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Google Street View, Sony Denies the PS4 Leak, Philips 56-inch Cinema HDTV, Google Marks the Internet as Harmful

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Google Street View has just captured a man walking around in the streets of America with a rifle. I don't really know what else to say, but there's the picture above for you. Only in America.

I talked about the recent PS4 leaks (here) and Sony has denied the rumours again. Yes, i know it's kind of old that every rumour about Sony just has to be denied all the time, but what can i do.

You must remember the Philips 21:9 Cinema HDTV. This 56-inch ultra-widescreen monster will unfortunately not be making it's way to the United States. This also means that it will not reach the Canadian market either. This TV, that i talked about here and here, is also the TV that removes the 'black bars' on those widescreen DVDs. It seems that Philips might actually dislike the US market. This TV was also nowhere to be seen at CES, which was in Vegas. Philips do you have something to confess?

This morning if you used Google search, you might have noticed that every search result displayed the, "This site may harm your computer" tag. Luckily, it was fixed this morning at 11:50 a.m. EST. The whole Internet was going crazy, so it seemed like pretty big news. Now imagine if the whole Internet was infected by malware. I think that would cause a disaster worse than our current economic crisis or the upcoming end of the world (scheduled for December 21, 2012).

Google Street View (and picture): http://i.gizmodo.com/5143274/google-street-view-completes-tour-of-real-america-with-dude-carrying-rifle
Sony Denies the PS4 Leaks: http://gamingfront.net/story-165-.html
Philips 56-inch Cinema HDTV (and picture): http://www.engadget.com/2009/01/31/philips-56-inch-cinema-21-9-hdtv-not-for-americans/
Google Marks the Internet as Harmful (and picture): http://lifehacker.com/5143489/google-marked-every-site-as-harmful-this-morning

Panasonic's 'Eco' Light, Windows 7 RC1, Google's New Tab Feature in Firefox, 32GB RAM Sticks

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This blog post's paragraphs will progressively get better the farther you go down the list. So, let's start it off with Panasonic, which takes the 4th place spot on this post. This is an expensive fluorescent light that is eco friendly because it only shines as bright as it needs to. It responds to any ambient light to adjust its own brightness to save electricity. This light, developed by Panasonic, is called the Auto-Eco Light-Control Twin Pa. I don't know why you'd have to give this light such a long name, but Panasonic did anyway. The 'Twin Pa' will come in 2 versions, a 74W and a 89W, which cost $360 USD and $390 USD, respectively.

Number 3 on this list is that there will be no Beta 2 for Windows 7. Instead, from Beta 1, it will go straight to RC1. This is good news because this shows that Windows 7 is almost ready, since the RC1 version would mean that the coding for the OS is mainly finished and just needs to be polished. Hopefully, the public will also be able to test the RC1, which i believe will happen.

Usually, Google would take the first place spot, but today, it won't be them. Second place on today's post is using Google Chrome's new tab feature in Mozilla Firefox. This is done by using the Google Toolbar Beta 2 for Firefox. "Everytime you open a new tab you'll get a thumbnail view of your favorite sites, recent bookmarks, and recently closed tabs - just like you get in Google Chrome." This didn't take the first spot on today's news because i already use Google Chrome, so this is not of [major] use to me. I barely use Firefox anymore, thanks to Chrome. Unfortunately, i read earlier today that Google Chrome is still hovering around the 1% market share value. So this means that Google has to release their extensions and stuff now, seeing how they've only updated Google Chrome once [or twice], ever since it was taken out of beta. I also read a rumour that mentioned that we will see more features in Google Chrome over the next month or two, which should be true.

For the first place spot, i congratulate Samsung with their recent breakthrough. "Basically, 32GB DDR3 consumer RAM sticks are now possible." Each of those 8 small black rectangles, called RAM modules are now 4GB chips. Amazing (I should use a thesaurus). Although, Samsung's 16GB RAM sticks are slow to come to consumers, at least we all know that if we ever need the technology, it's right here. These RAM sticks are expensive, so don't expect to see everyone rocking 32GB RAM sticks in their computers in the upcoming months. But, don't take my word for it, since the expansion of computer hardware is really accelerating. Processors now need to step their game up to support these bad boys.

Panasonic's 'Eco' Light (and picture): http://i.gizmodo.com/5142671/lazy-eco-panasonic-lighting-glows-only-as-brightly-as-it-needs-to
Windows 7 RC1: http://techfragments.com/news/345/Software/Microsoft_Windows_7_RC1_Is_Next_-_No_Beta_2.html
Google's New Tab Feature in Firefox (and picture): http://mashable.com/2009/01/30/google-firefox-3-toolbar/
Samsung's 32GB RAM Sticks (and picture): http://i.gizmodo.com/5142623/samsung-memory-breakthrough-will-give-us-32gb-ram-sticks

Dell's Phone Prototypes, New Pen Concept, Google GDrive, Samsung S3500

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Yesterday, i set my own personal record. I posted an overwhelming 7 posts in one day. It was actually 8, if you count my post in my other blog. With special help from having no school and the whole day off, it was a pretty productive blogging day. I'm certainly satisfied with what i did yesterday. A day which consisted entirely of relaxation and blogging.

There has been breaking news that Dell will be making its way into the smartphone market. Oh wait, this is old news. This rumour about Dell going into the smartphone business has been going on for far too long now. Dell's smartphone prototypes seem to be imitating the Pre and the iPhone in a way. One of the phones will have "a touchscreen but no physical keyboard" and the other prototype phone is a "slider-style phone with a keypad and that slides from beneath the screen." It doesn't seem too interesting to me, but i`d still give these a second look. They are also looking to use the WinMo (hopefully not 6.1) and the Android OS for their smartphones. "The formal move into the phone market could happen as early as February, perhaps just in time for the 3GSM global phone biz show in Barcelona on the 15th. Dell could be unveiling something big soon, but it's nothing we haven't heard before. More news about that, when it actually happens.

The picture you see on the left side is a new pen concept that seems to be in development. It seems like a magnificent idea and it is also very creative. "An ink pen that reads the color of any object you place in front of it, then mixes red, blue and green ink to match it." It sounds like a good idea to me, although it may be a long time from now until we'll be able to use one of these things. Still very Interesting.

There is new evidence of a Google GDrive. This thing, to the extent my knowledge, is pretty much confirmed, but the only thing yet to be determined is when it will be released. In a part of Google`s code, it mentions that "GDrive provides reliable storage for all of your files, including photos, music and documents" and also that "GDrive allows you to access your files from anywhere, anytime, and from any device - be it from your desktop, web browser or cellular phone." Be prepared for this soon. I hope it`s released this year because it`s something i`d definitely try out.

On your left side, you will see a photo of what appears to be the Samsung S3500. This leaked photo "has a styling quite similar to the highly successful U900 Soul." This phone will have the usual Bluetooth and USB capability, but only has a mere 35MB of internal memory. Luckily, you can expand that using its MicroSD card slot. This will, most likely, be shown more at this year`s MWC 2009, which i still can`t wait for.

Dell's Prototype Phones (and picture): http://i.gizmodo.com/5142507/dell-builds-prototype-android-and-windows-mobile-phones-may-finally-sell-them
Pen Concept (and picture): http://i.gizmodo.com/5142452/pen-concept-uses-optical-scanner-to-let-you-choose-ink-color
Google GDrive (and picture): http://lifehacker.com/5142669/googles-gdrive-will-allow-access-to-files-anywhere-anytime
Google GDrive: http://mashable.com/2009/01/30/gdrive-rumor/
Samsung S3500 (and picture): http://www.gsmarena.com/stylishly_simple_samsung_s3500_makes_its_way_to_the_headlines-news-764.php

Google News: Google Earth and Marijuana, Fixing Chrome's 'High-Risk' Holes, Chrome Ad in Japan

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If you live in Switzerland and you grow marijuana outdoors, you could be caught by the Swiss police soon. The Swiss police have used Google Earth to locate large fields of marijuana. "Although the weed was hidden by corn, police quickly saw through the drug dealers' ruse and brought the hammer of Swiss justice down upon their heads with extreme prejudice." You can't hide from Google Earth because they are out to get you.

"Google has shipped a high-priority Chrome browser patch with fixes for three security vulnerabilities that expose users to cross-site scripting and data theft attacks." This patch also fixes compatibility issues with Yahoo Mail and Windows Live Mail. Google is on the top of their game, fixing these holes as soon as they are found. It's a good sign of security. I trust them.

Here's more news on Google Chrome. Here is a short video on a Japanese ad for Google Chrome, via YouTube.

Google Earth and Marijuana (and picture): http://g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/692813/Swiss-Police-Bust-Druggies-With-Google-Earth.html?utm_source=g4tv&utm_medium=rssfeeds&utm_campaign=TheFeed
Google Fixes Chrome's 'High-Risk' Holes (and picture): http://blogs.zdnet.com/security/?p=2443
Google Chrome Ad in Japan (and video): http://googlesystem.blogspot.com/2009/01/chrome-ad-from-google-japan.html

OMG LINGS!!?!?!, Philips 56-inch Cinema 21:9 HDTV, WinMo 6.5 Screenshots, Intel 8-Core Xeon Processor

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As you can see in the above photo, it is a screenshot of Starcraft 2. This is an amazing photo which consists of hundreds of zerglings approaching a Terran base. On a side note, i finally posted on my new blog today. You can go check it out by clicking on 'My Thoughts' in the top right corner of this page.

A couple of weeks ago, i talked about the Philips Cinema 21:9 HDTV (here) and i'm going to talk about it again today. This is a beautiful TV set and is a 56-inch monster. It will have "five HDMI sockets, a Spring release date and an estimated $4,276 [USD] price tag." Now, this TV may be wide, but it has a purpose. My aunt and uncle prefer buying 'Fullscreen' DVDs over 'Widescreen' because in 'Widescreen' you will notice that there are long black bars across the top and the bottom of the screen. This Philips HDTV is looking to get rid of those black bars, due to it's ultra-widescreen. Maybe, i should tell my aunt and uncle about this television set because it truly is gorgeous and it is something i know that they'll love. If you click on the link here, there is a short-clip about this TV.

So, Windows Mobile 6.1 will soon be out the door and we will make way for WinMo 6.5. There is a rumour that WinMo 6.5 will be unveiled at this year's MWC 2009, so it's just around the corner. In the picture that you see, it appears to be a leaked photo of the upcoming WinMo 6.5 Mobile OS. Engadget mentions that the photo is "pretty Zune-ish." I'll have to take their word for it, since i don't know what the Zune's UI looks like at all.

It's Intel vs AMD and we should know by now that Intel's i7 chips are faster than AMD's Phenom. But, it looks like Intel will be separating the Intel vs AMD margin even farther with the release of their new eight-core Xeon processor. It is "likely to be the Nehalem EP processor, an upcoming chip that is designed for dual-socket servers and workstations. This segment of the Xeon line is due for a refresh, and the Nehalem EP processor is scheduled to be released during early 2009." Intel will be revealing Nehalem at this year's ISSCC (International Solid-State Circuits Conference) in San Francisco on February 9. I'll give you more news on the Nehalem when the complete details are announced. Technology does evolve really fast. It seems like just a couple of week ago we were introduced to quad-core and now there will be 8-cores already.

Starcraft 2 Zergling picture: http://www.joystiq.com/2009/01/29/new-starcraft-2-screens-make-it-rain-zerglings/
Philips 56 inch Cinema 21:9 HDTV (and picture): http://www.engadget.com/2009/01/29/philips-56-inch-cinema-21-9-hdtv-gets-showcased-on-video/
WinMo 6.5 Screenshots (and picture): http://www.engadget.com/2009/01/29/seemingly-real-windows-mobile-6-5-screenshots-trickle-out-of-lea/
Intel's 8-Core Xeon Processor: http://blogs.zdnet.com/gadgetreviews/?p=1016

First Warhammer Expansion On Its Way, THQ in Trouble, Asus VK266H LCD Monitor, Playstation 4 Leaked

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The creators of Warhammer, Mythic, have announced their first expansion. Warhammer is currently competing with World of Warcraft in the MMO world. If you happen to play Warhammer over World of Wacraft, this is good news for you. The new expansion will be named "Call to Arms." Call to Arms "will feature two new classes - the Orc Choppa and the Dwarf Slayer - and a new dungeon called 'the Land of the Dead.'" It looks like the expansion will not be sold in retail stores because it will be available for download in March. Take that World of Warcraft, which makes you pay for every new expansion. I would still choose World of Warcraft over Warhammer any day, if i had the money.

THQ looks like it will be shutting down soon. THQ has been in a lot of trouble recently. It started out with the shutting down of 5 studios a couple of months ago. It's kind of sad to see where their WWE Smackdown vs Raw franchise will go because i actually enjoyed playing that game. On Sunday, i was actually playing Smackdown vs Raw with my cousins, since they came over. I used to play Smackdown vs Raw and i created many characters using their 'Create-A-Wrestler' option. I had around an 80:20 win-loss ratio online, so i guess i was alright. Those were the good old days.

This Asus LCD monitor that you see on the left side is what i will be talking about in this paragraph. The VK266H has a 20,000:1 contrast ratio and has a 2ms response time. This LCD monitor was just released in India. This 25.5-inch 1080p HD LCD monitor also has Asus's SPLENDID technology. "The SPLENDID technology uses a color engine for video content property analysis and then automatically optimizes image quality in any usage scenario." It sounds good to me. This monitor is very impressive, spec-wise. It also has HDMI input, a 170 degree viewing angle, stereo speakers and even a 2.0MP webcam. It has an amazing design and if you can get your hands on this, i suggest that you go for it.

The good old Sony Playstation. Apparently, the plans of the next Playstation were leaked. The Playstation 4 will use the same CELL technology that the current PS3 is using. It will be about twice as powerful as the PS3 and their goal by 2011 is to have a completely silent CELL. The Playstation 4's production costs are said to be cheaper because of the small 45nm chip that they are going to be using. The article is really hard to understand because it was translated from Japanese. But, if you want to read it, you can click on the link below.

Warhammer's First Expansion (and picture): http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3172524
THQ in Trouble (and picture): http://ps3.qj.net/Rumor-RIP-THQ-/pg/49/aid/128502
Asus VK266H LCD Monitor (and picture): http://www.techtree.com/India/News/Asus_Intros_VK266H_LCD_Monitor_in_India/551-98327-581.html
Playstation 4 Leaked: http://gamingfront.net/story-156-.html

Google Maps Car Hits a Deer, Phones: Hitachi H001, Samsung Propel Pro, Next iPhone?

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"The Google Maps car took out a baby deer, and it recorded the entire process for all Google Maps users to see." This wasn't intentional. The deer just happened to run out in front of the car and, sadly, the Google Maps car took it out. You can click on the picture if you want to see a larger view of the image.

The Hitachi Wooo H001. This phone will have dual-flip capabilities. Its most interesting feature is that it will have "3D-ified versions of various UI elements and mobile TV content." If you do start to get a little bit dizzy from the 3D-ness, you can just flip the switch, so that it will be back to your normal 2D-mode. This phone is part of the KDDI lineup, which also includes 8.1MP camera-phones, wide VGA displays and one-seg TV tuners. This phone will be launching in April in 3 colours. It's also going to be released only in Japan. Japan seems to get all the good products, even including the Sony PSP's 'carnival colours.' They should release some of that goodness to this side of the world.

This phone you see on the left may be spy shots of the new Propel Pro from Samsung. This phone is said to use the awful Windows Mobile 6.1 OS and it is expected to have 3G capabilities. The camera's quality is unknown, but will most likely be more than 1.3MP, which was what its predecessor had. The screen, to me, looks tiny. WinMo 6.5 is on its way, so this phone shouldn't create too much buzz.

There are now rumours of a new Apple iPhone in the making. Recent firmware coding hinted this to us by making a reference to an "iPhone 2,1" model. Right now, there is no iPhone 2,1 model. "The iPhone 3G is identified by the tag 'iPhone 1,2', while the original is dubbed 'iPhone 1,1'. The numbers don't change at all for storage bumps, so a new number means a significantly updated device." That is some big news for Apple iPhone fans. It probably won't be the iPhone Pro or the iPhone Nano. So, i'm excited to see what Apple can come up with to improve on their current iPhone 3G.

Google Maps Car Hits a Deer (and picture): http://i.gizmodo.com/5141974/google-maps-car-hits-a-deer-records-entire-ordeal-on-google-maps
Hitachi H001 (and picture): http://www.engadget.com/2009/01/29/hitachi-h001-with-3d-display-leads-up-kddi-aus-spring-2009-line/
Samsung Propel Pro (and picture): http://www.engadget.com/2009/01/29/samsung-propel-pro-in-the-wild-caught-on-camera/
Next iPhone On Its Way?: http://theappleblog.com/2009/01/29/evidence-points-to-new-iphone-two-countem-two-sources/

Google News: Using Gmail Offline, Search Growth, Chrome's Speed, Measurement Labs, 10 Years of Google

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You have to love Google and i have more from them today.

If you use Gmail, like me, you are in luck. Today, Gmail Labs gave Gmail a new feature. It allows you to use your Gmail even if you are not connected to the Internet, Offline Gmail. How this works is beyond my knowledge. Even after watching a video on it, i still never entirely understood. Anyways, you will be able to use almost all of Gmail's features even if you are not connected to the Internet, thanks to Google Gears. "Composing emails in offline mode puts them in your outbox, and those emails are automatically sent once you're back online." This will really be useful to those Blackberry users or people on-the-go. I think it will affect more American users than Canadian users, but it's still useful, nonetheless. I think that Americans have a faster-paced lifestyle than us, in Canada. For me, the ability to use Offline Gmail is still not an option in my Labs menu, so i still have to wait for that.

Just when you thought Google owned the search engine category, they still managed to increase in 2008. From all of the search queries in 2008, Google's market share increased from 58.5% to 63.5%. As you can see from the chart, Google is the purple line, which steadily increases. The other 3 lines are other 3 search engines and it looks like their lines just go straight through the graph, with no increase. "What's even more impressive is that nearly 90 percent of all the growth in search volume was also captured by Google." This is world domination at its finest.

Yet, another chart. This one also shows Google's dominance, but this time in the browser department. The smaller the bar, the faster it is, in this case. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox were the 2 kings in this test. Internet Explorer, obviously, came in last place here. Opera 10 Alpha was oh-so-close to snagging that last place slot, but they just edged out Internet Explorer RC 1. Kudos to my 2 favourite browsers, Chrome and Firefox, for dusting those other 2 browsers.

Google is fighting for Net Neutrality and they are going to "give users the tools to figure out whether internet service providers are interfering with their broadband connections by blocking or 'throttling' certain applications." Google partnered up with the New America Foundation and Planet Labs to "further develop Measurement Labs, an open-source platform that researchers can use to find out information about broadband connections." Google looks like it is really backing up Net Neutrality and it is a good thing. "One of the tools Google plans to provide users on its M-Lab site is called DiffProbe. It will help users detect whether an internet service provider is giving some traffic a lower priority than other traffic." The more information the user has, the more control they have. This article on TechCrunch was very well-written, that's why i pulled so many quotes from it.

I'm about to show you a video of Google's highlights throughout the years. It goes through pretty much everything Google has done for the first 10 years and it really is amazing. It is also a well put-together video. Here it is, via YouTube.

Offline Gmail (and picture): http://lifehacker.com/5140668/gmail-goes-offline-with-google-gears
Google's Search Growth (and chart): http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/01/28/google-gobbled-up-90-percent-of-all-us-search-growth-in-2008/
Google Chrome's Speed (and chart): http://news.cnet.com/8301-13505_3-10151584-16.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag=2547-1_3-0-5
Measurement Labs: http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/01/28/google-introduces-a-new-weapon-in-the-fight-for-net-neutrality-measurement-labs/
10 Years of Google (and video): http://googlesystem.blogspot.com/2009/01/ten-years-of-google-video.html

Apple vs Palm

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Apple and Palm have recently been taking shots at each other. Kind of like how Microsoft and Kaz Hirai of Sony were doing a couple of days ago. "Apple CEO Tim Cook flatly told analysts that 'we will not stand for people ripping off our IP' when asked specifically about competition like the Palm Pre, and Palm responded with a similarly-explicit 'We have the tools necessary to defend ourselves.' At issue, of course, is that the Pre employs a multitouch screen and gestures almost exactly like those made famous on the iPhone." Sorry that i had to pull such a long quote from Engadget, but it's because i don't know the whole story and i don't want to get anything wrong. I actually thought i blogged about this before, but i didn't. Anyways, Apple got their multi-touch 'patented,' which basically means that they own it. It's really kind of stupid that you can own this multi-touch-ness, but that's Apple for you. It really looks like Apple is afraid of competition, to me, at least. A fight that they will probably win too. Apple is just so far ahead, that no other touchscreen phone could really catch up to them. I think that both the iPhone 3G and the Palm Pre are excellent devices. They both have their unique features and the Pre just does it better, since it had its chance to look at what the iPhone did and just improve on that. Clearly, there was a lot of thought put into the the making of the Pre and the same could be said with the iPhone. I really hope that Palm can get through this 'legal action' whatever it may be. Everyone loves competition. Everyone except Apple. If you want to read a fairly lengthy article regarding the Palm Pre vs iPhone 3G 'legal' fight, it is on Engadget, below.

Apple vs Palm (and picture): http://www.engadget.com/2009/01/28/apple-vs-palm-the-in-depth-analysis/
Apple's Multi-Touch Patent (and picture)http://mashable.com/2009/01/26/apple-multi-touch-patent/

Killzone 2 vs Halo 3 Sales, 2TB Hard Drive, Sony News, Final Fantasy Countdown is Finished

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I didn't read this article about Killzone 2 vs Halo 3 in terms of sales, but it did spark something in my mind. Which one will win? Personally, i think that Killzone 2, from what i've heard, is a better game overall than Halo 3. But, in terms of sales, i don't think that Killzone 2 will be able to surpass what Halo 3 has done. I hope that Killzone 2 will beat the Halo 3 in terms of sales, just to shove it in everyone's face, but i don't think that will happen. But, i may be wrong, so we'll just have to see.

Western Digital has launched the world's first 2TB hard drive. An insane capacity, yet i still don't know why you would really need that much storage. I am perfectly fine with around 250GB of space. But, i mean there are those people who just need to have all that space, you know. Most probably for torrented HQ movies and a bunch of other stuff i will not name (see: pr0n). An insane capacity. I am more in favour for the SSD rise though.

First i'll talk about Sony's OLED TV (left picture). This OLED that was launched in Japan in October 2007 and in the US in January 2008 will finally be hitting Europe. The 11-inch XEL-1 has a mere 3mm thin display, a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio and a 178-degree viewing angle. The colour on this TV is amazing. Up next is another Sony TV. It looks like it will be part of the Sony Bravia line. I think it was announced at their press conference at CES, but i don't know for sure, since this article didn't really give much information. The article does mention that it is thinner than a slice of bread. The TV is reportedly 9.9mm thin, which will make it the world's thinnest LED TV to-date. I guess that doesn't include the OLED's.

The Final Fantasy XIII countdown finished yesterday, but i didn't get to blog-post about it last night. What did they reveal to the world? A new HD trailer and real-time gameplay footage. I'm watching it as i type this out and it looks amazing. I hope i have PS3 by the time this comes out in, the earliest, 2010. The video itself is under 3 minutes long, so it shouldn't take too much out of your day. I noticed that the on-screen damage numbers uses the same font as one of their other game's 'Dirge of Cerberus,' which is really irrelevant, but i thought i'd just point that out. Anyways, here's the video for you, via Joystiq.

Killzone 2 vs Halo 3 Sales (and picture): http://analoghype.com/features/podcasts/ep8/
Western Digital's World-First 2TB Hard Drive: http://www.pcworld.com/article/158374/Western_Digital_Launch.html?tk=rss_news
Sony's OLED (and picture): http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2009/01/28/sony_xel1_blighty/
Sony Launches Slimmest TV Ever: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/fun/gizmo/article2179023.ece
Final Fantasy XIII Countdown is Finished (and video): http://www.joystiq.com/2009/01/28/final-fantasy-xiii-countdown-ends-new-trailer-released/

Phones: HP's iPAQ Data Messenger, 3G Sidekick LX 2009, Samsung Memoir, DSTL1 Android Smartphone

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HP is a brand mostly-known for their computers and their laptops, but it looks like they're going to be releasing another phone soon. The pre-orders, in the UK, are starting for this phone today. I don't think this phone will create that much buzz, due to it's WinMo 6.1 OS. With MWC 2009 around the corner, WinMo 6.5 should be on the way shortly. It looks like it's too little, too late for HP. Although, this is still a decent-looking phone, i have to give it that.

A new rumour has surfaced, regarding a new 3G Sidekick LX 2009 on the way. Some of the specs are listed on Gizmodo and i will list some of them. According to its 'Hardware' section it will have a 3.2 inch screen that will have an 854 x 480 resolution, a "thin design," a QWERTY keyboard (of course), a 3.2MP camera with autofocus and up to 8GB of memory via MicroSD. Some 'Social Networking Suite of Apps' this phone will have are: Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and YouTube Mobile Access. It looks like a good upgrade, even adding GPS and 3G to the mix. But, it's just a rumour, so i'll give you more information if it is officially announced.

The Samsung Memoir. The Memoir looks like it will be available, exclusively to T-Mobile, starting on February 25, 2009. This phone will be $300 USD with a 2-year contract, which is actually reasonable. This phone "features a full touchscreen with TouchWiz UI and [an] 8 mega pixel camera accompanied with a xenon flash." Looks like Samsung is going to try to chase Nokia with that top spot on the mobile list. But, the Nokia N97 will still prevail!

This awesome-looking phone will be running Android. This phone will have a "3-inch Sharp touchscreen." It is called the General Mobile DSTL1. The phone looks amazing and also has some decent features, like: 4GB internal memory and up to "8GB T-flash Card Support" and a 5MP auto-focus camera. the only thing this phone is missing is a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. It still looks good to me though, but it could be a bit too thick. I also don't like candy-bar phones. The design of the phone is still amazing.

HP's iPAQ Data Messenger (and picture): http://www.engadget.com/2009/01/27/hps-ipaq-data-messenger-finally-up-for-pre-order/
3G Sidekick LX 2009 (and picture): http://i.gizmodo.com/5141420/3g-sidekick-lx-2009-edition-spotted
Samsung Memoir (and picture): http://www.gsmarena.com/8megapixel_samsung_memoir_shows_its_face_again-news-758.php
DSTL1 Android Smartphone (and picture): http://i.gizmodo.com/5140211/dstl1-android-smartphone-is-battlestar-galacticas-iphone

Basketball Coach Fired After 100-0 Win, Windows 7 Will Have Multiple Versions, Megan Fox as Tomb Raider?, Starcraft; A College Course?

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So, i've temporarily fixed the comment problem that my friend, Yang, told me about. I've gone with the boring pop-out comment box window for now. That is, until i find a better solution because i don't really want to use the pop-out box for commenting.

Moving right along to good ol' game of basketball. And yes, you read that title right. A basketball coach has been fired after his girl's basketball team beat another team 100-0. He got fired because he did not apologize for this win. Yes, his team did completely dominate the other team, but it just showed a lack of sportsmanship and it set a bad example. Why would you even want to embarrass a team like that in the first place. Seriously? 100-0. At halftime, the score was already 59-0. You would think he would have told his team to give some mercy to the other team. But, that didn't happen. In another article i read a couple of days ago, the opposing coach mentioned that it was just a lay-up drill for the other team. This team just played full-court pressure all game, showing no mercy at all. I think it was right that they fired him because that's just really inconsiderate.

A couple of days ago, i posted a picture of Windows 7 possibly being in multiple versions (here) . Well, it looks like this pictures is, in fact, real. I think that this move on Microsoft isn't very smart because, first of all, it's confusing to the user. It's confusing to the user because you're not going to know exactly which versions has what capabilities. Although, i'd just go for the Ultimate version because it probably has the most features, though i could be wrong. I was hoping that these multiple Windows 7 versions wouldn't be real, but it looks like they are. Although, Windows 7 will be a major step-up from their last OS (Windows Vista), which was terrible. Windows 7 is running great as a beta and will only get better when the final release comes out.

About a week ago, i talked about the possibility of Megan Fox playing Lara Croft in the upcoming Tomb Raider movie. Well, it looks like that was just a rumour that someone started. Fox's spokesperson crushed our dreams and said that Megan Fox is "not involved in the movie at all." I guess Lara Croft will still be Angelina Jolie, who is still gorgeous, so i guess it will be okay.

What you are about to read is all real and i'm not making this up. "Students in UC - Berkeley can take up StarCraft studies for college credits." This is amazing and makes me want to go to this college, where ever it is. Under the 'Course Description' it says, "The course will go in-depth in the theory of how war is conducted within the confines of the game Starcraft." I wonder if you'll get to brainstorm tips about defeating other races and certain strategies that you can use in online play. This is amazing and is making me so excited for the next Starcraft game to come out. It'll be 'off-the-hizzle.'

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Megan Fox Will Not Be Tomb Raider: http://www.joystiq.com/2009/01/28/report-warner-bros-rebooting-tomb-raider-film-sans-megan-fox/
Starcraft for a College Course (and picture): http://www.starcraftwire.net/blog/comments/study-starcraft-for-college/

New Blog and Layout, PSP2 Rumours Continue, Sony In Denial, Google To Buy Skype

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As you can now see, my new layout is complete. I absolutely love this layout and it was actually going to be one of my first layouts, but that obviously didn't happen. My new blog is also ready for my first post, which i did not do yesterday or today. I will write on it tomorrow though, i promise. Yesterday, i took a longer nap than i originally expected and i was also experimenting with this new layout. So, my 'Thought's' blog took my old layout and i think now would be a good time to start this tech post. This will be one of my shorter posts because i am at a "party" right now...

Ahh yes, the good old PSP2 rumour that i've talked about here, here and even here. But, these PSP2 rumours are just building up with controversy and a bit of evidence. The rumoured PSP2 will reportedly have a "widescreen multi-touch interface." I am actually starting to believe that Sony is working on the PSP2 because of their survey that they put out a couple of weeks ago. The PSP2 may not be released anytime this year, but Sony may announce it for a scheduled release in 2010 or 2011. A PSP2 does sound good, but will it be popular, is the real question. Sony has a tendency to overprice all of their products, so at launch it may not be as successful as it intends to be. When the price drops though, consumers will have second thoughts and maybe go out and buy this product. This is only if these PSP2 rumours are true. But...

Following this news about the PSP2 we head over to Sony to see what they have to say. Well, of course, Sony denied it and they also took a shot at IGN. Since the PSP2 rumour came from IGN's "several credible sources," Sony said that IGN are "on the money." What does this mean? Well, i think this means that Sony is accusing IGN of making up this rumour because they want money. More people will visit their site, due to these rumours and they will gain money in the process. As i said, Sony denied the PSP2 rumours and also called the speculations nonsense.

A new rumour has surfaced about Skype. I use Skype everyday, since my girlfriend lives on residence for university and we just video call each other whenever we need to talk. The rumour about Skype is that eBay is going to sell it to Google. This rumour may actually be true because Google's video chat is rumoured to be in 'HD' soon. If they acquire Skype, they can work together to imply this 'HD' that Google is talking about. I hope these rumours are true. Another step to Google dominance.

PSP2 Rumours Continue: http://kotaku.com/5139818/touchscreen-psp2-coming-soon-rumors-ign
Sony Denies PSP2 Rumours Again: http://www.joystiq.com/2009/01/27/sony-dismisses-igns-psp2-rumors-disses-ign/
Google to Buy Skype (and picture): http://www.techradar.com/news/internet/rumour-google-to-buy-skype-513789

Google [Android G2], Google [GDrive] and Google [Gears]

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If you love Google like me, this blog post will be amazing to read. It might even be as fun to read as it was for me to type this up. Anyways, let's get down to the Google news.

Ever since the pictures of the [ugly] T-Mobile G2 came out, there have been numerous fake Android G2 phones popping around all over the web. In my opinion, this one pictured on the left looks like the best one. I say this because it looks like a skinnier, white HTC Touch HD. Although, i don't like the skinniness of the phone too much, it still manages to look better than the current G2. The buttons on this fake G2 also could have been done better and they could have also included a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Now that would be my dream phone. An HTC Touch HD + Nokia N97 + Android all-in-one phone. The HTC Touch HD's looks and camera, mixed with the N97's storage and slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Dump both of their Mobile OS's for the Android and you get the ultimate phone. We will name my dream phone the Android HTC N97 HD. It would be a good competitor for the iPhone Pro. Both the Android HTC N97 HD and the iPhone Pro are only make-believe.

Google's long-awaited Webdrive service, dubbed the name Gdrive, may be in the near-future. A new, possible hint at Google's GDrive is in this picture on the left. Is this a possible icon for the GDrive service? This along with the option on the Picasa beta for the Mac, may be hints towards a possible GDrive hitting consumers later on this year. I talked about Google's GDrive a couple of days ago (here). It is basically online storage for everything on your hard drive. There is also the rumour that you will be able to use Google's, also rumoured, Operating System. Click the picture for a larger view, if you want.

"[Google] Gears has been around for awhile, but has really reached a stage of maturity, making it stable across Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Google gears provides synchronization of online content such that it can be edited even if there is no Internet connection." Gears is a fairly new service from Google and i expect it to blossom this year. Google Docs, which is a part of Gears, is getting much better. I find myself using Google Docs more and more, as it gets better and better. I use Google Reader every single day and it is also a part of Gears. I've told you before that Google is going to take over the Internet and once they do that, they will probably take over offline as well. Google is pushing their way into our faces. With the expansion of Google Chrome and Gears, along with a possible GDrive making its appearance later this year. 2009 may be a good year for Google to make an aggressive push.

Android G2 (and picture): http://i.gizmodo.com/5139252/fake-android-g2-phones-invading-the-world
Google GDrive (and picture): http://googlesystem.blogspot.com/2009/01/more-signs-of-google-webdrive.html
Google Gears: http://education.zdnet.com/?p=2052

MSI Gaming Laptop, Internet Explorer RC 1, iLife '09, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time, The Sims 3 Delayed?

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I lied, sorry. As of right now, there will be at least 3 blog posts today. Just because i love writing blogs. =D.

First off is the MSI gaming laptop, dubbed the GT627. This laptop will be packed with a six-cell battery, "an optional Blu-ray drive and a Core 2 Duo CPU." Along with these features, the laptop itself will have a 15.4 inch screen with a 1680 x 1050 resolution. "It's also the first MSI laptop to feature the 1GB NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GS GPU, and there's even a 320GB HDD, 4-in-1 multicard reader, twin USB 2.0 ports, HDMI / VGA outputs, gigabit Ethernet, a two megapixel webcam and an ExpressCard slot to round things out." To end the epic spec sheet off, this laptop will weigh around 5.8 pounds. This MSI gaming laptop is packed with a bunch of good features, as you can see. The red outline on the laptop is kind of annoying though (visual-wise), for me at least. I like the Dell Adamo's looks better than this, but that makes sense, since the Adamo is all about the looks.

Internet Explorer's RC (Release Candidate) 1 is now available for download. If you follow my blog, you will know that i'm not too fond of this so-called Internet Explorer. But, just because i'm in a good mood today, i'll summarize PC World's review of Internet Explorer RC 1. Basically, RC 1 fixes all of the bugs in Internet Explorer Beta 1 and 2. Internet Explorer RC 1 is pretty much the code for the final release and it runs faster than Beta 2. If you are going to download the RC 1, just remember that the normal precautions apply, much like anything else pre-released. Just download Google Chrome or Firefox, seriously.

If you have a Mac, you should mark tomorrow on your calendar. iLife '09 is going to be available tomorrow. iLife '09 was presented at the slightly boring Macworld 2009. iLife is "Apple's bundled application suite that brings facial recognition to iPhoto and piano and guitar lessons to GarageBand." "A new license will set you back $79 [USD], unless you bought a new Mac after January 6. New user upgrade's are going for $10 [USD]." So, iLife '09 tomorrow. Go get it, if you want to.

If you are waiting for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for the Nintendo Wii and DS / DSi, i have the release date for you. It's not too far away. It's release date is actually under 2 months into the future. March 24 will be the release date. "Echoes allows Wii and DS gamers to play alongside one another with a bit less hassle than the original Crystal chronicles."

Just in case you wanted to get EA's 'The Sims 3' it may be delayed. The Sims 3 was scheduled for a February 20 release date, but on its official web site, the date now says "TBA." A recent EA statement also hints at a possible delay. The Sims 3 is "already so close to complete it's hard to imagine the company delaying it for very long." So, it may be delayed, but you probably won't have to wait too long. On the other hand, Starcraft 2's release date still hasn't been mentioned.

MSI Gaming Laptop (and picture): http://www.engadget.com/2009/01/26/msi-gets-official-with-gt627-gaming-laptop/
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iLife '09 (and picture): http://lifehacker.com/5139331/ilife-09-hits-shelves-tomorrow
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: http://www.joystiq.com/2009/01/26/final-fantasy-crystal-chronicles-echoes-of-time-clocks-in-march/
The Sims 3 Delayed? (and picture): http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3172467

Exams, Blocking Intruding Wi-Fi Users With Paint, Microsoft Kumo?, More Sony PSP Colours, Killzone 2 Review From Xbox 360 Magazine

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I am finally finished my exams. After studying last night from 8:30 p.m. to 4:30 a.m., i wrote a successful Chemistry exam earlier this morning. Due to lack of sleep, i will probably take a nap after i make my 2 blog posts. Today, i am going to: re-design this blog, design my new blog and post on my new blog. I haven't found the right layout for this blog yet, so i may be changing it tomorrow, but we'll see. Anyways, i am finally free from exams and i can blog more often!

Are you too lazy to make a password for your home Wi-Fi connection? Is someone always stealing your Internet connection? If so, this is the fix for you! Yeah, it may sound like an advertisement, but you know what? People in my neighbourhood need to start putting some passwords on their Internet connection. I usually go over my 60GB download allowance every month, thanks to Rogers. So, sometimes, i just steal someone else's connection so that i'm not on my own Internet. Kind of smart if you ask me. Anyways, back to the main topic, since i'm going a bit off topic here. Some new emerging tech may make its way to the public. Researchers from the University of Tokyo have "developed an aluminum-iron oxide that blocks radio frequencies up to four times beyond existing anti-RF technologies. The paint puts out a magnetic field that resonates at the same frequency as the electromagnetic wave you're looking to block." Gizmodo also points out that it's not overly expensive, but at the same time it's not that cheap. According to their calculations, "Wi-Fi blocking paint would be $50 [USD] to manufacture." This won't be needed for me, since my password is pretty secure. I don't even have my own network password memorized. Luckily, i wrote it down... somewhere.

Lifehacker puts it best when they say, "Microsoft said that its Windows Live and Office Live services will merge into a single web portal, possibly dubbed [the name] Kumo." Is that good news? I guess so. The less tabs it takes up on my Start Menu, the better.

Are you tired of Japan exclusive PSP colours? If you are, then i suggest you stop reading this paragraph, since you can probably get the hint from the picture on the left side. Japan will be receiving four new "carvival colours." The four colours will be blue, red, yellow and green. These PSP's are just screaming, "Look at me!" In my opinion, we are not missing much here. Atlhough, some people will beg to differ. They are going for around $223 USD, with a more expensive model going for $279 USD. The more expensive model comes with a "4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo, PSP pouch, wrist strap and cloth bundle." That sums it up for the PSP news for today.

How good will Killzone 2 be? The only way we can really predict right now is from all of these Killzone 2 reviews. Oh, what's this? Xbox 360 magazine has just reviewed Killzone 2? This can't be good... or can it? So, the Xbox 360 magazine recently reviewed Killzone 2 and they surprisingly had some good things to say about it. At one point, they even mentioned that it beat Gears of War 2 in some aspects. The magazine had some more words for Killzone 2. "It's good. Really good in fact. This is the genre that has belonged to the 360 since its inception, but it finally looks like Sony has an Ace on its deck." Maybe Killzone 2 will live up to its hype, but only time will tell.

Wi-Fi Blocking Paint (and picture): http://i.gizmodo.com/5139315/new-paint-could-block-wi+fi-from-nosey-neighbors
Microsoft Kumo: http://lifehacker.com/5139145/microsoft-to-merge-windows-office-live-into-kumo
Sony PSP Colours (and picture): http://www.engadget.com/2009/01/26/sony-adds-four-new-psp-carnival-colors-to-worship/
Killzone 2 Review From Xbox 360 Magazine (and picture): http://ps3.qj.net/You-know-Killzone-2-is-good-because-the-360-magazine-says-so/pg/49/aid/128369

Google Earth Update, Windows 7 Versions?

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I am just going to do a quick blog post before my cousin's get to my house. It's my mom's 45th birthday today, so we must celebrate that. I have my Chemistry exam tomorrow and i have made some good progress, since my last blog post. I almost finished the first 3 units, leaving only 2 units left. Anyways, this is going to be a quick, short post.

Google is set to announce a new version of Google Earth at the California Academy of Sciences. The author of this blog on ZDNet mentions that it could be "what people are calling 'Google Ocean.'" "Many suspect that we could be days away from seeing a 3D ocean view - the ability to fly across the ocean floor is something that researchers would absolutely love to be able to do." This is quite interesting stuff for those researchers, but i don't think it will matter to me that much. It will be interesting to see what is officially unveiled though. I'll be here to update you on more news about that, when it's released.

"These pictures [left] supposedly come from a new build of the Windows 7 beta, 7025." We all know that there are always many, many versions of every Windows OS that comes out. In this picture, it shows that possibility. While the picture may be a fake, the possibility of multiple versions is still out there, since Microsoft hasn't confirmed anything about the release. I hope that if there do happens to be multiple versions, that Microsoft cuts it down to about 2 or 3 versions because we all know how annoying 5 versions of a Windows OS gets. It's also pricey if you're looking for the version with the most features.

Google Earth Update: http://blogs.zdnet.com/Google/?p=1237
Possible Windows 7 Versions (and picture): http://www.engadget.com/2009/01/25/multiple-windows-7-versions-coming-say-it-aint-so/

Extended Availability on Windows 7, Teleportation Progress, Phelps Won't Defend His Medals at London

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I am so tired right now. I woke up at 11 a.m. this morning and have been pretty much studying ever since i got up. So far, my progress in studying for this Chemistry exam is terrible. I figured that i just needed to take a break. At around 3:40 p.m. i ran to the mall [and back home] because i had to get a card for my mother's birthday, which is tomorrow. We have been on good terms ever since the incident on Christmas Day. Anyways, i might as well get talking about the usual stuff. Even though i want to take a long and well-needed sleep. I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep on Monday, after editing and posting on my new blog!

Just in case you still haven't tried out or downloaded and burned the Windows 7 Beta yet, Microsoft is pushing the availability date again. The last day was supposed to be today [January 24, 2009], but Microsoft announced that they will be letting users download the Windows 7 Beta until February 10, 2009. That's good news for everyone. If you're on Windows Vista right now, i suggest that you try this wonderful and surprisingly stable [and fast] beta. It's one that you'll regret downloading. Luckily, i have the ISO file burned on a CD. On a side note, this picture (above) is from Engadget's site, where i got this article from. As you can see, the author of this article from Engadget uses Google Chrome. Engadget, which is also one of my favourite sites, is one of the most visited tech-sites on the Internet right now. And hey, if they're using Google Chrome, why shouldn't you make the switch? Just a suggestion.

Let's start off with a direct quote off of Gizmodo, which is also one of my favourite sites. "A team at the University of Maryland was able to successfully teleport a quantum state from one atom to another over the distance of a meter." Talk about incredible! Yes, i know, it's only a meter, but it is progress. This is another leap in the science department and maybe before i die, i'll be able to teleport from one place to another. Although, i would probably have to pay to do so. Still, it sounds like great progress.

We all should know who Michael Phelps is. Just in case you somehow don't, he is the swimmer who won 8 medals at the Summer Olympics that were held in Beijing. Anyways, he recently said that he will not be participating in 8 events at the next Olympics, which is in 2012 at London. His choice may have been a tough one, but he mentions that he wants to enjoy his experience at the Olympics this time around. He wants to spend some time cheering in the stands, instead of following his daily routine at Beijing 2008, which was "eat, sleep, swim; eat, sleep, swim."

Sorry for the lack of tech news lately, these past few days have been quite a rush for me, due to exams. On Monday, i will finally be free from all of this studying.

Windows 7 Availability (and picture): http://www.engadget.com/2009/01/24/microsoft-extends-windows-7-beta-downloads-to-february-10/
Teleportation Progress: http://i.gizmodo.com/5138601/major-milestone-reached-in-the-quest-for-star-trek-style-teleportation
Phelps Not Defending 8 Medals at London (and picture): http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/othersports/olympics/london2012/4321391/Michael-Phelps-will-not-defend-all-eight-medals-at-London-2012-Olympics.html

New Layout and New Blog Soon, Warcraft Movie Still in the Making, Giant Wiimote [Cake], Halo Wars Demo, New Consoles in 2012?

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After my last exam on Monday, January 26, i will be starting my new blog. The new blog is expected to take the layout that i have on this current blog. Meanwhile, this blog's layout will change. I'm foreshadowing this blog to have a layout consisting of 3 columns. I'm also going for a more techy look, hopefully i will be able to fulfill that. I look forward to my new blog and what i will be writing about. I hope that some of my readers will go and check it out too.

We have not heard anything about the World of Wacraft movie in months. But finally, Blizzard community manager, Nethaera, steps up to the plate and mentions that it is still in production. Although, he did not give any more information about the movie, it will still be interesting to check out this movie. I'll probably watch it with my girlfriend, even though she won't have a clue as to what's going on. She also won't be reading this anytime soon, so it's pretty safe that i am writing this here. I can't wait to see how high-resolution it will be. Maybe if this WoW movie is a success, we might even see a Starcraft movie, but that's just my wishful thinking. I can't wait until this is released, which will probably be in 2010 - 2011. I hope it will be worth the wait.

Yes, that is a giant Wiimote that you see on your left side. This would cause massive amounts of injury to another child. Thankfully, it is just an edible chocolate cake. This custom cake [$360] was made for a 9-year-old boy's birthday. "The chocolate cake with mousse filling was coated with (edible) rolled fondant, depicting the Wiimote's buttons in perfect detail-including even a properly shaped expansion port in the bottom." But, i disagree just a tiny bit, since the 'A' button is not clear like the controller's is. This is still a sweet [tasting] cake. A near-perfect duplicate. I now want a PS3 cake for my 19th birthday. Very childish, i know.

The upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive, Halo Wars, will be playable on February 5th. For now, only in a single-player demo. The release date will be as follows: "Feb. 26 in Asia, Feb. 27 is Europe and March 3 in the Americas." Canada may not be on the list, but its release date, up here, will also be on the 3rd of March. Personally, i am not a fan of RTS's (Real Time Strategy's) on consoles because they are better and much easier to play on computers / laptops. It's all about Starcraft 2 for me because i don't even have an Xbox 360.

Yves Guillemot of Ubisoft has just said that they are preparing for the new console generation, which they expect to hit consumers in between the years of 2011 and 2012. Ubisoft are looking to "take advantage of a company that could bring more technology to us, or new brands so we have now enough to help us to grow the company." I'm pretty sure what he said does not make complete sense, since his English is not that great, but i'm sure you get what he means. It's either that or some typos from IGN, but i trust IGN enough. Anyways, look out for the Xbox 360, Playstation 4 and the Nintendo Wii 2 because it may be in the near future.

WoW Movie is Still in the Making (and picture): http://www.worldofwar.net/blog/comments/wow-movie-still-going-ahead/
Giant Wiimote Cake (and picture): http://i.gizmodo.com/5137897/brooklyn-pastry-chef-crafts-perfect-gigantic-wiimote-cake
Halo Wars Demo (and picture): http://kotaku.com/5138022/halo-wars-is-golden-demo-drops-february-5th
New Consoles Expected in 2012: http://ps3.ign.com/articles/947/947671p1.html?RSSwhen2009-01-23_013500&RSSid=947671

HTC Touch Cruise, New Blackberry Storm OS, Palm Announcing Something at MWC 2009, Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds Ad

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I've talked about the HTC Touch Cruise before, but under the codename 'HTC Iolite.' (here). The HTC Touch Cruise will have a geotagging application pre-installed, called Footprints. Aside from the geotagging, the article has a full spec sheet of the phone. The HTC Touch Cruise, which runs on the choppy WinMo 6.1, is packed with: a 2.8 inch TFT (TouchFLO technology) LCD touchscreen, a 3.2MP camera, Bluetooth and will weigh 103 grams. It's your usual HTC phone, since you don't get anything too overwhelming with it. It's a pretty nice looking phone, but the HTC Touch HD is just godly compared to this. All HTC needs to do is drop the (also godly) price of the HTC Touch HD and then i'll be happy.

The fairly disappointing Blackberry Storm is looking to pick up the slack of their OS. There is "a new beta OS for the Storm [that] has make its way into the wild." The OS contains an on-screen QWERTY keyboard, even in portrait mode. This is an upgrade compared to the old OS, which makes you flip the phone to type in QWERTY keyboard mode. There were a lot of complaints on the stability of the Storm's OS, but they appear to be fixing that. Users using the new beta OS are reporting that there is an increase in overall stability and some visual enhancements. If only they had this OS at launch date, the phone may have had more shock value. Maybe next time RIM (Research in Motion). I also found out something new about RIM (the company that makes the Blackberry) today. They are a Canadian company! How cool is that? Anyways, moving along.

Palm is going to be announcing something secret at this year's MWC, which is under a month away. Engadget is guessing that it will be the "official unveiling of the 3G GSM version of the Pre." Well, whatever it is, i will have that for you as soon as it is announced. Just like CES, i will try to look for live streaming on MWC. I'm crossing my fingers for that.

Do you remember Lenovo's ThinkPad W700ds? The giant laptop with 2-screens. Well, just incase you don't remember, the picture on the left should refresh your memory. There is a new ad that has surfaced recently about the W700ds. No one is sure where the [fairly funny] ad came from, but it 'probably' didn't come from Lenovo. Anyways, here's the video, via Youtube.

Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds ad on Youtube: http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=MhGkxkzmPbQ
HTC Touch Cruise Specs (and picture): http://i.gizmodo.com/5137018/refreshed-gps+centric-htc-touch-cruise-tracks-your-every-move
Blackberry Storm Beta OS (and picture): http://www.engadget.com/2009/01/22/new-storm-os-4-7-0-90-includes-keyboard-in-portrait-mode/
Palm Pre Announcing Something at MWC (and picture): http://www.engadget.com/2009/01/21/palm-announcing-something-at-mwc-next-month-gsm-pre-likely/
Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds picture: http://ijcopon925.blogspot.com/search/label/lenovo
Lenovo Article on Ad: http://www.crunchgear.com/2009/01/22/lenovo-teases-you-with-their-oversexed-it-workers/