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T-Mobile Launching the HTC Touch Pro 2 For $279?

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Yesterday we heard that T-Mobile will be launching the HTC Touch Pro 2 for a whopping $349 USD on a 2-year contract. And while there were a couple of pieces of evidence to back this up, it looks like we have another possible price tag for this handset. According to the picture above, T-Mobile will be launching this handset for $279 USD on a 2-year contract and $329 on a 1-year contract. Since it's cheaper, let's hope it's this one.


Microsoft Zune HD to be Available on September 15th! Packaging Leaked

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So much for September 8th, it looks like Microsoft's Zune HD will actually be available on September 15th. The pricing we heard about earlier isn't official, but we'll have to rely on that. So, $220 USD for the 16GB model and $290 USD for the 32GB model.


Huawei Gearing Up Two Touchscreen Phones For China

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Above is the Huawei C7300 and below is the Huawei T550+. Since the Huawei C7300 is on top let's talk about it first. The C7300 will probably be launched on China Telecom, since it has CDMA2000 support. The C7300 also comes with: a 2.5-inch QVGA touchscreen display, GPS support, a 2MP camera, a microSD card slot, and handwriting recognition.

The phone on the bottom is the Huawei T550+ and not much is known about it yet. It does have a 2MP camera and GSM / TD-SCDMA support, which means that it will be released via China Mobile.

The price and release date for both of these handset have not been mentioned yet.

[Unwired View]

New Picture of HTC Leo / Firestone, Rocking 8MP Camera Now

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I'm sure you haven't forgotten about the mammoth HTC Leo / Firestone yet - it was good enough to make my top 10 phone list. It looks like this is a new render of what it will look like. It looks plain, but it's still sexy. The specs we've heard about before were pretty accurate, so we're seeing: a 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen display with a 480 x 800 resolution, a Snpadragon MSM 8250 1GHz CPU, 512MB of ROM, a microSD card slot, 320MB of RAM, WiFi, aGPS support, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, GSM/EDGE/HSDPA support, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Before today, we heard that this handset would have a 5MP sensor, but today we're hearing that it will actually have an 8MP AF camera.


Motorola Shules / Sholes Launching With Android Eclair, GSM Shules Headed to AT&T / T-Mobile, Flash Still on the Way

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If you've been keeping up with the news at all, you should know that Motorola's Android handset, the Sholes / Shules will be heading to Verizon, thanks to earlier reports of this rocking CDMA. Take a look at what he heard today, via Boy Genius.

  • The Shules will launch with Eclair — Donut is so H1 2009, and Motorola’s upcoming Android slider will reportedly drop with Eclair on board. It may even be the “flagship” Eclair handset intended to showcase all of the new features Android will have obtained with Eclair’s release.
  • The Shules will be a gaming beast — The handset is optimized for ARMv7 architecture and will be able to gobble up 3D graphics and games like none other. Supposedly.
  • There is a GSM version of the Shules in the works — While Verizon will get the CDMA version of the Motorola Shules this year as an exclusive, there is already a GSM version in the pipeline and it should land on AT&T, or T-Mobile, some time in 2010.
  • The Flash is still on track — One of the many handsets we scooped last year, the Flash, is still said to be making its way to Verizon and it should launch in early 2010. This further supports what we speculated earlier month.

Interesting, isn't it? You may remember the Flash below and it looks like it will launch in 2010. The Sholes / Shules launching on AT&T and T-Mobile is definitely a positive thing - the more carriers, the merrier. Just in case you didn't know, "Eclair" is a version of Android, similar to Cupcake and Donut. We could see multitouch on this handset, since we've heard reports of Android having multitouch support somewhere down the line. I know everyone's curious about Motorola's Blur UI though and that's what I'm waiting for.

[Boy Genius]

Microsoft ZuneHD Passes FCC, Integrated Bing Search, 16GB Model Costs $220, 32GB Model Costs $290, Coming September 8th?

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If you're a Microsoft Zune HD fan - like me - it should be good news to hear that the beautiful Zune HD has just passed the FCC! And yes, it will be available in 16 and 32GB models. The photo above confirms that Microsoft's Zune HD will be priced at $220 USD for the 16GB model and $290 USD for the 32GB model. Let's hope there's still that rumoured 64GB model in the making. As you can see in the photo below, the rumoured September 8th release date for the ZuneHD could be a reality. Under the picture below is a photo of the virtual QWERTY keyboard and the Zune HD's integrated Bing search. The QWERTY keyboard doesn't look as good as the iPhone's, but I'm hoping it works just as good. Oh yeah, you can take a look at this link via WMPowerUser to see the Zune HD's Windows CE UI.

Amazon Price Listing: Gizmodo
ZuneHD Release Date: Engadget, Gizmodo
ZuneHD With Bing Search: Gizmodo, Slash Gear
ZuneHD Passes FCC: Electronista

Dell Teases New 10-Inch Vostro Notebook on Flickr

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Early this morning on a Dell Flickr teaser picture, they showed off a "Vostro 10-inch notebook." Yes, the picture has been pulled since then, but it leaves us to wonder. The specs are still unknown, but there appears to an optical drive on this mini-notebook / netbook. This laptop is said to also be highly-expandable, so we could see Intel's ULV CPUs running inside of this bad boy. You can check out the link below for more photos.


Gateway Planning to Release Five Notebooks in the Future

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Keep in mind that this photo above is an NV-Series Gateway notebook that was released in June. Gateway is set to release five notebook models over the next year - judging from the names. As you may or may not know, Gateway is a part of Acer now.

The first model Gateway will introduce is called the Summer Breeze Collection. These notebooks will have: an 11.6-inch HD display, WiFi, an integrated webcam, and Dolby Headphone technology.

This year we should be expecting Gateway's Autumn Shade Collection ID Series. These notebooks will have a 15.6-inch LED-backlit widescreen display.

Later this year, we should also be expecting the Winter Snow Collection NV Series. These notebooks will have: a silver trim, rounded edges, capacitive touch launch keys, Dolby Sound Room technology, and multimedia content playback. Clearly, they announced no specs in this line-up, which sucks.

Next year, we should be expecting the Spring Butterfly Collection EC Series. These notebooks will reportedly have: a thin and lightweight design, power-saving settings, data back-up, a touchpad lock, and battery long enough to last 8-hours.

Gateway is also planning to release the P Series FX, which would be targetting gamers and video / graphic designers. These notebooks should have up to a 1TB HDD.

Right now, any other information is unknown, so that definitely sucks.

[The Inquirer]

HP to Sell 3G-Equipped PCs in Japan Contract-Free

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Yes, the title says it all. HP is planning to sell 3G-equipped PCs in Japan contract-free. HP just announced that they've made a deal with Japan Communications and the PCs will be "sold with SIM cards that can be used on a pay-as-you-go basis." These PCs are said to be available for somewhere between $50 and $100 USD, yes, contract-free. This deal should be starting up in the coming months, so just wait for it if you live in Japan.


LG Shine 2 Spotted in the Wild, Headed to AT&T

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Back in May, we heard about the LG CU720 Shine and we heard that it was probably the LG Shine 2. Above is an updated photo of the LG Shine 2 and it actually looks a bit different than when we saw it in May. If the specs remain the same, we should expect: a 2.2-inch QVGA display, a 2MP camera, EDGE/HSDPA support, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR / A2DP, a microSD card slot, and aGPS support. Clearly, it's rocking some AT&T branding.

[Engadget Mobile]

Dell Vostro All in One Now Available in North America For $600

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Just as expected, the Dell Vostro all-in-one PC is now available in North America. This 19-inch all-in-one PC has: a 2.6GHz Pentium dual-core CPU, integrated GMA X4500 graphics, 2GB of RAM, a 160GB HDD, a DVD player, a 1.3MP webcam, gigabit Ethernet, WiFi, and Windows Vista Home Basic on the base model. The base model costs $599 USD on Dell's official website after $30 of instant savings.

Sony Ericsson T715a and Aino Pass FCC

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The Sony Ericsson T715a that we heard about back in June has just passed the FCC with 3G bands that are fully capable of working on AT&T's networks. In case you forgot, the Sony Ericsson T715a has: a 2.2-inch QVGA display, a 3.2MP camera, Bluetooth 2.0 + A2DP, 90MB of internal memory, a microSD card slot, and an FM radio.

Another Sony Ericsson handset that just passed the FCC is the Aino. Usually in the box, you'll find headphones, but they're always wired. Thankfully, the Aino has just passed the FCC and their will be wireless stereo headphones in the box. Other confirmed features of this phone are its: Remote Play, built-in Facebook client, and its 8.1MP camera. Take a look at the official FCC filing for all of its other interesting information.

Sony Ericsson T715a: Unwired View
Sony Ericsson Aino: Engadget Mobile

Sony Ericsson to Release Their First Smartbook Soon

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Unfortunately, we know absolutely no details about the possible Sony Ericsson smartbook. In case you didn't know, the picture above is a Sony Vaio P. We know no details about their smartbook. It could be ARM-powered, it could have a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU, it could have Nvidia's Tegra chipset, it could run Windows CE. We don't know yet, so we'll just have to be patient until we hear solid news about Sony Ericsson's smartbook. This smartbook is reportedly coming soon, by the way.

[Unwired View, Slash Gear, Electronista]

Palm Pre Hitting UK Via O2 on October 30th

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According to an anonymous O2 tipster, they will be selling the Palm Pre starting on October 30. The date seems plausible since O2 is known for releasing new phones on a Friday and, yes, October 30 is a Friday. Hopefully, O2 doesn't run of supply like they did in the US.

[Tech Radar]

Apple Offers Matte Display Options on 15-Inch MacBook Pros; iTunes 9 Spotted With Ping.fm and Social Integration?

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Finally! The glossy displays on the MacBook Pros can now be prevented. If you purchase a 15-inch MacBook Pro you can now choose the anti-glare matte option for an extra $50 USD. This new matte option replaces the black bezel with a white one.

If you take a look at the photos above and below, you will notice that this "new" iTunes 9 screenshot has Last.fm and "Social" integration. Keep in mind that -at this point - this is just a rumour. Lately, we've been hearing that iTunes 9 would have Ping.fm, Social integration (like Twitter and Facebook), and it could possibly have Blu-ray support.

Matte Option: Electronista, Apple Insider, TUAW
iTunes 9: Boy Genius, Slash Gear

Nvidia Ion-Packed Samsung N510 11.6-Inch Netbook Hitting US Next Month For $599 -- Three Models Expected

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Last week, we heard about France getting pre-orders on the Nvidia Ion-packed Samsung N510 netbook and now we know when it will hit the US. This 11.6-inch netbook will be hitting the US next month - September - for $599 USD. Other specs of this netbook are: GeForce 9400M graphics, an Intel Atom 1.66GHz N280 CPU, 1GB of RAM, a 160GB HDD, and an HDMI output. Look out for it.

Update: According to Netbook Choice, there will actually be three models of this new Samsung netbook. The other two versions will have the model number N508 and N511. We don't know what these new models will have that's different from the original N510 model, but we'll just have to wait and see - as usual.

[Gizmodo, Netbooked, Engadget]

Future Shop and Best Buy Now Selling the HTC Dream and Magic in Canada For Just $50

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The HTC Magic and the HTC Dream launched on Rogers in Canada for $149.99 CAD on a 3-year contract. Due to underwhelming demand, they dropped both of their prices to $99.99 and then again to $79.99. Future Shop has continued the trend by slashing both prices to $49.99 CAD on a Rogers 3-year contract. The sale ends in two days, so you might want to get it ASAP if you're interested. Check it out here.

Best Buy is also selling both of these Android handsets for just $49.99 CAD, thankfully their sale doesn't end until September 30th.

[Mobile Syrup]

Samsung Hype Now Available on Rogers' Pay As You Go Plan

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If you're in Canada, you can now "get those thumbs moving" if you purchase a Samsung A256 Hype on Rogers' pay as you go plans. The A256 Hype has: a full QWERTY keypad for your texting needs, up to 16GB of memory to save all of those texts, and a VGA camera so you can send some photos to your friends. You can scoop one up now for $89.99 CAD on a pay as you go plan on Rogers' official website now.

[Mobile Syrup]

First Photos of Sprint's Samsung M850 Dash

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Sprint's Samsung M850 Dash just passed the FCC yesterday and now we have our first hands-on photo. As you can see it looks a little bit different than when we first heard about the handset back in March. The Dash is said to be a direct successor to the original Samsung Instinct, since the S30 (Mini) Instinct was basically just a redesign.

[Unwired View]

T-Mobile-Branded BlackBerry Driftwood / 9700 Pictured; Vodafone-Branded BlackBerry Storm 2 Pictured

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Remember the BlackBerry Driftwood that's rumoured to be hitting T-Mobile this September? Well, that's what you see above. The BlackBerry 9700 / Driftwood above is clearly T-Mobile branded and it has everything a BlackBerry user will love. That's right, it has: 3G, WiFi, GPS, an optical trackpad, a sexy-looking QWERTY keypad, a 3.2MP AF camera, leather-backing, and a high-resolution display.

Above is the Vodafone-branded BlackBerry Storm 2 aka 9520 aka Odin. This smartphone from RIM will have 3G, WiFi, and it looks like it will be running BlackBerry OS 5.0. Yes, unfortunately the release date is still unknown, but the rumours are indicating that both Vodafone and Verizon will release it in October.

BlackBerry 9700 (Driftwood): TmoToday
Vodafone BlackBerry 9520 Storm 2: Electronista, Unwired View

Marvel vs Capcom 2 Retail Package Coming This Week to GameStop, Doesn't Have the Game Inside

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This photo above is what the Marvel vs Capcom 2 retail package will look like at your local Gamestop. However, this PS3 exclusive package does not contain the game. It contains a download code, an eight-page colour manual, a free 1-month subscription to Marvel Digital Comics, and 2000 Capcom-Unity points. The best part is that this package will only cost $14.99 USD. This package should be available later this week, so keep a close eye on it. By the way, we've heard August 13th.


Samsung YP-M1 PMP Now Available in Korea, Nvidia Tegra Chip Still Unconfirmed

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Someone over in Korea, needs to open up Samsung's latest PMP's quick because we need to know if this really is Nvidia Tegra-equipped. Besides the 3.3-inch AMOLED touchscreen display and its 32GB of built-in storage, that's all we care about right now - Tegra or no Tegra. So please, if you're reading this - pop that Samsung YP-M1 PMP open for us, please!


Hannspree Releases 25 and 28-Inch ST-Series HDTVs in the UK

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In late June, Hannspree released the 25-inch ST251 HDTV in the US. Hannspree has just released the same 25-inch HDTV and a new 28-inch ST281 HDTV in the UK. The ST251 has: a 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, two HDMI ports, a 16:9 aspect ratio, 300 nits of brightness, and a 2ms grey-to-grey response time. Meanwhile, the ST281 has: a 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, two HDMI ports, a 16:10 aspect ratio, 400 nits of brightness, and a 5ms response time. Both of these HDTVs have: a composite / component / VGA / dual SCART inputs along with dual 10W speakers.

Like I said, both of these HDTVs are now available in the UK. The 25-inch ST251 and 28-inch ST281 are now going for £269 ($449 USD) and £329 ($549 USD), respectively. "Hannspree promise larger models in the ST-series later in the year."

[Slash Gear]

Nanovision MIMO 7-Inch USB Displays Now Available For Pre-Order

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Remember the sexy Nanovision MIMO monitors that we heard about back in March? Well, Nanovision has just officially announced them. Nanovision has just announced that two versions of their new 7-inch (800 x 480 resolution) displays would be available - the 710-S and the 720-S. The difference between the two is that the 720-S will be touchscreen-capable.

Besides the touchscreen aspect, these two models are exactly the same. They both have the "same patented dual-hinge, which allows them to not only be positioned in portrait or landscape orientation, but folded flat for transport." Pretty impressive, eh? These displays plug via USB port and are compatible with both PCs and Macs. You can now pre-order the MIMO 710-S display here for $149.99 USD, but the 720-S isn't available yet.

If you're interested, you can always check out the link below for more photos.

[Slash Gear]

Nokia E52 Now Available in the UK Via Mobile Fun

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Remember the Nokia E52? It's okay, it's blurry in my memory too. The E52 will be hitting UK this morning SIM free and without a contract for £229.95 ($379 USD) on Mobile Fun - I'll have the link for you when it is up. The Nokia E52 is boasting: a 3.2MP camera, aGPS, 3G / HSDPA/HSUPA / WiFi support, and a battery long enough to last 8 hours of talk time / 23 days of standby time.

Update: Here's the link to the Nokia E52 on Mobile Fun.

Picture Source: Engadget