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Gamestop Lists Super Street Fighter IV For $40, Release Expected On March 23, 2010

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This morning Super Street Fighter IV has just been spotted on Gamestops's online store here. The listing states that it will be available for $40 on March 23rd. Of course, things will likely change, but for now you can pencil that into your calendar.

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Verizon Confirms They're Launching the Palm Pre In Early 2010

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Thanks to Twitter, Verizon has just confirmed that they will be launching the Palm Pre in early 2010. Pricing hasn't been determined yet, but it should be quite reasonable since Verizon is going to have an awesome smartphone line-up soon.


Fujitsu Reveals AMD Athlon Neo and Intel ULV-Packing Notebooks

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Fujitsu has just announced the P3010 and P3110 notebooks. These notebooks have similar specs so that's an 11.6-inch display and Windows 7. The main difference between the two is that the P3010 will have AMD's Athlon Neo 1.6GHz CPU, and the P3110 will have an Intel ULV 1.3GHz CPU. These are expected to launch some time after October 22nd, but it shouldn't be too long of a wait.


European GSM Version of the Motorola Sholes / Tao / Droid Passes the FCC

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It almost snuck under the radar, but Engadget Mobile tracked it down for us. The GSM model of the Motorola Sholes (Droid / Tao) was just spotted at the FCC. This appears to be the European model of the phone, I wonder what carrier will launch this handset. Anyways, look out for it - possibly with Eclair. Check out the official FCC filing here.

[Engadget Mobile]

PSP Go Now Available For $200 At Fry's, Deal Lasts Until October 22

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You better act fast because starting right now, Fry's is offering the PSP Go for just $200 USD after a $50 instant savings. This deal is only effective until October 22! You better hop on over to your local Fry's store because $50 off is pretty damn good this early in the game. PSP Go now. Lame, I know.


Palm 120HK Shows Up In Sprint's Inventory Systems, Supposedly the Pixi

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Well, look what we have here, it appears to be a photo of Sprint's inventory system that lists the Palm 120HK smartphone. Apparently, the Palm 100HK is the Pre and the 120HK is obviously the Pixi. Now, if only someone could make this official...

[Phone Arena]

Motorola i410 Headed To Nextel and Boost Mobile Soon

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Motorola looks like they're set to launch more iDEN phones, this time it's the i410. This flip phone has: an external and internal display, no camera, Bluetooth, and GPS support. It may not be the most exciting handsets out there, but this should be hitting Nextel and Boost Mobile fairly soon. The release details haven't been mentioned yet.

Samsung F488i Headed To Hong Kong With 3 Different TouchWiz Homescreens

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It looks like Samsung is cooking up the F488i that's intended for the Hong Kong market. There's not much to say here, but the big thing this handset will have is a "3X TouchWiz user interface" which means that it'll have "three pages of widgets on the home screen." Let's hope the CPU inside of this thing can handle all of that...

Packard Bell Announces 11.6-Inch Butterfly Touch Tablet Notebook, Retailing On October 22nd

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Packard Bell looks like they're getting ready to launch yet another tablet notebook, the Butterfly Touch which is essentially an Acer Timeline 1810TZ. The Butterfly Touch has: an 11.6-inch touchscreen display with a 1,366 x 768 resolution, a swiveling display, and a battery long enough to supposedly last 8 hours. This notebook will be available for €599 ($893 USD) on October 22nd with Windows 7 pre-insalled.

Flexible Samsung OLED Prototype Gets Hit With Hammer, But It's Okay!

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What you see above is a hammer whacking a flexible OLED prototype from Samsung. The video below is the same deal, so check it out. As you can easily guess, the OLED display does not crack or shatter since it's pretty much a thin film of plastic. The good part is that the display itself still manages to show its Gran Turismo 5 clip.