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Some Facebook Changes Already Implemented

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Those people at Facebook must be working hard lately. Just last night, they announced that they would be making new Facebook changes, since most users hated that they changed the layout so drastically - and for the worse. As my girlfriend pointed out to me, Facebook has already changed a couple of things on the home page, such as: photo tags on your home page, friend list filters, and a couple alterations to the right-hand column. In the top left corner, you now have the ability to create, well, new friend list filters. They're not working for me right now, so I don't know exactly what you can do with this filter. I don't think it's working correctly right now; I tried it on Chrome 2.0 and Firefox 3.1 Beta 3, but the window didn't work properly. Another feature that was implemented is photo tags on your home page and you can clearly see that in the picture above. They also changed the right column a little bit. I still have to scroll down to view my pokes, which is still annoying. Personally, I think they should put the pokes notifications in the top where you receive friend requests (although, that could cause a problem when you have a bunch of people poking you). The "People You May Know" box is now in the top right corner and to view your events / friend's birthdays, you now have to scroll down, since it's where the poke box is. Some good changes (photo tags / friend list features), but one bad change (right-hand column). I don't know whether they've changed the Applications because I don't really pay attention to them that much.

Keep in mind that live updates and the new highlights features are still unavailable at this point. Those are still on the way and they are what I'm waiting for the most.


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