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Next-Gen iPad and iPhone Won't Have the Home Button; Photo Booth and iLife Coming Too?

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There's a new rumour going around regarding future Apple products. This news is coming from BGR exclusively and says that Apple is testing a few new products internally. Apparently, the iPad and the iPhone that launch this year will not have the lone 'Home' button that has always been on their devices. That's because in iOS 4.3 there is support for some new multitouch gestures that will satisfy the 'Home' button's need. If this is really the case, then you can expected the iPod Touch that launches late this year to get rid of the button as well. Furthermore, Apple may also be planning to launch Photo Booth and iLife on these devices as well. 


Samsung GT-i9023 Hits the FCC, Could It Be a Nexus S With Android 2.4?

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A new smartphone has just hit the FCC and it's the Samsung GT-i9023. Engadget has just mentioned that this smartphone is shaped exactly like a Nexus S so it could be just that. This handset could be a "Black Silver" Nexus S model because that's what some European retailers have put it up as but it actually could be something a bit better.

The video below is coming from BestBoyZ and Engadget has theorized that the GT-i9023 that hit the FCC could actually be a Nexus S with Android 2.4 which should be the next version of Google's OS (called Ice Cream or Ice Cream Sandwich. It could also have some other improvements including a dual-core CPU (hopefully!) and HSPA+ connectivity for T-Mobile USA (the i9023 has AWS 3G support). Google's probably already testing whatever device this is so we'll really just have to wait. Maybe the unveiling will be at MWC or Google I/O. We'll have to wait and see.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Specs Rumoured By Korea's ETNews

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Samsung's president of mobile has already mentioned that their Galaxy S successor will be at MWC and ETnews has spilled a few beans on what you should expect. Apparently, this smartphone from Samsung will feature a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display, NFC capabilities, a dual-core CPU, and Android 2.3 "Gingerbread" presumably with the Touchwiz UI. It sounds good so far, but I wonder if it will really look like the photo above; said photo has been swirling around for a few months now. I'm hoping that this smartphone also has a front-facing camera as well.

Sprint Holding a February 7th Event, Apparently Will Be "Another Industry First"

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Sprint is gearing up an announcement for February 7th. We have no clue what it is right now but it will be "another industry first" according to the carrier. This event will be held by the carrier's CEO, Dan Hesse, and will be held in New York. David Blaine will be there to show us that "the impossible is possible" and Engadget will be live-blogging the event. Any guesses?

MetroPCS Getting Slider Android Handset With LTE, the Samsung Forte -- Or Indulge

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It has already leaked before and it looks like another LTE-packing Samsung Android handset is headed to MetroPCS in the US. Apparently, this one will be sporting a touchscreen display, a 1GHz Hummingbird CPU, a 5MP camera, a microSD card slot, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, and Android 2.2 with the Touchwiz UI. Clearly, with the QWERTY keyboard it's a bit different from the Samsung SCH-R910 which recently leaked. This one will reportedly be named the Samsung Forte.

Update: Samsung Hub got another picture of the Forte (below) and this one's a picture of it in the wild. It's true folks!

Update: According to Phone News, this handset could be launching as the Samsung Indulge on February 23rd. It could also hit the carrier, MetroPCS, for $399.99 contract-free.

Bell's Next WP7 Handset Will Be the HTC HD7!

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A bunch of tipsters from Mobile Syrup has just mentioned some great information. Apparently, Bell in Canada will be launching their second Windows Phone 7 device soon and it'll be the HTC HD7. This smartphone is one of the most desired WP7 handsets to date and it sports a 4.3-inch touchscreen display, a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU, 576MB of RAM, WiFi / Bluetooth support, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a 5MP AF camera with an LED flash along with 720p HD video recording. Now we're waiting for a price and release date.

Samsung Mobile President Says Samsung Galaxy S and Tab Successors Will Be At MWC

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The Korea Times has just confirmed what we all wanted to hear; the news came from the president of Samsung Mobile, JK Shin. The successor to the Samsung Galaxy S and the Galaxy Tab should be at MWC which takes place in a few weeks. So far, rumoured specs for the next Galaxy smartphone include a Super AMOLED+ display, likely an improved camera, a dual-core CPU, NFC, and Android 2.3 "Gingerbread". Shin also mentioned that we'll be seeing a sneak peek of the next Galaxy Tab as well. This should be exciting!

Motorola "Alpha" Is the T-Mobile CLIQ 2, Launching On January 19th

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The Motorola CLIQ 2 was made official last week at CES and we already know that it's T-Mobile USA bound. Well, an internal codename for this handset actually could be "Alpha". If you take a look at the photo above, this handset could be launching in a few weeks and could be launching for $399.99 contract-free. This handset can't really be anything else because it has to be a mid-end handset at that price and it'll be available on January 19th, which is before MWC.

Pictures of the Lenovo ThinkPad X220t Hit the Web

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51nb has just leaked the upcoming ThinkPad X220t notebook from Lenovo. From the pictures, you can tell that this notebook has a DisplayPort, VGA / two USB 2.0 ports (maybe upgradeable to 3.0), and an SD card reader. Just like the old model, this is going to be sporting a capacitive touchscreen display that will rotate around for you and it'll come with a stylus. Check out the picture above and you can head over to the link and check out a few more if you want.

Sony's PSP 2 To Get Grand Unveiling In Tokyo On January 27th?

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Sony is rumoured to be announcing their PSP 2 in the next few weeks. Apparently, the public event will be taking place in Tokyo, Japan on January 27th. Rumoured specs haven't been confirmed yet but it should have a touchscreen display, a trackpad, a microphone, a front-facing camera, and dual analog sticks. It likely won't have 3D capabilities but let's hope that the battery will run a lot longer than Nintendo's 3DS does. Mark the date on your calendars people!

Update: Kotaku has mentioned that Sony is telling a few people that the PSP 2 is as powerful as the PS3. I would love for this to be true, so let's hope this really is the case. I might actually buy one if it's that powerful.


Samsung Vibrant 4G Could Be Headed To T-Mobile With HSPA+

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T-Mobile and Samsung may be planning to launch a fairly new smartphone. It'll reportedly be the Samsung Vibrant... 4G. The Vibrant 4G looks like it'll be extremely similar to the original Vibrant but it'll obviously have 4G connectivity which is HSPA+ - along with a front-facing camera and Android 2.2 with the Touchwiz UI. Maybe this will hit Canada as well - possibly Bell and Virgin?

Vaio S Now Available On Sony Style, Customize It However You Want

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Sony has just released their latest notebook that was unveiled at CES last week. It's the Vaio S notebook and it's very customizable (at least in the US). This 13.3-inch notebook comes in black and silver and has a bunch of options including a Blu-ray writable drive, Nvidia GeForce 310 graphics, up to 8GB of RAM, up to a 256GB SSD, WiDi, and an Intel Core i5-480M CPU along with Windows 7 Professional. Of course, you'll be able to upgrade that CPU for a bunch of different Intel Core CPUs but the decision is all yours. Just go check it out on Sony Style where it starts at $874.99.

Bluetooth SIG Filing For INQ Cloud Touch Says It Could Be the Facebook Phone

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Thanks to a Bluetooth SIG filing, the Facebook phone may actually be real and coming from INQ just like it was rumoured. Apparently, this handset, dubbed the INQ Cloud Touch, will be running on the Android platform and will have "Facebook build into its core". If that doesn't mean a Facebook phone then I don't know what that means. Specs are unknown right now, but it's coming from INQ so I'm going to assume that it'll be a mid-end and cheap device.

[Slash Gear]

Brew-Powered HTC Freestyle Hitting Canada Via Rogers?

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HTC has just hinted that their Brew-powered Freestyle handset may be headed to Canada. You should already know that this will be hitting AT&T in the US so it could hit Rogers in Canada if things pan out the way they should; AT&T's press release it does hint that America Movil and Rogers Wireless "have agreed to use Brew Mobile Platform." Check it out on HTC Canada but the release date is still unknown at this time.