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Google Chrome!!, Playstation Home Released, WoW and College

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Ahh, my day was perfect to say the least. I got to school the same time as yesterday, 7:57 or something. I went to the library and when school was about to start i left the library. When i exited the library doors, there was Nikki waiting for me =). So, we went upstairs to my locker and she put her jacket and backpack in there. She stayed for my first period Religion class since we just wrapped boxes for a food drive. For second period though, she went to go study for her psych exam and i did my Math Review. For Lunch, i got to spend 2 hours with Nikki, woot woot! Anyways, yes, so for Chemistry we just copied notes. After school, was some sick chillage. The 3 best friends at Nikki's place. So, it was me, Nikki and Ashlee. Nikki was helping Ashlee study for her Chemistry Exam on Monday and i just studied for my Chemistry quiz tomorrow. Unfortunately, i had to leave early to catch my bus, but it's okay. I got home and read my Google Reader. Amazing friggin' news today to top off my perfect day =D.
Google Chrome came out of beta today! Sexyness. So, the new Google Chrome (Version came out today. I will restart my browser after this blog, because i'm afraid that all of my tabs might not save. Anyways, Google's Official Blog states that there are '10 million active users around the world,' in just 100 days of being released. If you thought Google Chrome was fast before, it is much faster now. "Since the first beta, the V8 JavaScript engine runs 1.4 times faster on the SunSpider benchmark and 1.5 times faster on the V8 benchmark - and there is more speed to come." On their blog, they mention that they are developing extensions and support for Mac and Linux. I can't wait for the extensions to come out because i think that's when Google Chrome will be popular. Like, everyone should be using it by then. How can you not use Google Chrome? The sandbox technology is amazing. Running each tab as it's own application. Basically, if one tab crashes, you can just close that tab and the other tabs will be running perfectly fine. This is different from LOLinternet explorer, which will crash all of your tabs if one messes up. Anyways, we'll move along.
So, the Playstation Home open beta was just released today, finally. Apparently, it is having a shaky start. PSN was having downtime right before the launch happened and there are a number of complaints saying that some users can't get in because they're stuck on the Home beta screen. The author of a 1up.com article mentions that he got kicked off when he was trying to get into his virtual apartment. I really hope this works out for Sony. It's only the first day and, obviously, problems were going to occur. I hope all goes well and that i'll be cruising around Playstation Home by December 26 of this year.
LOL of the day. WoW (above picture) is one of the main reasons that people in the U.S. drop out of college. It's not really too surprising to me but, still, an article confirmed it. This was mentioned by 'Federal Communications Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate.' She said it in a speech to the Practicing Law Institute last week. I was once addicted to WoW, but not to the point of not going to class. Dropping out of college for a game... pretty pathetic. But, ehh, there are those people out there.
3 amazing stories, summed up into 3 boring summarizations from me. Epic.
WoW: WotLK picture: http://wow-power.no-ip.info/