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Rogers Outing 50Mbps and 802.11n Modem This August


Rogers is pushing out Canada's first "full-spec DOCSIS 3.0 Internet service" this mid-August. This new service will have speeds of 50Mbps which "more than doubles the fastest service Rogers has had before." Rogers has decided to bump up the bandwidth cap of this service to 125GB, but they will charge a whopping $150 CAD ($129 USD).

The accompanying cable modem, known so far only as the N Gateway, is also a first for Rogers. It combines both the DOCSIS 3.0 service as well as an 802.11n Wi-Fi router and ensures that, with a strong signal, subscribers can get access to the full 50Mbps without needing a wired link. Rogers hasn't named the company making the device or listed its other features, but it does say the modem will cost $200 bought by itself. The first 50 to sign up for the faster cable access will get the N Gateway for free.

Like I said, this service will roll-out this mid-August in the GTA area - which includes me!



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