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Motorola CLIQ and BlackBerry Bold 9700 Launching on November 11th On T-Mobile?

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According to the latest unconfirmed news, the Android-based Motorola CLIQ and the BlackBerry 9700 (Bold 2) could be launching on T-Mobile in two months. T-Mobile looks like they could be launching both of these handsets on November 11th. The price hasn't been mentioned, but Boy Genius reminds us that Rogers could be launching the BlackBerry 9700 in the middle of next month (October).

[Boy Genius]

Samsung Launching Impact, I7500 Galaxy and Omnia II In The Next Month and a Half in Canada

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According to the latest unconfirmed news, a couple of amazing Samsung handsets are going to be launched in Canada in the next "30-45 days." The three devices are: the Samsung Impact, the Samsung I7500 Galaxy, and the Samsung I8000 Omnia II.

This would be amazing, but right now we don't know what carriers will be launching what handset. The Galaxy will be the third Android handset in Canada and the Omnia II could be the first WinMo 6.5 that Canada will get.

Update on September 18th: Mobile Syrup just got their hands on the 2 Samsung Canada videos. These two videos are consisting of the Samsung Impact and the Samsung I8000 Omnia II.

[Mobile Syrup]

MSI Unveils Ultraportable X-Slim X410 With AMD's Congo Platform

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MSI has just officially unveiled their latest ultraportable notebook. The 14-inch X410 is going to use AMD's Congo platform of CPUs, but it'll be their lower-end models. Other features include: 2GB of RAM, a 320GB HDD, WiFi 802.11n, and ATI Radeon X1250 integrated graphics. Since this ultraportable is under an inch thick and weighs only 3.3 pounds, it doesn't have a built-in DVD drive so you're going to have to purchase an external one if you want. MSI hasn't mentioned the official price and release date yet, but it could be somewhere between €414 ($610 USD) and €499 ($735 USD).


Target Ad Lists Nintendo Wii For $199.99 - In Effect in Two Weeks

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Last week, we saw an advertisement for the Nintendo Wii price cut thanks to Toys R Us. Here's another for ya; this is a Target ad that shows the Nintendo Wii at $199.99 USD, which would be a $50 price drop. If this rumour is to be believed then it should be coming pretty soon - the week of September 27th to be semi-exact.


Gamestop Spotted With Four New 250GB PS3 Slim Bundles in Europe

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What you see above is a screenshot of a GameStop inventory in Europe. Clearly, it looks like they'll be getting four new PS3 Slim bundles with a 250GB HDD. This includes a Need for Speed: Shift, Ratchet & Clank Future, Uncharted 2, and FIFA 10 bundle. In the inventory, it will apparently be retailing for 4,499 Kroma, which is about $650 USD. The 250GB PS3 Slim is still unofficial, but we know it exists. We're just waiting for Sony to release it now.


Windows Mobile 7 To Have Social Integration

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Microsoft is planning to launch Windows Mobile 7 sometime next year, and that shouldn't be a surprise. Well,  it looks like WinMo 7 will have some sort of social integration, which is a good thing. "A job announcement found on Microsoft's official website unveils that WM7 will feature a "Mobile Social Platform" that should "bring social networks to life by integrating them into the core experience" of Windows Mobile 7 phones." If you aren't familiar with social integration, take Motorola and their MOTOBLUR on the Cliq. This is great news, so let's hope that they integrate it well.

[Unwired View]

ITG xpPhone Runs Full Windows XP, Pre-Orders Now Available

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ITG has just unveiled what they call the xpPhone. Like the name suggests it is a smartphone running on Windows XP. Due to it's large size, it's more of an MID. Take a look at the spec sheet below. 
• CPU: AMD Super Mobile CPU
• Memory: 512M/1G
• SSD: 8G/16G/32G/64G
• HDD: 30G/60G/80G/120G
• LCD: 4.8' TFT Touch-screen LCD 800*480
• Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP
• Wireless: WiFi 802.11b/g,WiMax(optional),Buletooth,Stand-alone GPS
• Camera Specifications:CMOS, 300k/1.3 Million
• Ports: 1 x earphone jack, 1 x microphone jack,Docking Connector (includes VGA output signal ), 1 x USB 2.0, SIM Slot
• Battery: Removable Lithium-ion
• Talk time: about 5 hours,Stand by time: about 5 days
• Real life: about 7 hours(Standard), about 12 hours(Large)
• Talk time: Standby time,Operation time may vary depending different usage.
• Weight: 400g (include battery)
Impressive, eh? Well, it's also packing a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and it will actually have both SSD and HDD storage. It's be available in white, red, black, and silver. The price and release date hasn't been mentioned yet, but it is compatible on AT&T, Vodafone, and Orange. Don't expect this device to be cheap because I'm warning you that it won't be. You can check out the pre-order webpage here.


Qualcomm Reveals HP's 7-Inch Smartbook?

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According to the latest rumour, what you see above and below was shown off by Qualcomm and is supposedly a 7-inch HP smartbook. It doesn't look like an HP design, but since I wasn't there I'll have to take their word for it. This smartbook is going to run on Linux and will have a SIM card slot and HSDPA 3G connectivity. The price and release date hasn't been mentioned yet, but it appears to be a prototype stage right now.

[Netbooked, Liliputing]

Lenovo Unveils C100 All-In-One PC

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Lenovo has just officially unveiled their latest all-in-one PC, the C100. This desktop PC comes with: an 18.5-inch display, an Intel Core 230 / Core 330 CPU, integrated GMA950 graphics, 1GB of RAM, a 160GB HDD, a DVD burner, four USB 2.0 ports, and Windows XP. These will be available later this year, so let's hope Lenovo decides to pack Windows 7 on this system.


Bell Launches Samsung Reclaim For $50

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As expected the eco-friendly Samsung Reclaim has just been launched by Bell in Canada. It's now available for $49.95 on a 3-year contract, $99.95 on a 2-year contract, $199.95 on a 1-year contract, and $219.95 pre-paid. I've gone through the specs enough times, so just check it out on their website here.

[Mobile Syrup]

LG GT350 and KM570 Handsets Revealed Thanks to XML Files

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Although we've never heard of either of these handsets, they have just been revealed thanks to some XML files. Both the LG GT350 and KM570 appear to have a 240 x 400 resolution and hardware keyboards of some sort. That's all we know right now, but when new news pops up, you'll find it here.

[Phone Arena]

Samsung Unveils Omnia Pro B7330; WinMo 6.5 For Almost All Omnia's!

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Samsung has just officially unveiled the Omnia Pro B7330, which is similar to the B7320. The B7330 will be outed with a 320 x 320 resolution display, a 3.2MP camera, a microSD card slot, Bluetooth / WiFi support, and HSUPA connectivity. This smartphone and the Omnia Lite B7300 will be available next month (October), but the price hasn't been mentioned yet.
The bigger news might be that the i8000, B7320, B7300, B7330, and B7610 -- every current Omnia model -- will be packaged with Windows Mobile 6.5 going forward, while updates will be offered to Omnia IIs, B7610s, and B7320s currently in the field running 6.1.

It looks like the i900 Omnia won't be a part of the WinMo 6.5 list, so that seems to be disappointing for those users.

Update: According to Unwired View, I believe the i900 may get a WinMo 6.5 upgrade, but I'm not sure. If anyone knows, please comment.

[Engadget Mobile]

LG Unveils WIDEBOOK Series Notebook Line-Up, Launching This Month

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LG has just unveiled their latest notebooks, as a part of their WIDEBOOK line-up. The name is in contrast to the display which is a 16:9 display in all of the size models. This notebook will be available in five models and three different sizes: 13-inch (R380), 14-inch (R480 / R460), and 15.6-inch (R580 / R560). All of these models: have: 1,600 x 900 / 1,366 x 768 resolution LED-backlit display options, Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs, a "Smart On" feature that will boot up your system in about five seconds, up to 4GB of DDR2 RAM, up to a 500GB HDD, up to 1GB of Nvidia GeForce graphics, WiFi 802.11 n / HSDPA connectivity, eSATA / HDMI ports, and a 1.3MP webcam. These will be available later this month, so it'll have Windows Vista pre-installed.


Hercules eSAFE EC-1000W Netbook Launching With Windows 7 Late Next Month For $400

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We've heard about this netbook before, but the best part is that it will be pre-installed with Windows 7 Starter Edition when it gets released in late October - which we already know. The Hercules eCAFE EC-1000W netbook has: a 10.1-inch display with a 1,024 x 600 resolution, an Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz CPU, 1GB of RAM, a 250GB HDD, 50GB of online storage, a chiclet keyboard, WiFi 802.11 n, audio jacks, an integrated webcam, three USB 2.0 ports, an Ethernet port, a multicard reader, a VGA output, and a 6-cell battery. 
You can get all of that - with Windows 7 - for just $399 USD, so I think it's a pretty good deal. That is, if you want to be seen with a Hercules netbook. Fortunately, I just got my notebook.
Hercules Unveils the eCAFÉ™ EC-1000W: A Netbook with Flair and Sophistication

Hercules Brings a New Spirit of Netbook Value to Consumers with Unique In-Mold Cover Design, Windows 7 Starter, Intuitive Software Suite, 250 GB Hard Drive, and 50GB Online Storage

NEW YORK, NY – (Sept 16, 2009) - Hercules, a specialist in IT devices including multimedia speaker sets, webcams, DJing solutions and consumer-friendly WiFi products, demonstrates its creative talents with a beautifully designed netbook, the eCAFÉ™ EC-1000W. Combining value and design, this unique eCAFÉ™ signature product is easy on the eyes while meeting the user's every need for convenience. Featuring a unique "in-mold" designed cover with a high gloss finish and mirror effect that causes a visual interplay of metallic and non-metallic colors, the eCAFÉ™ EC-1000W never looks the same, changing with each moment of use. The eCAFÉ™ is sturdy enough for urban users and provides an optimal keyboard setting and reading comfort. The eCAFÉ™ EC-1000W will be available at the end of October 2009 for the suggested retail price of $399.

A Comprehensive, Custom Software Suite Like No Other

Built to be beautiful on the inside and outside, the eCAFÉ™ EC-1000W features the most intuitive and essential applications for netbook users that are easy to understand, use and learn. Hercules is proud to unveil a custom designed software package with functions available for the first time ever in a netbook:

eCAFÉ™ Email Center – An email management system that allows users to access their multiple email accounts intuitively, efficiently, quickly and separately to avoid role conflict. The email center makes the whole process astonishingly easy with a 3-step mailbox setup process and color assignment per email account which includes colored icons and incoming mail pop-ups. The email center can also detect and adjust settings automatically to avoid messages such as "SMTP error."

eCAFÉ™ Update Manager – eCAFÉ™ has its own ecosystem that is available to consumers via the Web portal www.ecafe.hercules.com, complete with tutorials, tips and 50GB in free online storage. The eCAFÉ™ Update Manager tool not only updates the software originally included with the netbook, but also continually adds new applications to the eCAFÉ™ such as games, special apps, and more.

eCAFÉ™ Webcam Station – The webcam station software used with the Xtra Controller Pro application featured in Hercules webcams offers an unrivalled video chat experience with functions not previously included in netbooks, including:
  • * Chat and Show function allows photo slide show and video sharing during chat sessions through the IM flow; now you can interact with your friends as if they were there with you
  • * Make comments on your photos and videos "live" while they play
  • * Image conversion and automatic formatting for email, blogging, YouTube or iPod use
  • * 3-mode Photo capture – single shot, multiple and self-timer
  • * One-click video capture
  • * 3x Digital Zoom with automatic face tracking
  • * Pop art, flash animation and other effects
  • * Compatible with most videoconferencing software
eCAFÉ™ CONNECT – Provides easy network connection management via WiFi or Ethernet and works with the Windows 7 utility providing two ways to connect as the tools are perfectly synchronized with one another. It also allows users full control over the process and detects favorite networks without asking again for passwords.

Complete Office Suite – Featuring OpenOffice.org V3 (full version) which includes word processing, a spreadsheet program, a presentation program and immediate compatibility with .doc, .xls, and .ppt formats. The suite also includes the highly respected "Avast! Home Edition" antivirus utility.

In line with everything you need, the eCAFÉ™ EC-1000W's features include:

  • * Windows 7 Starter operating system with Windows Live® Suite: Messenger, Mail, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker & Media Player
  • * 10.1" high-brightness screen (1024x600)
  • * Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz Processor
  • * 1GB Ram
  • * 250GB HDD Storage + an extra 50GB of online storage
  • * Comfortable chiclet keyboard with separated flat keys
  • * WiFi N technology
  • * 6-Cell 4400 mAh battery
  • * Built-in webcam with microphone
  • * Connections: 1x VGA, 3x USB, 1x headphones, 1x microphone, 1x LAN RJ45, 1x DC-in 12V, 1x card reader: SD/MMC/SDHC/MS
Discover the complete Hercules product range at www.hercules.com


LG Unveils Nvidia Ion-Packing XPION X30 Nettop

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LG has just unveiled a new nettop, the XPION X30. There's not much to say here, but it does have: an Intel Atom N230 CPU, Nvidia Ion graphics, 2GB of RAM, a 250GB HDD, six USB 2.0 ports, and Windows Vista. And yes, it's VESA-mountable, which means you can put it behind your desktop monitor. Personally, I think that LG should just launch this after October 22nd, since that's when Windows 7 will drop - everyone else is doing it anyway.

[Akihabara News, Slash Gear]

First 9 Free Apps Now Available on Zune HD Marketplace

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Microsoft is touting the Zune HD as a music player before a mini-computer - like the iPod Touch is - so they're a bit slow on their apps. Well, their App Store, called Marketplace, now has 9 free apps that are available for you to download. They include: a calculator, weather, Texas Hold 'Em, Sudoku, Space Battle 3, Shell Game... of the Future, Hexic, Goo Splat, and Chess. Keep in mind that they are all free, so that's great news.

[Maximum PC]

Amazon Now Selling the MSI Wind U110 Eco Netbook For $400

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After months of waiting the MSI Wind U110 Eco netbook it's now available in the US. It's been a while since I've covered anything about this netbook, so I figured you'd need a refresher. The Wind U110 Eco comes with: a 10.1-inch LED-backlit display with a 1,024 x 600 resolution, an Intel Atom Z530 1.6GHz CPU, 1GB of RAM, a 160GB HDD, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, an integrated webcam, a 4-in-1 card reader, a gigabit Ethernet port, and a 9-cell battery that will supposedly last for 9 hours. It's now available for $399.99, so check out the official Amazon listing here.

[Slash Gear]

Packard Bell Releasing 11.6-Inch and 18.4-Inch Notebooks On October 22nd With Windows 7

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Packard Bell has just announced two new notebooks and one of them has an Intel ULV CPU and the other one is a desktop-replacement notebook. First up, it's the Packard Bell dot m/u that has: an 11.6-inch display, Intel ULV CPU options, up to 4GB of RAM, a 500 GB HDD, a 5-in-1 card reader, a built-in microphone, an integrated webcam, and Windows 7 Home Premium. This small notebook will be available in NightSky Black and Cherry Red colours and also has WiFi and 3G connectivity, so you may be able to get it on a phone carrier, but don't mark my word. Like I said, this notebook will be shipping with Windows 7 Home Premium when it gets released on October 22nd for £399 ($658 USD).
Packard Bell announced another notebook, the EasyNote DT85. This monstrous notebook is being touted as a desktop replacement and appears to be one of the lightest and slimmest of its class. This notebook has: an 18.4-inch Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 resolution) display, Intel Core 2 Duo CPU options, up to 4GB of DDR3 RAM, up to a 1TB HDD, and Nvidia GeForce GT 240M / GeForce G210M graphics. Other specs include: an integrated webcam, a TV tuner, a Blu-ray drive, an HDMI output, a 5-in-1 card reader, and four USB 2.0 ports. This notebook will also be available next month - most likely with Windows 7 on October 22nd - for £699 ($1,153 USD).
Packard Bell dot m/u: Pocket-Lint
Packard Bell EasyNote DT85: Pocket-Lint

Android-Based Archos 5 Now Official, To Be Released Later This Month -- Now Available For Pre-Orders

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Archos has gone out and made their Archos 5 MID official! So, yes, it does run Android and also has: a 5-inch touchscreen display with an 800 x 480 resolution, an ARM Cortex A8 CPU, a built-in TV recorder, GPS support, and up to 500GB of internal storage. This MID also has standard, but necessary features like WiFi and Bluetooth. The Archos 5 will be available later this month for £199.99 ($330 USD) and the most expensive model will cost £349.99 ($577 USD).

Update: Well, it looks like Archos didn't wait to long. The Archos 5 has just been spotted on Amazon for pre-orders in three prices: $329.99 for a 160GB HDD, $379.99 for a 32GB SSD, and $429.99 for a 500GB HDD. Unfortunately, the release date hasn't been mentioned but it should be soon. Check out the official listing on Amazon here, courtesy of Gizmodo.

[Slash Gear]

Microsoft Zune HD Advertisement is Colouful.

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Well, this is Microsoft's Zune HD PMP ad. It's pretty colourful, so I hope you aren't sensitive to bright colours. Check out the video below for everything you need to know. It's only 16 seconds and I know you have nothing else better to do with your time.