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Microsoft Now Selling the Arc Touch Mouse For $60

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We've been keeping our eye on Microsoft's Arc Touch Mouse since August and it's finally been spotted in their own retail stores (all seven of them). It's available right now for $60 so it might be a great present for someone. The design is quite nice and if you know someone who has the Arc Keyboard, this will match it.


Nokia 2011 "Focus Areas" Slide Leaks, Revamping Symbian and 1GHz Phones Next Year

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Nokia is more than a step behind in the smartphone world but they're really trying their best to change that - Nokia N8 pictured above. According to some leaked slides, they're looking to revamp the whole Symbian UI and even some possible specifications have leaked. The slide was labeled "Nokia Symbian 2011 focus areas" and mentioned that a Q1 2011 update will include 50+ features including a better browser. Q2 and Q3 2011 updates will include a better UI, an (even better) HTML5 browser, and a more flexible homescreen.

On the specifications front, the slides mention that 1GHz smartphones will be coming in Q2 and Q3 2011 with dual-core phones coming in Q4 2011 and / or Q1 2012. The slide also mentions that "true zoom camera" will be on board with some phones in Q4 2011 and Engadget believes that this could mean that phones with optical zoom could be on their way from the company. Yes, Samsung has already done this before.

Nokia is really trying their best to stay relevant but even with these changes, it still seems like they'll be a step behind. At this point, we already know that a few Android dual-core smartphones should be launching before the first half of 2010, which is when Nokia will finally be focusing on 1GHz phones which have already been around for almost a year. Oh well.


Some Dell Venue Pro Shipments Not Shipping Until January 6th

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Well, who saw this one coming? Dell has just announced that their Venue Pro shipments have been delayed until January 6th, 2011. Is it worth the wait for arguably the best Windows Phone 7 handset out there to date? The delay in shipments hasn't been officially announced by Dell themselves, but a few people who pre-ordered them did mention that the shipping date changed to this date. This is likely because of the demand for this smartphone and because Dell just didn't make enough of them. I don't know why Dell wouldn't make a ton of these because I knew this would sell like hotcakes.

[Slash Gear]

Motorola "Stadia" To Focus On Gaming, PlayStation Phone Competitor?

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Sony will have the PlayStation Phone soon and Motorola may be trying to compete with it if this rumour is true. The Motorola "Stadia" is going to be a "handheld game device in the nature of handheld units for playing electronic games for use with external display screen or monitor." That's interesting and that's all coming from Motorola themselves as they applied for the trademark. I wonder what this one will look like and what will be inside of it - I'm hoping for a Tegra 2, of course. There's a larger, more readable of the picture above here.

[Phandroid, Droid Gamers]

Motorola MB860 (Olympus) Takes a Few Photos and Puts It Up On Picasa

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Another sighting on Picasa has just taken place. This time the photo above was reportedly taken with a Motorola MB860 which is also known as the Olympus. This is said to be hitting AT&T in the US with the Tegra 2 chipset inside of it. The picture has a fairly good quality but it's probably lacking beside an iPhone 4. Either way, this smartphone should blow almost 99% of the others out of the water with its blazing speed. Check out another picture here.


Motorola's Android "Honeycomb" Tablet To Make An Appearance In An Epic Super Bowl Ad?

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There's a really big rumour going around that Google and Motorola will be planning to take an ad spot during the Super Bowl in February (on the 6th). This will be for what could be the world's first Android "Honeycomb" based tablet that should be hitting Verizon in the US. Of course, this doesn't rule out that Motorola will be showing off this tablet at CES 2011, but the launch could be sometime in February if they're planning to take this ad spot. I think they should do it because it's definitely a great opportunity. With the news of Apple and Google battling for the top ad spots just popping up this morning, this may actually be the case.

[Phandroid, Droid-Life]

MeeGo OS Shown Off On a Tablet, We Want More!

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There are two OS's that haven't been quite successful yet but they have the potential. One is HP and Palm's WebOS and the other is MeeGo which Nokia should probably use on more devices. Of course, the next version of MeeGo isn't completely done yet but it's good to see how it's coming along. The demo you see in the video below is being shown off on a tablet and you can see how multitasking is done. I'm dying to see more but this will quench my thirst for now.

[Slash Gear]

Acer, Asus, Toshiba, and Samsung All Set To Use Nvidia's Tegra 2 Chip In Tablets For 2011

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DigiTimes has just spat out some information that we've all wanted to hear. At CES 2011, we can expect tablets from just about every company. The website mentioned that Acer, Asus, Toshiba, and Samsung will all be showing off tablets in 2011 that will be packing Nvidia's Tegra 2 (T20) chipset. This is great news for consumers because we've all been waiting for this. Hopefully, the next high-end Android smartphones will be packing this same chipset - kind of like what LG is doing with the Star. Apparently, around 50% of ARM-based tablets in 2011 will feature the Tegra 2 chipset. 2011 will definitely be the war of the tablets.

[Android Guys]