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Some Facebook Changes Already Implemented

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Those people at Facebook must be working hard lately. Just last night, they announced that they would be making new Facebook changes, since most users hated that they changed the layout so drastically - and for the worse. As my girlfriend pointed out to me, Facebook has already changed a couple of things on the home page, such as: photo tags on your home page, friend list filters, and a couple alterations to the right-hand column. In the top left corner, you now have the ability to create, well, new friend list filters. They're not working for me right now, so I don't know exactly what you can do with this filter. I don't think it's working correctly right now; I tried it on Chrome 2.0 and Firefox 3.1 Beta 3, but the window didn't work properly. Another feature that was implemented is photo tags on your home page and you can clearly see that in the picture above. They also changed the right column a little bit. I still have to scroll down to view my pokes, which is still annoying. Personally, I think they should put the pokes notifications in the top where you receive friend requests (although, that could cause a problem when you have a bunch of people poking you). The "People You May Know" box is now in the top right corner and to view your events / friend's birthdays, you now have to scroll down, since it's where the poke box is. Some good changes (photo tags / friend list features), but one bad change (right-hand column). I don't know whether they've changed the Applications because I don't really pay attention to them that much.

Keep in mind that live updates and the new highlights features are still unavailable at this point. Those are still on the way and they are what I'm waiting for the most.

3 New Dell Workstations; Precision T7500 Boasts 192GB of RAM

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Dell released 3 new workstations recently and I'll save the best for last. I think I should mention that all 3 of the workstations are boasting Intel's Nehalem structure, "an E-SATA port, up to 1.5TB SATA HDD, dual / quad monitor support, DisplayPort connectors", and they're all "Energy Star 5.0 compliant." The cheapest of the 3 workstations is the Precision T3500 which starts at $999 USD and has up to 24GB DDR3 EEC memory (RAM). Next up is the T5500 which starts at $1,620 USD has up to 72GB of memory and also has "dual socket Intel Xeon." I don't know too much about workstations, but I do know that the Precision T7500 is a monster. Starting at $1,800 USD, this thing is packing a huge punch in the face. How does "192GB [12 16GB DIMMs] of three-channel DDR3 ECC memory up to 1066 or 1333MHz" sound? Just when you thought that was enough, this workstation has "dual native Gen 2 PCIe graphics slots" and it even supports Nvidia's SLI technology. Dell didn't release the processor's clock speeds, so that will be announced at a later date. Dell is no beginner to the workstation market as"current estimates give Dell about 40 percent of the market." Take that Apple.

[Engadget, Maximum PC]

Lenovo IdeaCentre A600 All-In-One PC Available Now

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Recently, Lenovo received a score of 348 (second place) on the latest Reliability Report, which is behind Asus' whopping 972 (good enough for first place), but ahead of Apple's 324 (third place). Their IdeaCentre A600 all-in-one computer is now available. It is one of the thinnest all-in-one computer's to-date and manages to sport a 21.5-inch display. You can now scoop one up for a base price of just $699. You can head over to Lenovo's official website, to see what customizations it offers. You can order your A600 now, but it might not ship for a couple of weeks.

[Engadget, Lenovo]

Paid Twitter Accounts On The Way?

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At first, paid Twitter accounts used to be just a hoax / scam, but Twitter co-founder, Biz Stone, has mentioned that they are looking to launch their own "fee-based services this year." Like Last.fm, Twitter has come into realization that they aren't making as much money as they expect / want to. There are many services that are selling their 'tweets' or ads right now. "German start-up Magpie & Friends has started paying users for the right to sell ads in their tweets." Mashable's Chief Executive, Pete Cashmore, has even mentioned that "it's kind of ironic that we're monetizing Twitter before Twitter." Twitter's popularity is skyrocketing and fee-based accounts do make sense. I'm just wondering what advantages a paid account will have over a free account. If you want to read a more lengthy article, just click on the link below. I just tried to summarize the article as best as I could.

[WSJ Online]

Sprint WiMAX Becomes Sprint 4G; Coming to 10 New Markets This Year

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Baltimore already has Sprint WiMAX, but since it is confusing some consumers they have decided to change the name to Sprint 4G. Sprint 4G is expected to hit 10 new markets by the end of this year, this includes: Atlanta, Honolulu, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, Seattle, Portland, Charlotte, and Fort Worth. Next year, Sprint will be expanding this to 4 more markets, including: Boston, Houston, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. America is pretty quick to jump on the 4G train, since some mobile devices that are released don't even have 3G on them. 4G will be included in future handsets of course, but I think they should let Canada catch up. We're feeling lonely here.

[Beta News]

Sony and Sharp Form a Joint Venture

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Sony and Sharp have been known as rivals in the LCD TV world, but it looks like their feud will be ending soon. Sharp and Sony are going to form a "joint venture company" which will be called Sharp Display Products Corporation and will officially begin on April 1. Sharp will reportedly own 66% (hence why they had rights to the name) and Sony will take the other 34% of the stake. From this new facility, in Sakai City, they plan to have LCDs pumping out by March 2010. The facility will be held in Sakai City and Sharp veteran, Hiroshi Saji, will be named the President. They have under a year to get this facility up and running and maybe they'll be producing some OLEDs from the facility too because it's about time to start producing them. Maybe at a later date, even though Samsung mentioned that OLEDs won't be "mainstream" for another 5 years.

[Engadget, Tech Radar]

T-Mobile Getting The HTC Touch Pro 2?

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Looks like the HTC Touch Pro 2 could be headed to T-Mobile in the future. In the above picture, there is a leaked ROM screenshot that clearly shows the CID (Country ID) as TMOB010 and the language is USA. If you remember correctly from MWC, the HTC Touch Pro 2 will be running on Windows Mobile 6.5. Below is one more shot of the phone faintly showing off the T-Mobile logo in the top corner. I'm excited to see the reviews for this phone, since it looks like it will be one of the first phones available running on WinMo 6.5. I wonder if they got the touchscreen down-pat.

[Boy Genius]

Windows Mobile 7 Screenshots Leaked?

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These pictures are, supposedly, screenshots from Microsoft's next mobile OS, Windows Mobile 7. In the screenshot it is clear that there is a menu bar at the top of the home screen. There is a middle button on the bottom of the home screen, but the function is unknown. Maybe it'll function as a tab switcher kind of thing (like an Alt + Tab?). Maybe Windows Mobile 7 will have multi-tasking? Anyways, moving to the picture of "Maps" you will notice a Speak button at the bottom of the screen. Looks like there is a possibility of having speech input / recognition. The above pictures are leaked Windows Mobile 7 screenshots, but they aren't confirmed to be the real thing. I just really hope that they get the touchscreen right this time around. We all know how much trouble it was navigating in WinMo 6.1.


Gametrack Freedom Controller; Wiimote For Xbox 360

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Gametrack Freedom's Wiimote controller for the Xbox 360 is expected later this Fall; meanwhile, a Playstation 3 version is expected sometime in 2010. The remote has a built-in accelerometer, and has a bunch of other features that are similar to the Wiimote. "The Freedom also uses two sensor bars set by the television for ultrasonic 3D positioning." If you want to know more about how the Gametrack Freedom Wiimote for the Xbox 360 works, just click on the Gizmodo link below.


New Samsung S8000 Photos Leak; 5 Megapixel Camera

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New photos have leaked of a new Samsung phone, the S8000. It's not confirmed right now, but it does look like the real deal. GSM Arena points out that it has a style similar to S8300 UltraTOUCH - without the sliding factor - and the S5600. The Samsung S8000 has a 5MP camera with autofocus and it also has a dual LED flash. It has a nice looking touchscreen although the size is unknown since the spec sheet has yet to be revealed. It will, most likely, have the usual TouchWiz UI. Full spec sheet will be revealed one day, if it's real that is. I don't doubt it though.

[GSM Arena]

Adobe Flash Support For Android?

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New rumour has it that Flash will be coming to Android devices. But wait, not from Adobe themselves. Word has it that Bsquare will partner with "a global, tier-one carrier" in order to bring Adobe Flash to Android devices. Unfortunately, Bsquare hasn't mentioned which carrier is going to partner with them, but I'm excited to find out who it is. CNet is guessing that it will be T-Mobile since they do have the rights on the G1. It makes sense and could be in the near future. Take that iPhone!

[CNet News]

HP Pavilion Elite m9600 Desktop Series; And A Bunch of Monitors; And A Mouse!

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HP has just unleashed their new HP Pavilion Elite m9600 desktop. They are packing in some Intel Core i7's which is sure to get most of you excited. The base model has a Core i7 920 2.66GHz processor, 4GB of RAM, 500GB HDD, Nvidia GeForce 9600 GS graphics card and a DVD burner. The base model is going for just $950 USD. On the other hand, you can turn on the max settings to tout the Core i7 940 2.93GHz processor, 12GB of RAM, "a couple of 1TB hard drives", 1GB ATI Radeon HD 4850 graphics card, and you can even slap on a Blu-ray burner. The maxed out HP Pavilion Elite m9600 desktop doesn't have a price, but it'll definitely put a dent on your wallet.

Up next is HP's new LCD widescreen monitors and they all have a 16:9 aspect ratio. From smallest to largest, we have the: HP w1858 (18.5-inch) starting at $169 USD, HP 2009m (20-inch) starting at $199 USD, HP 2159m (21.5-inch) starting at $239 USD, and the HP w2338 (23-inch) starting at $299 USD. The 2 largest monitors (2159m and w2338) will include a couple of HDMI inputs for the "true high-definition experience." All 4 monitors will have built-in speakers and - excluding the w1858 - they all have height and tilt adjustments, so that you can make your workspace as ergonomic as possible. These monitors will be available starting on April 6 (April 11 with an HP deaktop), keep in mind that these 4 monitors are all ENERGY STAR qualified to save the environment!

HP has also unveiled their latest wireless mouse. Dubbed the name, Eco-Comfort mouse, it is made up of 30% recycled plastic and the packaging is made up of 76% recycled materials. The mouse itself has a comfortable shape (hence the name) and has a couple of extra productivity buttons. To top it all off, the mouse has power-saving features and a standby mode.

[Engadget, HP]

Motorola's Uninteresting A1210 Almost Here

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The successor to the A1200 MING phone is, apparently, on the way. Personally, I dislike Motorola phones, just because they're lacking the "new" style. Clearly, this phone looks so outdated. Getting back on track, the A1210 is said to run Linux just like the A1200 MING, but there is no report on whether they have updated the software. The A1210 has a 2.8-inch touchscreen with a QVGA (400 x 240) resolution, a 3.1MP camera (awkward), FM radio, tri-band GSM support, Bluetooth, a microSD slot, a USB slot and a TI OMAP850 processor. This phone should be hitting the Chinese market soon, so I'll update this in the near-future. Motorola needs to step it up or they'll end up just like Sony Ericsson is right now.


Samsung's (SCH-W740) 8 Megapixel Cameraphone

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This cameraphone isn't coming to the US, but you already have the Memoir, so it's not a big deal. Anyways, this new Samsung SCH-W740 is only headed to the Korean market, sorry Americans. It has a 3.3-inch touchscreen with a 800 x 480 resolution and the TouchWiz UI, GPS, Bluetooth, 3.5G HSDPA, and an 8MP camera with "auto focus and face tagging." "The face tagging feature allows you to make a call and send a text message directly from your captured image." That's a pretty cool feature and it could be headed to another phone in the US. Boy Genius suggested that it could be a successor to the Samsung Memoir. This phone will soon be available in Korea for $645 USD (900,000).

[Boy Genius]