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HTC Touch HD in Canada!, Gamer Swallows Saw Blades, 2009 HTC Phone's Leaked?

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Today has been a wonderful day. So, Religion was unimportant and i had my test in Advanced Functions which, i think, i did fairly well on. During lunch, though, is when my miracle happened. I was talking to, my friend, Mr. Yang Xu. He told me that he's getting a Samsung INNOV8 soon, so i'll hopefully be able to do my review on that in another blog. But anyways, he told me that he's getting it around our area, which was shocking to me. So, he told me to visit this site. SN Trader. I went on the site and, right away, i saw an unlocked Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1, which i thought was pretty fascinating. I didn't think Canada would have a store like this around here, especially. I cruise the site even more and i find the Nokia 5800 XpressMedia Tube. The Nokia N81 (my phone). The Nokia 8600 Luna, which i wanted, around the time i got my N81, just because of the looks though. It looks amazing, go search it on Youtube. I also saw the Samsung M8800 Pixon. I'm not going to list all of the phones now, but there is one phone, which amazed me. You should know which one it is, by now. This store sells the HTC Touch HD, for an overwhelming and upsetting amount of $991.00 CAD ($792.80 USD). So, that was that. After Chemistry finished, i went home. While i was walking home, both of my legs started to cramp, which was annoying. Anyways, i got home safely, as you can see. I looked in the mailbox because there seemed to be an excessive amount of mail today. I go through it and find mail for me. Exciting stuff. I opened it and i saw that i received my G2 License, finally! That's all of the excitement that has taken place today. Unfortunately, i did not finish the research for my Culminating Assignment yesterday, so that means, i have to do it tonight. I'm going to do 2 quick articles first though.

I have no clue why anyone would do this, but yes, someone has. A gamer from Beijing has swallowed 5 pieces of saw blades, in order to commit suicide. He failed, which makes things a whole lot worse. As he was being sent to the Beijing hospital ICU, he continued to talk (no clue how he managed to do so) about how to win in his favourite computer game. Talk about weird. Asians and their games. I still respect you all.

HTC, one of my favourite phone companies, are now stirring up some news. Apparently, HTC's 2009 phone list has been leaked online. Around 25 HTC phone pictures heave leaked, starting off with the, already-known, HTC Iolite. Although, i was hoping that the rumours about an HTC Touch HD with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard were true (an HTC Touch HD Pro), it doesn't look like there is one on this leaked list. The closest thing to an HTC Touch HD Pro on this list would, i think, is pictured above. Although, i hope they changed the red keyboard to a, more-standard black one... I hope these aren't all of HTC's phone that are coming out this year because none of them, to me, look too appealing. It will be interesting to see which phone on this list will be the follow-up to the T-Mobile G1. Go Google!

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