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Xbox 360 With 250GB HDD, Two Controllers, and Forza 3 Listed on Amazon Germany -- Now Pulled

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Microsoft's Xbox 360 price cuts will be in effect starting tomorrow, but something more interesting has hit Amazon in Germany. The Xbox 360 spotted on Amazon Germany comes with a 250GB HDD, two wireless controllers, and Forza Motorsport 3. The listing is priced at €279.99 ($402 USD), but since Forza 3 won't be available until October 23rd we shouldn't see a release date date on this listing anytime soon. You can check out Amazon Germany's official website here.

Update on August 28th: The listing has now been pulled from Amazon, courtesy of Overmind.


Telus' HSPA Network to Be Available in October -- Not September

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So much for that September release date of Telus' HSPA network. The latest information on GSMA's website states that Telus' HSPA network will actually be available in October. Looks like this won't be announced on September 15th after all. You can check it out on GSMA's official website here.

[Engadget Mobile]

GScreen Dual-Screen Notebook to Be a Reality By the End of the Year?

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Back in February, we heard that gScreen would be developing the Spacebook, which is what you see above and below. The gScreen Spacebook would be a notebook equipped with two LCD displays - which was probably influenced by the Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds. The Alaska-based company, founded by Gordon Stewart, is "in talks with the military" to make this notebooks happen. The first notebook they plan to create has two 15.4-inch display, but the first one to hit the market will have either a 16 or 17-inch display. What they plan to do is have the screen slide out from behind the other, which should be tough. Right now, they're working on the sliding mechanism.

Gordon has stated that he plans to get the Spacebook up and running by December since that's when he wants it to hit Amazon.com. He also hopes that he can keep this notebook under $3,000 USD. Both of these ideas - to me - seem unbelievable.

The gScreen Spacebook will reportedly have: an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, 4GB of RAM, Nvidia GF900M GT discrete graphics, an HDD with 7,200 RPM, Windows 7, and a 6 / 9-cell battery option. Did I mention that the chassis alone could weigh over 12 pounds - have fun not lugging this thing around.
[GScreen, Gizmodo]

Asus and MSI to Create Their Own e-Book Reader

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Before Amazon's Kindle, e-book readers were dead - or so I thought. With the recent popularity of e-book readers, both Asus and MSI plan to enter the market with their own offering. According to DigiTimes, Asus' e-book reader will be under their Eee brand - Eee Book, I guess? MSI also plans to release their own e-book reader, but there are no details on that device yet.

[Maximum PC, Pocket-Lint, DigiTimes]

Creative Zii EGG Missing A Lot of Features Come Launch Time

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The roadmap above and below outlines when Creative will be releasing these features on their Zii EGG PMP. The good news is that when it is launched, it'll still have a wide range of features like the Plaszma OS. The sad news is that it's also missing a lot of key features when it initially launches like Bluetooth. You can always blow up all of the roadmaps to see exactly what you will be getting and what you will be missing. Check out the link below for more information.


Two BlackBerry Storm 2's Now Available on eBay -- BlackBerry Onyx Too

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This is probably something that you shouldn't want to get off of eBay. Well, first of all it could be fake - but unlikely since the user has a good record on eBay. Okay well, this BlackBerry Storm 2 is labelled as a pre-release device, so it may not be all that stable. And, it costs $1,075 USD so it's pretty damn expensive, even if it was the real deal. It's pretty interesting that it has hit eBay though, but it's probably something you should just look at. You can check out the Storm 2 on eBay here and here.

Update: At the time of writing, there has been 46 bids on this item and it now costs $1,125 USD. The bid ends in just over 11 hours.

Update: According to Mobile Syrup, there is also a BlackBerry Onyx available on eBay as well. This one is more expensive and is labelled as a pre-release item as well. The Onyx (at the time of writing) costs $1,625 USD and there have already been 27 bids on the item. The auction is set to expire in just over 9 hours. Check out the auction here.


Sprint's Samsung Instinct HD Officially Pictured

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Here's the first couple of pictures of the Samsung Instinct HD / Dash / S50 in the wild. There's not really much else to say here, but for more photos you can take a look at the Phone Arena link below.

[Phone Arena, Engadget]

Samsung Making Their Own Mobile OS, Linux-Based

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Samsung (i8910 OmniaHD pictured above) is second behind Nokia in the world's phone market share, but they actually don't even have their own OS. They usually opt with choosing Windows Mobile, Symbian or Android for their devices and then they layer on their TouchWIZ UI over top of it. Today, Samsung confirmed that they are working on their own OS and it'll be based on Linux, which is similar to Nokia's new Maemo OS - also confirmed this morning. We don't know any other details on Samsung's OS, but it's definitely something to look forward to.

[Unwired View]

Qualcomm FLO TV to Be Announced at CES, Some Details Leaked

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The device above is a sketch of a new device which could be announced next year - or late this year. What you see above is reportedly the Qualcomm FLO TV Personal Television (PTV). This PTV will reportedly give you "TV on the go." This device is supposedly about the same size as an iPhone and has: a capacitive touchscreen display, 4GB of internal storage, music / video playback, integrated stereo speakers, and a battery long enough to last 300 hours of standby time / 15 hours of music / 5 hours of FLO TV. If this device is real, sources are saying that we could see this at CES 2010.

[Boy Genius, Slash Gear]

20-Inch MSI AE2010 All-In-One PC to Be Released Next Month

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MSI has just announced their latest all-in-one PC, the AE2010. This PC has: a 20-inch touchscreen display with a 1,600 x 900 resolution, a Dual-Core AMD Athlon X2 1.5GHz CPU, ATI Radeon 3200 graphics, 4GB of RAM, a 320GB HDD, a DVD Super Multi drive, a 4-in-1 card reader, six USB 2.0 ports, an eSATA / Ethernet port, a VGA port, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, a 1.3MP webcam, and Windows Vista Home Premium with a free upgrade to Windows 7. This PC should be available next month for just $650 USD. You can check it out on MSI's official website here.

[Liliputing, Netbooked, Electronista]

Multi-Touchscreen Displays Coming to Netbooks Later This Year

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According to the best source for rumours, DigiTimes, Young Fast Optoelectronics is working on an Analog Matrix Resistive (AMR) display that will bring multi-touchscreen functionality to netbooks. These displays are expected to ship later this year, since they will take advantage of Windows 7's built-in touchscreen support. The pricing hasn't been announced yet, but it looks like they will have to be ordered in bulk so this won't be cheap to buy if you're looking to do it yourself.

[Liliputing, Netbooked]

iPod Nano, iPod Touch and Even the iPod Classic To Get 3.2MP Cameras

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According to DigiTimes, the iPod Touch and iPod Nano will be getting 3.2MP cameras, but we already know that rumour. The unexpected news is that the iPod Classic will be getting a 3.2MP camera as well. The rumour also states that OmniVision will produce Apple with the CMOS sensors. All of these announcements are expected on Apple's September 9th event.

[TUAW, Apple Insider]

BlackBerry Bold Available For $99 in Canada at The Source

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You can head over to Rogers' website and scoop up their BlackBerry Bold for $299.99 on a 3-year contract or you can head over to The Source here and scoop it up for $99.99 on a 3-year contract. The choice is yours.

[Mobile Syrup]

Sony Unveils Two New $299 PS3 Slim Ads

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You can take a look at two new PS3 Slim ads below. That is all.

[PS3 Blog]

Sprint Launching Touch Pro 2 on September 8th; US Cellular Lanching it With WinMo 6.5

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We still don't have a confirmed date on Sprint's HTC Touch Pro 2, but we're now hearing it'll be either September 8th or the 13th. Unfortunately, Sprint and Verizon's HTC Touch Pro 2 will be launching with Windows Mobile 6.1, so we'll see it before October 1st - since that's the date WinMo 6.5 should be out. If you want WinMo 6.5 pre-installed on your Touch Pro 2 then you should probably get yours on US Cellular. They plan to launch the TP2 with WinMo 6.5 pre-installed, which means we'll see it after October 1st.

In the leaked roadmap above, you'll also see the AT&T Touch Pro 2, the LG Monaco (running WinMo 6.5 not WinMo 7), the HTC Warhawk which is the Touch Diamond 2, and Verizon's Samsung Omnia II.

[WMExperts, Slash Gear]
US Cellular TP2 With WinMo 6.5: WMExperts

Toshiba TG02 Spotted at the WiFi Alliance

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It looks like the Toshiba TG02 has just been spotted at the WiFi Alliance and it has the model number TM5-E01. According to Toshiba themselves, the TM5-E01 spotted back in March at the FCC was actually the TG01. So, basically, we're definitely confused here.

To make things even worse is the fact that the TG02 appears to be a clamshell device with: a 0.8-inch external display, a 3-inch WVGA touchscreen internal display, a QWERTY keyboard and the 1GHz Snapdragon CPU. Back in April, we saw supposed pictures of the TG02 and it definitely didn't have a QWERTY keyboard and it wasn't sporting a clamshell design. From the description we've seen above, whatever this is should look more like the Toshiba K02.

[Unwired View]

Xbox 360 Price Cuts Coming Tomorrow; Facebook and Twitter Free With Gold Membership

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It's official. Microsoft will be slashing the price on most of their Xbox 360's tomorrow. The Xbox 360 Arcade will stay at $200 USD, the Pro will drop to $250 (down from $300), and the Elite will drop to $300 (down from $400). This price drop will be in effect in the US starting tomorrow. UK will also be getting price changes on the Xbox 360 as well. The Xbox 360 Elite will drop to £200 (down from £230) and the Arcade will actually increase to £160 (up from £130).

By the way, you can check out what Microsoft had to say here.

In somewhat related news, we already knew that Facebook and Twitter support would be coming to the Xbox 360 in the Fall. Well, Microsoft has also mentioned that Facebook and Twitter support will require an Xbox LIVE Gold Membership. That sucks.

Update: According to the latest VG247 post, Microsoft hasn't "finalized" the plans on Facebook and Twitter support, which means that it actually might not require a Gold Membership.

Update on August 28th: According to VG247, this is now official. Microsoft has just said that Facebook and Twitter will be free to Xbox 360 users who have Gold Memberships. Silver users will only have a "free trial" but right now we don't know how long this trial will last.
Xbox 360 Price Drop: Engadget
Facebook and Twitter on the 360: VG247
Picture Source: Cheap Xbox Live Codes

China Unicom Selling the iPhone 3G This October, Official Announcement Tomorrow

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After weeks, if not months, of negotiation it looks like China Unicom and Apple have finally come to an agreement on the iPhone. According to a couple of Chinese sources, it looks like China Unicom will be launching the Apple iPhone 3G this October. This is a big deal for Apple since their market is huge - even compared to the US. The official announcement should take place tomorrow if the deal is real.

[Mobile Crunch]

Cricket to Release Samsung Messager II Today For $200

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Yes, the image above is MetroPCS' Samsung Messager II, but Cricket announced today that they would be releasing this handset too. It's expected to be available sometime today for $199.99 USD online and at Cricket retail stores. I'll update this post when it goes live on their website.

[Slash Gear]

Snow Leopard's Xprotect Scans For Malware

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Looks like what we heard two days ago about Snow Leopard having a built-in anti-malware / anti-virus program was correct. The malware scanner is called Xprotect and right now it looks for OSX.RPlug.A and OSX.iservice which are two very low threats to Mac users - according to Symantec. Don't worry, it's not a bad thing that you'll have protection, but this is foreboding that Mac users will have to go through viruses and problems too. It's only a matter of time. And yes, Apple will probably be kind enough to update what Xprotect scans for in the future.

By the way, Snow Leopard is expected to be available tomorrow.

[9 to 5 Mac]

Nokia N900 Smartphone Now Official, Launching in October For €500

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So much for waiting until Nokia World. Nokia has just announced the Nokia N900. This is Nokia's first device running Maemo 5 and, yes, it has both internet and phone capabilities. I'm calling it a smartphone. This is definitely Nokia's best smartphone to-date - beating out the N97. This handset is confirmed to have: a 3.5-inch WVGA resistive touchscreen display with a 480 x 800 resolution, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE / WCDMA 900/1700/2100 bands, an ARM Cortex A8 CPU, 32GB of internal memory, a microSDHC card slot, a 5MP AF camera with a dual-LED flash, a Carl Zeiss lens and a cover, an FM transmitter, and WiFi / GPS support.

The Nokia N900 will be hitting "select markets" in October for €500 ($713 USD). Remember it's compatible for T-Mobile USA, so it could get a launch on there in a couple of months. Look out for more information from Nokia next week and, in the meantime, you can enjoy the two videos below.

[Boy Genius]

Bell Canada Releases the Palm Pre Today For $199

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Yes, it's August 27th Canadians! You can now get your Palm Pre - if they have it in stock, that is. You can always check it out on Bell's official website, if you feel like. It's now available in Canada for $199 CAD on a 3-year contract. You can check out two commercials below.

[Mobile Syrup, Engadget Mobile]

High-End Maemo-Based Smartphone to Be Unveiled at Nokia World?

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This is completely just a rumour. Apparently, Nokia is looking to officially announce a high-end smartphone running Maemo at Nokia World next week. This is definitely different because we have yet to see any leaks of a future high-end Nokia smartphone - since the N97 Mini is not exactly "high-end."

This would also bring in the rumours that Nokia will be replacing Symbian with Maemo.Fortunately for some, it looks like Symbian will be reserved for the low to mid-end smartphones and Maemo will be reserved for their high-end smartphones since it's more flexible - that is, if these rumours are true. Could they really be announcing the Nokia N920? We'll see.

[Unwired View]

Unknown Android MID Revealed to Be a Rockchip Concept Device

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I know you haven't forgotten about the mysterious Android MID and I have some bad news for you. Apparently, this device may never hit the market because it has been revealed that - as of right now - it's just a concept to display Rockchip's new RK2808 chipset. This chipset is said to be capable of displaying 720p video into a smaller kind of [Apple-like] design. Anyways, if you're still interested in this concept, you can take a look at the link below for two videos on this device.

Maybe that rumoured 6-inch iPod tablet will have this chip - just taking a shot in the dark here.


Best Buy Mobile Taking $50 Deposit For Sprint HTC Hero Starting on September 13th?

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It's been tipped that the HTC Hero would be hitting the Sprint shelves on October 11, but it's still unconfirmed. Now, we're hearing that starting on September 13th, select Best Buy Mobile locations across the US will be taking a $50 deposit for the HTC Hero. We don't know if it's true, so all we can really do is wait and see what happens.


Nokia X Series to Replace XpressMusic-Branded Handsets

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Back in mid-July, we heard that Nokia could be launching a new X Series - and C Series. This announcement is expected to be, well, announced at Nokia World next week. The latest rumour suggests that the X Series will be replace the XpressMusic brand, which isn't exactly impossible. There are actually a lot of rumours floating around right now, especially one about a Nokia N920 - somewhat a successor to the still unannounced Nokia N900 tablet. If you want to read all of the rumours, just check out the link below.

Nokia Launching ARM-Based Smartbook in Mid-2010?

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According to good ol' DigiTimes, Nokia will be following up the Booklet 3G with that long-rumoured ARM-based smartbook of theirs. This smartbook will probably not be running Android, since it's tipped to probably run either Symbian or Maemo - and y'know the Google Chrome OS is on the way. Nothing is confirmed at the time, but it could have a multi-core ARM Cortex A9 Sparrow CPU. It's expected to launch in mid-2010 which is pretty far from now.

[DigiTimes, Engadget, Netbooked, Maximum PC]

Samsung Rogue U960 and U450 Intensity Hitting Verizon on September 8th, Official Specs / Pricing Details; U450 Headed to Alltel Too

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We finally have the official word on the Samsung Rogue U960 and Samsung U450 Intensity's release date, pricing, and spec sheet. I already know that everyone has been waiting for the word on the Samsung Rogue.

First up is the Samsung U450 Intensity has: a 2.1-inch display with a 176 x 220 resolution, a 1.3MP camera, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth, a microSDHC card slot, and 2.5mm headphone jack.

The Samsung Rogue U960 has: a 3.1-inch AMOLED resistive touchscreen display with a 480 x 800 resolution, a 3MP AF camera with a flash, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth, EV-DO Rev. A support, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a microSDHC card slot.

Both of these handsets will be available on September 8th on Verizon. The Samsung U450 will launch for $29.99 on a 2-year contract after a $50 rebate, $99.99 on a 1-year contract after a $50 rebate, $99.99 on a pre-paid plan after rebates, and $199.99 contract-free. The Samsung Rogue, on the other hand, will launch for $99.99 on a 2-year contract after a $100 rebate, $169.99 on a 1-year contract after a $100 rebate, and $419.99 contract-free.

Evidence from the Bluetooth SIG, has shown us that the Samsung U450 is also headed to Alltel, but we don't know the pricing and launch details yet.

Samsung U450 Headed to Alltel: Boy Genius
Samsung Rogue and U450 Headed to Verizon: Boy Genius, Engadget Mobile
Samsung Rogue Official Specs: Phone Arena
Samsung U450 Official Specs: Phone Arena

FCC Leaks Archos 5 Internet Tablet, Official Announcement Imminent

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Remember the Archos 5 MID / Internet tablet that is reportedly running Android? Well, the event Archos is holding on September 15th is probably going to be the official announcement of the device. Fortunately for us, the FCC has leaked out documents on the latest Archos 5 MID - labelled A5S and A5H. This is probably what we'll see on the 15th - just a heads-up.

[Phandroid, Engadget]

Dell Releases Sexy White Colour to Their Studio XPS 13 and 16 Notebooks

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Sexy, isn't it? Yeah, it's a white notebook that's not a Mac. While it is sexy, you're going to have to fork over an extra $40 USD for this "Arctic White High Gloss" colour, which definitely sucks. Personally, I'd still rather get the black colour, but that's just my opinion. It's still quite sexy though. You can check out the white Studio XPS 13 here and the white Studio XPS 16 here.