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Android-Based LG GW620 Gets FCC Clearance.

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It looks like the LG GW620 has just passed the FCC with Android. We already know this, so it shouldn't be that shocking to you. It has quad-band GSM / EDGE plus WCDMA Band V, so that's 850 / 2100 MHz bands. We already know this is headed to Rogers on Tuesday, November 3rd. Check out the FCC filing here.

[Engadget Mobile]

Samsung S5560 Launching as the F5650?

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It looks like French Les Mobiles has a picture of the Samsung F5650, which actually looks a whole lot like the S5560. The specs and looks are identical. We don't know when it will launch or the price, but it looks like it will be available pretty soon. It's not exactly big news and it wouldn't be surprising since Samsung does change up the names on their handsets sometimes.

[Phone Arena]

Sony Ericsson Officially Sticks Their Tongue Out, Teases XPERIA X3 / X10 On Video

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What you see below is an official teaser from Sony Ericsson. It clearly depicts the XPERIA X3 / X10 / "Rachael" / Infinity that we know and love. This video almost made me cry because I want to know so much more about this handset and I want them to confirm everything. I can't wait for November 3. I'm definitely going to get this handset - mark my words. Anyways, you can take a look at the video below.

[Engadget Mobile]

Sprint Not Pushing Out WinMo 6.5 Upgrades Until Early 2010, WinMo 7 Support ASAP

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It looks like we've got some bad news for Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2 owners. Sprint has just announced that they will be launching the WinMo 6.5 upgrade in "early 2010." This is bad news because those customers will be stuck with WinMo 6.1 in the meantime. Luckily, Sprint has also mentioned that they're look on bringing WinMo 7 ASAP, which is as soon as Microsoft allows [and releases] it.


Bell's Samsung Omnia II Will Deliver Real-Time 2010 Winter Olympics News Straight To Your Phone

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Bell is launching the Samsung Omnia II on November 4th in Canada. We're now hearing that the Omnia II will be the "Official Mobile Device of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games." Why? Well, because it'll have a Samsung app called Wireless Olympics Works (WOW, for short), which will deliver real-time information of the 2010 Winter Olympics straight to your handset.

Right now we still don't know how much Bell will release this handset for.

[Mobile Syrup]

BlackBerry Essex Launching On Sprint Next Year?

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We're hearing that a new BlackBerry Tour will be launching on Sprint in the USA in 2010. This BB will have WiFi support, so it could very well be the BlackBerry Essex which is essentially the Tour with an optical trackpad and WiFi. It's unconfirmed at the time, so we're just going to have to wait and see what all the buzz is about.


Asus Launching Two Different E-Book Readers In March 2010 With WiFi / 3G / WiMAX Support

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Asus has just confirmed that they will be launching their WiFi / 3G / WiMAX-equipped e-book reader in March 2010 to the US and Europe. We're also hearing that Asus will be launching their 6-inch e-ink display e-book reader and 9-inch e-ink display e-book reader at the same time, yes, in March. I wonder what happened to that dual-screen e-book reader?... Or could this be it?

Wistron [With Polymer Vision] Producing 5-Inch Foldable E-Paper

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Back in September, Wistron bought Polymer Vision [for 12m Euros ($17.75m USD) and it looks like they'll be teaming up to push out the their foldable 5-inch e-paper display. If this is true we'll likely see it in some devices (possibly e-book readers) sometime in 2010 because this year is coming to an end faster than you know it.

Asus Shows Off "World's First" USB 3.0-Capable Motherboard

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Asus is claiming that their Xtreme Design P7P55D-E will be the world's first USB 3.0-capable motherboard. This motherboard looks like it will be Intel P55-based and will sport two cool new USB 3.0 ports. It also comes with ten USB 2.0 ports, Crossfire / SLI support, two PCIe x 16 slots, two gigabit Ethernet ports, and an eSATA port. Of course, Intel has mentioned that they're delaying USB 3.0 support until 2011, but that didn't stop Asus.

AUO Shows Off 14-Inch OLED TV; LG Producing 30-Inch OLED TVs In 2011, 40-Inches In 2012 -- OLED To Be Cheaper Than LCDs By 2016?

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AUO has just officially shown off their 14-inch OLED display. This display features: a Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) resolution, a 100,000:1 contrast ratio, 200 nits of brightness, 16 million colours, 120Hz technology, and it covers 72% of the NTSC color gamut. According to them, they're starting production for this OLED display now, but they didn't bother mentioning a price.

On the other hand, LG has announced that they will be mass-producing their 30-inch OLED displays in the second half of 2011. In 2012 they'll be working on producing their larger 40-inch AMOLED displays. It looks like OLED technology isn't just around the corner - at least TV-wise.

Update: According to Gizmodo, LG also went on to mention that they believe OLED panels will be cheaper than LCD TVs by 2016. Now I'm hoping for someone to build a time machine so that I can go 7 years into the future.

Nokia Prepping Qualcomm Snapdragon-Based Handset Set For An AT&T Launch

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Even though Nokia is quickly losing ground on their top spot lead, we're hearing that they're planning to launch a smartphone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU. This handset will be headed to AT&T - likely in 2010. There's nothing known about this handset, but we do know that the Nokia N900 will be hitting US soil for around $750 unlocked in November).

Motorola DROID Going For Sale On Verizon Online At 12:30 a.m. On Nov. 6th, Stores Opening At 6 a.m. On Nov. 6th -- User Guide Found Online

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Alright, so it looks like we've just got word - via Twitter - that Verizon will be starting their Motorola DROID sale at 12:30 a.m. on November 6th online. If you don't want to stay up and do that you can always get up early because Verizon stores will be opening at 6:00 a.m. on November 6th just to sell you the Motorola DROID and even the HTC Droid Eris (HTC Desire). If you don't already know, both handsets will be running Android and they'll cost you $199 and $99, respectively, on a 2-year contract.

Update: According to Engadget, the Motorola DROID is scheduled to launch next week, on November 6th [on Verizon], but the user guide has just been found online. There's nothing that we don't already know, so you can check out the PDF here.

Verizon's Website Starting Morotola DROID Sale Online At 12:30 a.m: Phandroid
Verizon Stores Opening at 6 a.m. For Motorola DROID and the HTC Droid Eris: Phandroid

T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream) Running Android 2.0 On Video

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It's set for an official launch next week, but someone online has already ported Android 2.0 "Eclair" to their T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream). There's not much for me to say here since you should have already seen Boy Genius flaunting this build around. It's a custom ROM, so it's not exactly perfect. Take a look at the video below to see how it runs.

Asus Launching Their First Smartbook In Q1 2010 For $184

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Asus' CEO, Jerry Shen, has just announced they will launch their first smartbook in Q1 2010 for around $184 USD. Thankfully, it'll be cheap, but right now we don't know the specs of this smartbook. The only thing we know is that this smartbook will be running on an ARM CPU.

Update: According to Engadget, this smartbook will be running on Android.