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New Blog and Layout, PSP2 Rumours Continue, Sony In Denial, Google To Buy Skype

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As you can now see, my new layout is complete. I absolutely love this layout and it was actually going to be one of my first layouts, but that obviously didn't happen. My new blog is also ready for my first post, which i did not do yesterday or today. I will write on it tomorrow though, i promise. Yesterday, i took a longer nap than i originally expected and i was also experimenting with this new layout. So, my 'Thought's' blog took my old layout and i think now would be a good time to start this tech post. This will be one of my shorter posts because i am at a "party" right now...

Ahh yes, the good old PSP2 rumour that i've talked about here, here and even here. But, these PSP2 rumours are just building up with controversy and a bit of evidence. The rumoured PSP2 will reportedly have a "widescreen multi-touch interface." I am actually starting to believe that Sony is working on the PSP2 because of their survey that they put out a couple of weeks ago. The PSP2 may not be released anytime this year, but Sony may announce it for a scheduled release in 2010 or 2011. A PSP2 does sound good, but will it be popular, is the real question. Sony has a tendency to overprice all of their products, so at launch it may not be as successful as it intends to be. When the price drops though, consumers will have second thoughts and maybe go out and buy this product. This is only if these PSP2 rumours are true. But...

Following this news about the PSP2 we head over to Sony to see what they have to say. Well, of course, Sony denied it and they also took a shot at IGN. Since the PSP2 rumour came from IGN's "several credible sources," Sony said that IGN are "on the money." What does this mean? Well, i think this means that Sony is accusing IGN of making up this rumour because they want money. More people will visit their site, due to these rumours and they will gain money in the process. As i said, Sony denied the PSP2 rumours and also called the speculations nonsense.

A new rumour has surfaced about Skype. I use Skype everyday, since my girlfriend lives on residence for university and we just video call each other whenever we need to talk. The rumour about Skype is that eBay is going to sell it to Google. This rumour may actually be true because Google's video chat is rumoured to be in 'HD' soon. If they acquire Skype, they can work together to imply this 'HD' that Google is talking about. I hope these rumours are true. Another step to Google dominance.

PSP2 Rumours Continue: http://kotaku.com/5139818/touchscreen-psp2-coming-soon-rumors-ign
Sony Denies PSP2 Rumours Again: http://www.joystiq.com/2009/01/27/sony-dismisses-igns-psp2-rumors-disses-ign/
Google to Buy Skype (and picture): http://www.techradar.com/news/internet/rumour-google-to-buy-skype-513789


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