: an Intel Pentium Dual-Core 2GHz T3200 CPU, 2GB of RAM, and a GL40 chipset. It has a business look and runs Windows Vista, but it can be downgraded to Windows XP. This notebook is now available in Italy for €643.20 ($898 USD).

The next two notebooks are pretty similar and they are both in Asus' K50 series. The Asus K50AB has an AMD Ultra Turion 64X2 ZM-84 2.3GHz CPU with an ATI Mobility Radeon HD4570 graphics card; meanwhile, the Asus K50IJ has an Intel Pentium Dual-Core T4200 2GHz CPU with an Intel Mobile GL40 Express chipset, Intel GMA X4500HD graphics, and a 250GB HDD. They both have: 15.6-inch displays, 4GB of RAM, and are both available in Italy. The K50AB and K50IJ are retailing for €793.20 ($1,110 USD) and €628.80 ($880 USD), respectively.

Last, but not least, it's the two notebooks in the Asus K70AB series. The Asus K70AB-TY002C has an AMD Turion 64X2 RM 74 2.2GHz CPU; meanwhile, the Asus K70AB-TY001C has an AMD Turion 64X2 ZM-84 2.3GHz CPU. They both have: 17.3-inch LED-backlit displays with a 1,600 x 900 resolution, 4GB of DDR2 RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon HD4570 graphics, and are both available in Italy now. The Asus K70AB-TY002C and K70AB-TY001C are retailing for €793.20 ($1,107 USD) and €868.80 ($1,215 USD), respectively.

[Slash Gear, Notebook Italia]

Asus Eee PC T91 Available on July 15th in the US

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According to Asus North America's official Twitter account the Asus Eee PC T91 will be available in North America on July 15th! Unfortunately, the tweet also mentions that the T91 will be in short supply, but who knows for how long. The Eee PC T91 is Asus' 8.9-inch touchscreen netbook with: an Intel Atom 1.33GHz Z520 CPU, a 16GB SSD and 16GB SD card, is expected to run around $499 USD in the US. You could get this or you could just wait for the newer Asus Eee PC T101H.

[Slash Gear]

Rogers Outing 50Mbps and 802.11n Modem This August


Rogers is pushing out Canada's first "full-spec DOCSIS 3.0 Internet service" this mid-August. This new service will have speeds of 50Mbps which "more than doubles the fastest service Rogers has had before." Rogers has decided to bump up the bandwidth cap of this service to 125GB, but they will charge a whopping $150 CAD ($129 USD).

The accompanying cable modem, known so far only as the N Gateway, is also a first for Rogers. It combines both the DOCSIS 3.0 service as well as an 802.11n Wi-Fi router and ensures that, with a strong signal, subscribers can get access to the full 50Mbps without needing a wired link. Rogers hasn't named the company making the device or listed its other features, but it does say the modem will cost $200 bought by itself. The first 50 to sign up for the faster cable access will get the N Gateway for free.

Like I said, this service will roll-out this mid-August in the GTA area - which includes me!


F88 Netbook Is VIA Nano-Equipped

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This latest OEM F88 netbook is pretty good. It looks nice and sleek and the specs are a bit different. Instead of the tradition Intel Atom, here you get a 1.6GHz VIA Nano CPU with S3 Chrome 9 graphics. Other specs include: up to 4GB of RAM, up to a 500GB HDD, and 1080p video playback with its 10.1-inch display with a 1,024 x 600 resolution. This netbook also has an HDMI output, just in case you want to you use your massive HDTV instead. This should hit shelves soon, but the price has not been mentioned yet.


New Vaio Mouse VGP-BMS10/S Now On Sony Style

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Sony has just released their latest Bluetooth mouse that will match your Vaio PC / laptop. It's got a sleek design and has an 800-dpi laser so that you can use it on just about any surface out there - without it messing up. There's an aluminum portion that can be slid up and down to protect the scroll wheel and the buttons. It's out of stock on sonystyle.com here, but it's on back order for $69.99 USD.

[Sony Insider]

BlackBerry Tour Available on Bell Today, For the Most Part

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I went to the mall yesterday - in Canada - and I saw the BlackBerry Tour in the flesh (below) and it's damn sexy. I have the picture for you below, it's blurry since my phone's camera is only a pathetic 2MP. It was "coming soon" at a Bell store, but it was already available at another location - still on Bell's service though. But, apparently, it's available today!! Like the price listed in the picture above, I saw it retailing for $249.95 CAD ($215 USD) on a 3-year contract - also $699.95 CAD ($602 USD) contract-free. You can go out and get yours now, but don't forget that the Tour doesn't have WiFi. Apparently though, the supplies will be short for a couple of days.

[Boy Genius, CrackBerry]

Intel and Google Working Together on Android-Based MIDs

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Intel and Google really have been quite the team lately. Yesterday we heard that Intel is working with Google on the new Google Chrome OS and today we are hearing that they're joining forces to push out Android-based MIDs. Even though Intel has it's own OS - Moblin - to work on, "according to Taiwanese MID manufacturers it's all part of the chip company's plan to be 'the hardware platform of choice'."

Apparently though, these reported MIDs won't be available until 2010 because Intel plans to push out their Moorestown platform before these are available. Keep in mind that the above photo is not an Intel / Google MID - it's an MID running on Nvidia Tegra.

[Slash Gear]

T-Mobile UK Renames HTC Hero As G2 Touch; Pricing Details Outlined

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Thanks to a tweet from the official T-Mobile UK Twitter account we now have confirmation that the HTC Hero will be launched by them under the G2 Touch name. You may remember that it was originally going to launch as the G1 Touch, but it looks like they decided to change it. I guess this could be because the name could be too similar to the T-Mobile G1. This will obviously create less problems in the future, but for now, we're confused.

T-Mobile UK has also confirmed that the G2 Touch will be available for free on a new 18-month contract that costs £40 ($65 USD) a month; "the tariff will be one of their Flext schemes, offering £225 ($364 USD)-worth of credit per month to be used as the subscriber sees fit." I don't know what the part quotes means, but maybe you do.

[Pocket-Lint, Slash Gear]

MSI Reveals New Classic CR400 Notebook

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MSI has just revealed its latest series of notebooks, it'll be called Classic. The first notebook - running Windows Vista - in the "high-end" series is the CR400. It's got "a uni-body design, Color Film Print and 45-degree edges."

The specs are also really good as well. The CR400 notebook has: a 14-inch LED-backlit display with a 1,366 x 768 resolution, an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, Nvidia GeForce 8200M G graphics, your choice of a 250 / 320 / 500GB HDD, a 4-in-1 card reader, a DVD drive, WiFi, an integrated 1.3MP webcam, 3 USB 2.0 ports, Bluetooth, and a 9-cell battery. The price and availability have not been mentioned, but I'll keep you in the loop.

[Slash Gear]