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Motorola Set To Unveil 2 Android Phones At CES 2010

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At CES 2010, we're now hearing that Motorola will be unveiling two new Android phones. To be honest, this isn't all that surprising. They probably won't be anything new either. The two Android phones will likely be the Motorola Backflip / Enzo that's headed to AT&T and the Sholes Tablet that's probably headed to Verizon. If they're neither of those two, then it'll be shocking. Maybe we'll even see the Opus One, let's wait and see.

Nexus One Being Sold Exclusively By Google On January 5th For $530 Unlocked; $180 On T-Mobile Plan

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A lot of Google Nexus One news popped up yesterday, but I couldn't muster up a post about all of it since I was busy sleeping in bed after getting some food poisoning. All of that aside it looks like the Nexus One will be sold exclusively by Google. We're hearing that it'll launch on January 5th for $180 on a T-Mobile USA Even More contract or you can get it for $530 unlocked (via Boy Genius). $530 unlocked is definitely not a bad deal (at least I think so), and I'd actually scoop one up if I could.

To kick off the Nexus One launch it also looks like Google will be holding an event for Android on January 5th as well. If this opens up in Canada as well (and it will ship outside of the US), you'll be able to use it on WIND Mobile's 3G network.

• Yeah, it’s $530 unsubsidized. Google’s not going to be selling the phone at cost, like so many people considered. They’re not going to save us from the “making money off of hardware” culture we’ve got right now, so this is basically just another Android handset, albeit a really good one
• If you want it subsidized, you’ll have to sign up for a 2 year mandatory contract
• There’s only one rate plan: $39.99 Even More + Text + Web for $79.99 total
• Existing customers cannot keep their plan if they want a subsidized phone; they have to change to the one plan, and this only applies to accounts with one single line
• If that doesn’t fly with you, you have to buy the $530 unlocked version—this actually might save you money over two years if you already have a cheap plan
• Family plans, Flexpay, SmartAccess and KidConnect subscribers 
must buy the phone unlocked and unsubsidized for $530
• You can only buy 
five Nexus One phones per Google account
• There is language in the agreement of shipping 
outside the US
• Google will sell it at google.com/phone, which explains what they were doing with that page 
a few weeks ago
• Google will still call it the Nexus One apparently, and not the 
Google Phone

Verizon Palm Pre Gets a WiFi Certificate; Stocking Up On 600,000 Palm Pixis As Well

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So, a Palm smartphone has just popped up in the WiFi certification and it looks like it could actually be the upcoming Pre - the one headed to Verizon. To make things even more interesting Verizon could also be looking to stock up 600,000 Pixis next year as well. Maybe both handsets hit Verizon at the exact same time, kind of like when Verizon launched the Motorola DROID and the HTC Droid Eris.

[(Pre) Engadget, (Pixi) Engadget Mobile]

Samsung I6330C and I8180C Hitting China Mobile Soon With WinMo 6.5

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China Mobile looks like they're set to launch two more WinMo 6.5 from Samsung. This time it's the I6330C (above) and the I8180C (below). Both of these handsets will allow you to watch mobile TV, of course, which is a standard in China. The I6330C will feature a 3.2-inch AMOLED WQVGA touchscreen display, aGPS support, and a 3.2MP camera. Since the I8180C is an Omnia II variant, you can expect those traditional specs. Yes, including the 800MHz CPU.

Pantech P9020 Passes the FCC, Headed To AT&T

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Well, it looks like the Patench P9020 has just passed the FCC (here) and it's headed to AT&T next year. To me it actually looks pretty funny, it's like a midget phone. It's got a 2.8-inch QVGA touchscreen display, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, a 2MP camera, Bluetooth support, and a microSD card slot.

Philips Shows Off Their 720p-Capable SA075 PMP In Beijing

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Philips has just shown off their latest PMP overseas in Beijing. This is the Philips SA075 and it looks like it'll be a fingerprint magnet. This PMP will be capable of spewing out a 720p resolution on a touchscreen display that has an 800 x 480 resolution. It also features an HDMI output and probably a microSD card slot as well.