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Samsung To Bring the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Tab 2 At CES 2011?

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There's a rumour going around that Samsung is going to be unveiling a few products at CES 2011. We already heard that they'll have the Galaxy S PMP ready and they'll also reportedly have the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Tab 2 as well. Of course, this is unconfirmed right now but they could just show us glimpses of both devices and I'd be happy. The Galaxy Tab 2 should be packing a Tegra 2 CPU while the Galaxy S2 should have some sort of dual-core CPU inside of it. I wonder if it'll be ready for prime time.

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Samsung To Reveal Their Galaxy PMP At CES 2011, Finally.

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The first real iPod Touch rival will be at CES 2011 and Samsung has already confirmed it. This one should basically be the Galaxy S without phone functionalities. It'll be running Android and will reportedly be running Android 2.2 "Froyo" along with a 4-inch Super Clear LCD display because there's really no point of wasting Super AMOLED displays on this. It should also contain the company's own Hummingbird 1GHz CPU. On the back should be a 3.2MP camera along with a front-facing camera. It'll be shown off in the next week or so.


Some Gamestop Stores Taking Pre-Orders For the Nintendo 3DS Already

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Apparently, if you go around to some Gamestop stores across the US then some of them are actually taking pre-orders for the Nintendo 3DS. Some stores are taking a $25 / $50 deposit and it should be shipping sometime in March so you'd have to know in advance if you actually want to get one. Sadly, you will have to get out of your house and head over to the store because you can only register for updates regarding the 3DS. Check it out on Gamestop.


BenQ To Reveal Their 10.1-Inch R100 Android Tablet At CES?

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There's a new rumour going around that BenQ will be revealing their Android-based tablet at CES 2011 next week. This tablet is said to be the R100 and will be a 10.1-inch variant with a 1,024 x 600 display with an 833MHz ARM CPU built by Samsung. Apparently, it'll also have 8GB of internal storage, a 3.5mm headphone jack, miniHDMI / miniUSB ports, an SD card slot, WiFi b/g/n support, stylus support, and a battery life of up to 12 hours. We don't know what the device will look like right now and the price is still unknown.


Never Before Seen Sony Ericsson Android "Gingerbread" Handset Leaks, Has Huge Front-Facing Camera

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Well, here's a new Android (rumoured to be running "Gingerbread") handset[s] coming from Sony Ericsson and it's a model we've never seen before. On Picasa (here and here), something has been 8MP camera photos and they're actually coming from two different smartphones. One is said to be the "LT15i" while the other is the "MT15i". Clearly, the model numbers (one is reportedly codenamed the "Hallon") are pretty close so maybe they're not too different from each other. If you do take a look at the photo above though, the smartphone clearly has a hulking front-facing camera so maybe that will be for HD video calls. We should be seeing this one at MWC - along with the PlayStation Phone and the Anzu aka the XPERIA X12.

Update: According to Unwired View, they've snagged another photo of the handset, so check it out below.