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Motorola's Uninteresting A1210 Almost Here

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The successor to the A1200 MING phone is, apparently, on the way. Personally, I dislike Motorola phones, just because they're lacking the "new" style. Clearly, this phone looks so outdated. Getting back on track, the A1210 is said to run Linux just like the A1200 MING, but there is no report on whether they have updated the software. The A1210 has a 2.8-inch touchscreen with a QVGA (400 x 240) resolution, a 3.1MP camera (awkward), FM radio, tri-band GSM support, Bluetooth, a microSD slot, a USB slot and a TI OMAP850 processor. This phone should be hitting the Chinese market soon, so I'll update this in the near-future. Motorola needs to step it up or they'll end up just like Sony Ericsson is right now.



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