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LG eXpo Now Available On AT&T For $200, Pico-Projector Attachment Is An Extra $180

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After just over a week of shipping delays, AT&T now has the LG eXpo available on their website. Codenamed the LG Monaco way back when, this handset is now available for $199.99 USD on a 2-year contract. This handset is running Windows Mobile 6.5, has a 3.2-inch touchscreen display with a 480 x 800 resolution, and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Don't forget that this will also have a detachable and optional pico-projector attachment but it'll cost you $179.99, so it's nothing cheap. Get one on AT&T's website now.


WIND Mobile Launches In Canada, Four Phones and a Data Stick; $35 For Unlimited Data Plan.

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This morning, WIND Mobile held a launch event in Toronto at Harbourfront, but I was unable to go because of my exam schedule. Well, they announced that they will have 4 phones available including the BlackBerry Bold 9700 (for $450 CAD), the Samsung Gravity 2 (for $150 CAD), the HTC Maple (for $300 CAD), and the Huawei U759 ($130). Along with those phones is the Huawei E181 (for $150 CAD) data stick. The pricing hasn't been made official yet, but below is what we do know about it.

  • No contracts on services
  • No activation fees
  • No charge for incoming long distance
  • No penalties for changing or canceling a plan
  • Unlimited WIND to WIND calling
  • All plans include caller ID, missed call alerts, call waiting, call hold, call forwarding, unlimited conference calling — no extra charge
  • No charge for incoming text messages, ever
  • No E911 fees

Update: According to Electronista, the pricing is actually pretty identical to the leaked ones we heard a couple of days ago. The initial price for the phone is a bit on the expensive side, but you save money over time by switching to WIND Mobile. Yes, $35 monthly for an unlimited data plan. How sweet is that!? Check out WIND Mobile's new site here.

Broadcom VideoCore IV Chip To Support 20MP Images and Full HD 1080p Video Recording, Coming To Handsets In 2011


Just when you thought 12MP was enough, we heard about Toshiba's processor that will support up to 14.6MP camera sensors on mobile phones. Well, Broadcom has one-upped them with their latest VideoCore IV processor. This processor can handle 20MP images and can even record 1080p video (in H.264 format, which is what they use on Blu-ray discs) if the camera sensor on your mobile phone is good enough. Of course, it'll also have image stabilization and face / smile detection. With this chip you'll also be able to play back Full HD video over HDMI (possibly using micro HDMI in the future).

"The last trick that the Broadcom VideoCore IV has up its sleeve is that it works as a GPU with 128MB LPDDR2 of dedicated RAM, for rendering 3D graphics." Damn, technology evolves too fast. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until 2011 for all of this goodness to hit cell phones.

Nokia N900 Hitting Carphone Warehouse On December 26th

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Yesterday Vodafone unveiled that they will be launching the Nokia N900 in January 2010 and now Carphone Warehouse have just announced that they will be launching it before Vodafone does. This handset will be available for £499 ($813 USD) unlocked starting on December 26th, but you'll also be able to get it from them for free if you're willing to be locked onto a contract forcing you to pay £35 ($57 USD) monthly. You can actually pre-order the N900 here now.

Nvidia Tegra 2 Set To Make Appearance At CES 2010

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It looks like Nvidia is planning to pull off the curtain at CES 2010 next year. They're set to announce their Tegra 2 chipset that will be outed in certain tablets, smartbooks, netbooks, and MIDs in the first half of 2010. At this point we know that the Tegra 2 will have "roughly twice the power and graphical capabilities of the original and be based on 40nm processes." Since the original Tegra can already do 1080p, Tegra 2 is expected to take it to the next level and speed up the "reponse times." CES 2010, like I said, is going to be a big event.

Verizon Offering BOGO On the DROID and Droid Eris Again!

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It looks like there'll be another buy one get one free offer on Verizon. If you get a $99 Droid Eris or a $199 Motorola DROID, Verizon will be happy enough to give you a free Droid Eris. This deal actually started yesterday and will be in effect until December 24th so go and get one for your friends and family now. Check it out on Verizon here!

[Boy Genius]

Palm Unveiling Something Big At CES 2010, Likely Another WebOS Handset

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It looks Palm will have something to unveil at CES 2010 which is great news. Last year they surprised us with the Palm Pre which was a great device and we're hoping that this one is even better. It will likely be a clear successor to the Pre with WebOS, of course. Let's hope they announce an explosion of apps too, for their users' sake.

[Electronista, Gizmodo]

Bell Offering Black and Royal Purple BlackBerry Curve 8530 On December 26th

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Bell looks set to add another BlackBerry to their line-up this time it'll be the Curve 8530. Starting on Boxing Day, December 26th, Bell will be offering the traditional black and a new colour "Royal Purple." The pricing plan hasn't been mentioned yet, but we should know the deets soon.

[Mobile Syrup]

Sony Style Launches the Sony NWZ-S745 Walkman In Canada

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Canada has finally got something that our neighbours below do not. The Sony NWZ-S745 Walkman is now available for $200 CAD ($188 USD). This PMP features a 2-inch display and 16GB of internal storage. If you want you can always drive up to Canada and visit me in my frigid igloo. Check it out here.


iriver E30 PMP Now Available On Amazon

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It looks like Amazon is now selling a new PMP, meet the iriver E30. The 4GB model is available here for $59 and the 8GB model is available here for $79. This PMP gets outed with: a 1.8-inch display, a 0.3-inch thin body, an FM tuner, and 52 hours of battery life for your audio. Go and get one now!