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Future Shop Says the Telus BlackBerry Style 9670 For $49.99 On a 3-Year

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Future Shop in Canada has just told us the price of the Telus BlackBerry Style 9670. The unique RIM flip smartphone will be available for $49.99 on a 3-year contract. This features an external / internal display, a 5MP AF camera with an LED flash, an optical trackpad, a microSD card slot, WiFi / Bluetooth support, and OS 6.0. The question now is, will the price be right? Check it out on Future Shop.

[Mobile Syrup]

Another Google Nexus S Picture Leaks From Employee's Picasa Stream

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For some reason when I woke up today I had a feeling that a new picture of the Google Nexus S would leak today and my thoughts were correct. You can believe it or not but that's not what's important. Like the other leaks up to this point, this tells us absolutely nothing but at least we get another look at it. This picture was taken from a Google employee's Picasa stream over the weekend so this means that there should be more out there. Keep your eyes open!

[Engadget, Android Spin]

Nokia Officially Announces the C2-01 and X2-01, Both Cheap and Hitting Europe Soon

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Nokia has just introduced two new budget handsets, the C2-01 and the X2-01. First up is the C2-01 (above) which is the company's cheapest 3G handset to date. It has quad-band GSM/EDGE / tri-band connectivity, a 2-inch display (240 x 320 resolution), a 3.2MP camera, an FM radio, and Bluetooth 2.1 support. This one will be available for just €70 ($96 USD), which is a pretty good deal if you're still into the candybar style.

The other handset that the company announced that they're bringing to Europe is pictured below, the X2-01. This one packs a QWERTY keyboard and features a 2.4-inch display, a 3.5mm headphone jack, GSM/EDGE connectivity, a microSD card slot, an FM radio with RDS, and Bluetooth 2.1. The sad part about this one is that it's quite similar to the Nokia C3, but this doesn't have WiFi. This will be available before the end of the year for €80 ($109 USD).

Acer Going To Unveil Windows 7 and Android 2.2 Based Tablets On November 23rd

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Coming from DigiTimes is a bit of information that Acer plans to unveil two tablets on November 23rd in New York and one of them will be 7-inches running Android 2.2. Specs are unknown right now but we're hoping that it'll get a quick upgrade to Android 2.3 "Gingerbread" since it should be launching in the next couple of weeks / days. At the same event, Acer will also unveil a 10-inch Wintel-built Windows 7 based tablet as well so that's good news if you want to run a full-blown OS.

[DigiTimes, Maximum PC]

MetroPCS Releasing the LG Optimus M On November 24th

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In the USA, MetroPCS has just announced that they'll be launching their first contract-free Android handset. It'll be the LG Optimus M and it reportedly features a 3.2-inch touchscreen display, a 3.2MP camera, WiFi / Bluetooth support, a microSD card slot, and version 2.2 of the OS. This will be available starting on November 24th for $229 contract-free on a $50 monthly plan.

[Engadget MobileMobile Burn]

9-Inch Pandigital Novel Android E-Book Reader Available For About $215

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If you're willing to diving into an Android-based e-book reader then this might be one to get. The 9-inch Pandigital Novel reader is now available exclusively through QVC for $214. This features a resistive touchscreen display, 2GB of internal storage, WiFi b/g support, a 4GB microSD card in the box, and access to Barnes & Noble's store. The battery life is unknown but it might not be amazing because it is sporting a touchscreen display. Check it out on QVC once you're ready.