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Telus To Release the Rugged Motorola Defy

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Telus looks like they have another smartphone in the pipes and this time it's the rugged Motorola Defy which will be running Android 2.2 along with the Blur UI. This handset will be hitting the carrier soon but the price and official release date wasn't mentioned. The handset itself has a 3.7-inch Gorilla Glass WVGA (480 x 854 resolution) display, a 5MP AF camera with an LED flash, WiFi b/g/n / Bluetooth 2.1 support, and a microSD card slot. Since it's a rugged one you can expect this one to launch for $149 to $199 on a 3-year contract - at least that's my guess.

[Mobile Syrup]

HTC EVO 3D's Spec Sheet Leaks Ahead Of CTIA Announcement

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It looks like HTC's security wasn't enough to keep PocketNow from snapping the photo above. Yup, those are the leaked specs for the soon to-be-announced EVO 3D which is headed to Sprint. Specs reportedly include a 4.3-inch 3D display with a 960 x 540 resolution, a dual-core 1.2GHz CPU, a 5MP camera with a flash and 1080p HD (2D) video recording with 720p (3D) video recording, a front-facing 1.3MP camera, and Android with the Sense UI. It's a pretty good spec sheet, I wonder if it'll have WiMAX as well.


Windows 7 Powered Asus EP121 Tablet Set For April 10th Release Date

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If you're actually one of the people who want to run Windows 7 Home Premium on a tablet then Asus might have the one for you. The expensive Eee Slate EP121 tablet is scheduled for an April 10th release in the UK with Amazon listing the tablet for a whopping £999.99 ($1,627 USD). If you want to pay that extreme price tag then you'll be getting a 12.1-inch display (1,280 x 800 resolution), an Intel Core i5-470UM CPU, a 64GB SSD, Intel HD graphics, Bluetooth support, a 2MP webcam, and a desktop OS. Definitely sounds powerful.

Alienware M11x R3 Specs Leak, Quite a Beast

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We already know that Dell and Alienware are planning to launch an updated M11x gaming notebook in the near future. Well, Slash Gear has reportedly picked up specs for this notebook. They, apparently, include an 11.6-inch LED-backlit display with a 1,366 x 768 resolution, Intel Core i5 / i7 CPU options, up to 8GB of DDR3 RAM, up to a 750GB HDD / 256GB SSD, and Windows 7. The GPU inside is still unknown right now but it should be fairly powerful.

Furthermore, there's said to be options for 3G along with LTE / WiMAX if you're into the whole 4G thing. Models will be coming in black and red and it's expected to look like the M17x which is pictured above - just smaller, of course. Price is unknown right now but it should be launching sometime next month - April.

Samsung 4G Droid Stealth Pre-Orders Could Start On March 24th, Launch For April 7th; Says Costco

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A leak coming from Costco has mentioned that pre-orders for the Samsung 4G Droid Stealth could actually start in just three days - March 24th. Of course, there's no way to confirm this right now so hopefully someone makes it official. The launch date is pegged for April 7th and it'll likely be the carrier's second 4G (LTE) device - after the Thunderbolt from HTC. Price is unknown right now but I'm sure that'll get leaked very soon.

LG Optimus C Hits Cricket For $130 Contract-Free

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Cricket has just released their own version of the LG Optimus One and they're calling it the Optimus C. This one's available on the American carrier right now for $129.99 contract-free. The catch is that you'll have to sign up for a $55 unlimited monthly plan for at least one month. The handset itself features a 3.2-inch touchscreen display, a 3.2MP camera, a 600MHz CPU, and Android 2.2 with a custom UI. Check it out on Cricket.


8.9-Inch Galaxy Tab Confirmed, Rocking 1,280 x 800 Resolution and "Honeycomb"

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The Samsung Unpacked event isn't until tomorrow but PocketNow has just snagged the photo you see above confirming that there will, indeed, be an 8.9-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab. This tablet will feature a 1,280 x 800 resolution display, a dual-core 1GHz CPU, WiFi support, and Android "Honeycomb". That's all great news so far. Hopefully, the company announces a price and release date tomorrow!

AT&T Announces the Thrill 4G (Optimus 3D) and HTC HD7S

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Yes, AT&T bought T-Mobile but that's yesterday's news. Today, they have announced the LG Thrill 4G (Optimus 3D with 4G) and the HTC HD7S. Of course, they're sporting Android 2.2 and Windows Phone 7, respectively. The Thrill 4G sports the same 4.3-inch glasses-free 3D display along with a 5MP camera that'll take 3D photos and videos. The HD7S is a slight upgrade over the original HD7 on T-Mobile but this time around it sports a Super LCD display.

Best Buy Launching iPad 2 In Canada At 10AM On March 25

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This Friday will be quite a big day for Canadians. Best Buy has announced that they'll be launching the iPad 2 at 10AM but it doesn't look like pre-orders will be kicking off as usual. If you want to get one you'll have to line-up and who knows how many each store will have. This is unconfirmed right now but you better be there early!

BlackBerry 4G Playbook Page Now Live On Sprint, Still On Track For Summer

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Sprint has just put up a new page for the 4G BlackBerry Playbook. This one should be like the original Playbook but this one will, obviously, feature WiMAX connectivity. Unfortunately, this one's still scheduled for a Summer launch so don't think that this one's coming sooner just because the page is up. We should be seeing more of this tomorrow at the carrier's CTIA event. Check it out on Sprint if you don't believe me.


Asus Announcing the Eee Pad Transformer In Taiwan On Friday, Definitely Tastes Like Honeycomb

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Asus is set to announce (again) the Eee Pad Transformer in Taiwan on Friday and it's actually rumoured to be priced at $799 which is a bit high even though it's confirmed to run Android "Honeycomb". This one will, apparently, be available in 16GB and 32GB models and will sport a Tegra 2 chipset along with a keyboard if you need it.

Gateway Unveils New NV Series Notebooks With AMD APUs

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Gateway has just unveiled their latest slew of notebooks and this time it's a part of their NV Series. These notebooks pack AMD's new Fusion APUs (E-350) so they'll be good enough for students. The NV51B05u is a 15.6-inch model that packs Radeon HD 6310 graphics, WiFi b/g/n support, a 1.3MP webcam, a DVD burner, three USB ports, an HDMI output, and Windows 7. Starting at just $399, you might want to take a look at it.

Front Of the HTC Pyramid Leaks, Could Be Announced At Google I/O With Android 2.4

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The back of the HTC Pyramid leaked yesterday and today it's the front that's making the news. GSM Arena has somehow snagged the photo above which confirms that the Pyramid will be sporting a 4.3-inch qHD (960 x 540 resolution) display which is a bit better than the WVGA (480 x 800 resolution) standard that we're used to seeing on high-end Android handsets. Of course, it also confirms that it has a front-facing camera along with an ambient light sensor.

Update: It looks like the resolution of the display isn't confirmed. TMoNews has mentioned that the display is actually still sporting a 480 x 800 (WVGA) resolution. They're also offered up some more specs regarding this smartphone. Apparently, you'll find a dual-core 1.2GHz CPU, HSPA+, and 768MB of RAM inside this bad boy. This could also be announced at Google I/O later this year and might be the first handset to ship with Android 2.4. Maybe it will end up being the next Nexus device. We'll see.

Sprint Announces the Nexus S 4G, Launching This Spring For $199; Integrated Google Voice

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It was expected and it's now official. Sprint has just announced the Google Nexus S 4G and it's exactly like the original Nexus S except that this one has WiMAX connectivity. This will be available in the Sprint for $199.99 on a 2-year contract. Don't forget that this one will also have integrated Google Voice.

Update: Another Engadget post has just mentioned that Sprint will pretty much be Google's official carrier now. The carrier has just announced that you can now use your phone for tight Google Voice integration and it'll let you use your current number if you want to. Pretty awesome stuff!

Update: BGR has just pointed out that if you head over to Best Buy then you can actually pre-order this one right now! The deposit is just $50.

WiFi-Only Motorola XOOM Up For $599 Pre-Orders In Canada, Shipping April 8th

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Finally, we have word on the Motorola XOOM headed to Canada. The WiFi-only variant will be available in April while the 3G model won't be available until "mid-year" so you can expect a June / Summer release for that one. I don't really know why they have to wait so long but, oh well.

Update: Another Mobile Syrup post has just caught the photo you see above. Future Shop and Best Buy has listed the WiFi-only XOOM for $599.99. You can pre-order one right now if you want to. It also shows an estimated release date of April 8th so that's something to look forward to.